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Pro-Clinton Super PAC Caught Astroturfing on Social Media, Op-Ed Pages


Pro-Clinton Super PAC Caught Astroturfing on Social Media, Op-Ed Pages

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

An anti-Bernie Sanders column allegedly penned by Atlanta's "influential" Democratic Mayor Kasim Reed ahead of Georgia's Super Tuesday primary appears to have been "primarily written by a corporate lobbyist" and "edited by Correct the Record, one of several pro-Clinton Super PACs," according to The Intercept on Friday.


Is anyone surprised at all by this? I'm not, it's become par for the course.


If Hillary wants to tear down barriers she should start with the barrier of secrecy between what she was paid for her $250,00 speeches and what she said.


Several Clinton campaign operatives participate here in Common Dreams comment threads.


The Resident (RT America) on YouTube:
Clinton PAC spends $1 million to start Twitter fights


Does anyone really think that no promises where made in those speeches. The Clinton's if Hillary wins may be the first couple to be elected and be tried for impeachment. A real record of accomplishment.


As for the substance "Sanders assumes his single-issue platform will help everyone, but only Clinton's plans work from the ground up to identify and break down barriers unique to African-American families. For the single mother riding two buses to her second job, Sanders' one-issue platform just doesn't cut it. And for the poor child in Flint, Michigan, forced to drink tainted water from a government tap, Sanders' Wall Street-focused message doesn't carry weight." Sanders plan for a living wage $15 bucks an hour would work quite well for that single mother better in fact than the Clinton gutting of the safety net, That poor kid damaged in Flint largely as a result of Clinton's NAFTA flim flam. Would do well with Bernie's plan to Invest in infrastructure paid for by making the big boys pay some their fair share. Hillary no plan just Lee Atwater style politics.


The forces of corporate America have selected Hillary and even though Trump is a republican, they don't trust him. They know Hillary and even if she is guilty of the sin of being a democrat, they are willing to cut her a bit of slack about that considering the circumstances. Hillary they do trust. That is the message we keep getting. The oligarchate and the corporatocracy trust that Hillary will be on their side. She will sign the Trade deals and approve pipelines and hold down minimum wages and keep college educations costing too much for poor people to pay because free college would, of course, see poor people abusing that system by getting too much education? Health care will still be expensive because otherwise poor people would get better health care and that would somehow be wrong if it were for free?

Anyway... They like Hillary. They are concentrating on fighting Bernie more than they are fighting Trump. If Trump wins then they will live with it because how bad could it be for the corporatocracy for a billionaire to win?

But Bernie they don't want. They could care less for democracy btw. It is Bernie that the powers that be don't want as president. Hillary or Trump is really not that big a difference since neither will change anything much.


Not surprising, and so, so pathetic.


Just keep an eye out for the next set of dirty politics in the up-coming open primaries where the independents will be able to vote. The polls and the media will continue to show Hillary ahead in every one and the ones where Bernie will win they will continue to keep to the Clinton playbook. We will continue to see long lines, confusing ballots, insecure voting machines and who knows what else. But, by all means keep throwing up the delegate count for Hillary, you know those state delegates who had to pay to play by contributing to Hillary's Victory fund.


Youtube video:
USA: Protesters slam 'warmonger neoliberal Killary' at rally in Los Angeles


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Hello Wereflea,

The Intercept is not my favorite reading material as I'm no fan of Glenn,
but such behavior from Ms. Clinton should be no surprise to anyone
familiar with how campaigning works to use any and every action
regardless of "morality' to say nothing of truth. Not much notice and
though I had my son make my walker adjusted to the correct height
and at a convenient location, I have hope it may be possible to
attend and show support for the candidate we along with millions
have chosen. Anne



Almost all of us are already digital serfs, cranking out valuable content for social media corporations without getting paid (I limit my production of content to two nonprofit websites including this one). At least these folks are getting paid for their work. Personally I wouldn't do it but there are a lot of people out there with student debt and other financial problems who need some cash. But one way to look at it is that it is a step up from digital serfdom. Apparently there are millions of Sanders supporters who making big profits without much concern that they are being exploited by the 1%. If they are not worried they should be. Making the 1% richer with no payment in return is not the way things should be going in the US.


Once again you can see what a corrupt sociopath Hillary Clinton is. Just imagine what horror she will do with the power of the president.


There is nothing sadder, or more predictable, than seeing yet another black politician being brought to heel by the Clintons.
I would suggest that Reed had to lick her boots while he was down there, but all he would be doing is licking the back of Charlie Rangels greasy head.
The line of African American politicos waiting to kiss Hillary's ring (and ass) is a long one. i would suggest they chain themselves together, so as not to stray to far off the line, but that may be to strong a metaphor, even for the Clintons.
But an apt one nonetheless.


These Clinton zombies are all over Huff Post and every other social site. We will be watching her claws come out more as it gets closer, there's nothing she won't do.


I don't know about that. Hillary and Bill have spent most of their political careers pushing policies that further enrich the 1%, and they certainly seem to be profiting from it.


Hi ya Annie! I hope you are well. There has never been an election like this one! So Trump gets the republican crown but not their loyalty lol. The powers that be want desperately to anoint and confirm Hillary but nobody else does lol.

The two parties see that America wants change and are willing to put up a Trump for the Repubs but the Dems instead of putting up their own very popular candidate for change instead want to push Hillary which is no change at all except for gender.

I think the Dems are risking throwing our country into turmoil but there is no reaching them. Self interest among the status quo elites rules. The gamble is wagered and the fix is in but then again the fix isn't what it used to be.

Between you and me I think the FBI is reluctant to indict since that would help Trump and that would put the mob closer to the White House. People forget that the president is given privy to deep secrets and Trump is much more than just his big mouth.

Alas Bernie just wants a better America and to help regular Americans. Who ever heard of such a thing? So they push and help Hillary but they do it by going against the will of the people. The FBI gets corrupted by that too. Everybody knows Bernie would win but the fix is in and corruption touches the FBI as well. The problem is that Trump could win because he at least is the choice of the people who picked him whereas the Dems ignore the choice of their voters and independents.

Seems worrisome for the general peace of the country. They subvert our democracy at all our peril.


Once a scumbag always a scumbag Hellary. ; )