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Privatizing America’s Public Land


Privatizing America’s Public Land

William deBuys

It goes without saying that in a democracy everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions. The trouble starts when people think they are also entitled to their own facts.


Agenda 21 the Bundys, now! /s


Unless they are a member of an organization like the Sierra Club which is dedicated to protecting public lands it is true that many people have little awareness about these lands and the fights over them. Having been a Sierra Club member for many years I get to read about these issues every couple of months in Sierra magazine and occasionally receive alerts about various threats. These organizations fighting to protect these lands from development and exploitation and privatization have had many successes and the more people who join these organizations the better the chance we have of protecting federal lands.


Sagebrush Rebellion started in NV in the late 70's to protest the Strategic Missile Program on DoD land & later Nuclear Waste Disposal. DoD controls most Fed Land in NV not BLM. The Wise Use movement cooped this movement & turned it into a Right Wing cause. The truth is that the US taxpayer bought Public Lands with the Louisiana Purchase, Mexican Cession,Gadsden Purchase & Alaska Purchase for a total price of over $1 Billion(2016 dollars). The Federal Gov did turn some land over to the States as they were admitted which were allowed to be Privatized - not all was in most states.Also previously owned Private land claims such as Spanish & Mexican Land Grants were recognized. Therefore the land is owned by the People of the United States- except that Native People in no way had their claims extinguished just their International loyalty switched. The Bible says nothing about the New World & any that say it does lacks all their marbles.


Behind the Oregon public land grab by the Bundys AND while no one is keeping up with people trying to take over public land is the Koch brothers. They are the ones who funded this effort......just like the Kochs funded the teacher in the California case in the FCC vs the California Teachers Association.....over the rights of funding union dues. The Kochs want nothing more than to destroy worker rights......so they pay people handsomely to bring these cases to the high court!
The Koch brothers are a cancer on our society.


And once it gets to the state, look out. TWO democratic governors are behind a sell off of one of Oregon's most beautiful, old, coastal range forests, the Elliott.

One prospective buyer was even laughing, saying now the environmentalists can't protect it. There are limited protections, but nothing like keeping it wild.

When Oregon sells off its last forests and people quit seeing this beautiful state as a destination, and many of us can no longer go into a true wilderness, will they realize what they have done?