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Privatizing Airports a Flight Risk


Privatizing Airports a Flight Risk

Linda McQuaig

If you’re a hen, you probably don’t want to hear that the farmer has hired a fox to advise it on better ways to run the henhouse.

Similarly, if you’re a Canadian air traveler, you probably won’t be pleased to learn the Trudeau government has hired a major investment bank — which specializes in privatization — for advice as it ponders the pros and cons of privatizing Canada’s major airports.


i point out, that this stage of "privatization" is only the current phase of colonization / capitalism.

Certainly, the "privatization" of Canada's airports will cost "consumers" more, and will funnel more wealth and power to the narrow class of people who rule over society and the Earth by "owning" everything.

But it's just one tiny step on a very long path.

We don't just need to stop the "privatization" of Canada's airports. We need to reverse that path.

We can't just freeze the process here today. For every single "victory" we achieve (most such "victories" actually being holding actions in which we temporarily block capital from absorbing some specific thing), the established, colonized economy, simply continues to grind forward in its programmed push to "own" and monopolize everything.

We need to decolonize the entire economy. That means we need to completely transform the supposed "ownership" of everything, and establish in its place an economy that is based on dual foundations of ecological accountability and social justice. Eco-socialism, or some other such name that gets at the fundamental needs for all economic activity and all economic structures and systems to support ecosystems and the ecology of the Earth, and to also support the life of each human and human community.

Concentration of "wealth" and capital under the "ownership" of narrow sectors of society is plainly and obviously dis-integrating the entire ecology while grinding the majority of humans under ever-more intensive control by concentrated wealth and capital. The opposite of "liberation".

As always, i get that most members of "civilized" societies think such talk is "unrealistic." Whereas i believe all the "civilized" talk of "regulating" and restraining the rampant will of concentrated wealth, is what is unrealistic. If we do not end, break up, and redistribute "ownership" of the Earth and everything - if we do not truly "decolonize" society and the economy, undo the legacies of colonization - we simply continue on the path we are on, whatever single-issue fights we focus on.

We need a holistic vision and strategy to truly, deeply decolonize.


With Trudeau poised to sign CETA as soon as the Europeans do, and poised to sign TPP as soon as Obama and his Congressional Democrat rubber stamps do, this airport privatization will be the template for the privatization of everything in Canada, including single payer medical insurance and negotiated drug prices. Canadians have a lot more to lose than Murkins do from these regulatory capture schemes disguised as "trade deals".


I do hope peoples that are considering voting Democrat south of the border keep this in mind when they go to the polls. Harper was a complete and utter disaster , yet many of these schemes to privatizze all of the commons were a slow go under his administration as the NDP and Liberals in the wings would have been sure to try and block it.

With the Liberals now in power the opposition to such will be less . This is how the 1 percent works. When these same Liberals were in opposition to the Conservatives of Brian Mulroney, their leader indicated that he would tear up the then being negotiated NAFTA treaty if he took power. This gained him a lot of support as millions of Canadians were opposed to that treaty. On taking power the Liberals immediately changed their minds and signed it into law.


My local government (Allegheny County) is making too much money from fracking wells on the airport property to ever consider privatizing PIT.


I keep waiting for someone to come up with some sort of "We need a holistic vision and strategy to truly, deeply decolonize" along with a way to interest people in involving themselves in something like that despite the very real risks of being killed or incarcerated for 45 years,


It's hard being a realist when there are so many zealots pushing the insanity of narrow economic compliance.
System change requires a major change in our conceptualizing that extends value well beyond the reach of $$$$$$$$.


The "Liberals" are demonstrating for the millionth time that they are Cons in sheep's clothing.
The pretense of liberal democracy is exposed again and again as misshapen as Harper's explicit corporate rule and screw you attitude. Trudeau just puts a little icing on it so it tastes sweeter. But he screws us just the same.
Whether it's access to information, regulation, trade agreements, pollution, climate change, electoral change . . . . Canada remains in the grip of corporate governance where big money has much more say than voters. The market rules our governance despite claims of accountability, transparency and democracy.
Canada is very much in a similar situation as America - are people going to create democracy or continue with the corruption that creates and enables so many of the problems we face?


"Another way of understanding privatization is to say: how can we do public services as expensively as possible".