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Pro-Corporate TTIP on the Ropes as Top French Officials Lambaste 'Bad Deal'



Kudos to the French who have the wisdom to see through the phony "free trade" scam. Unfortunately, not enough Americans are aware of the equally awful TPP, much less the previous Corporatist job-killing, people killing trade scams like NAFTA and CAFTA.


A short trip for the "Legacy" to the dump.
And some had eeny teeny little 12 Billion dollar profit expectencies all juiced up and
Court- ready,-- to go.
Looking Precarious"--isn't that the word they use before they say "done deal".?


The sound of rats scuttling across the deck


So what's the status of TPP now?


freedom fries moment...........


looking for ring to bind them all............


The President signed it in February. He is now working on getting enough members of Congress on his side so if it comes up for a vote it will pass. Word is he will try to pass it during the Lame Duck session so no one is paying attention and the members of Congress are assured of their seats or have their lobbying jobs.
This is another reason we need Bernie for President. He is always against free trade agreements/corporate power grabs.
Obama is a traitor to his country.


If American media even refuse to write or speak about the revelation of the TTIP papers over here this week, you people are not going to get out and demonstrate against TTP - and maybe even that's too late??
I have been sending a link to what's going on here in Europe to family and friends in the US, asking them to send it on. Here it is:


If the American "we the people" still think that Obama is one of the good guys, I hope they open their eyes and minds now. He, Clinton, much of Congress are in the grip of the international business/wealth .0000001%, and I'm not going to tell anyone on CommonDreams what they are trying to do: which comes first: modern feudalism or death by drowning, starving or thirst?


A useful article but I don't think it emphasises the dangers of TTIP enough, it's kind of restrained and a little dry, concentrating mainly on food regulation and GMO, and not the environmental and far-reaching political implications of TTIP, through ISDS and similar mechanisms which will basically erode democracy as we know it making people power an irrelevancy. Here's one dealing more with that aspect from The Manchester Guardian:



Thank you, Monbiot is always brilliant, concise and completely informed. I'll send the link on via my emails, and I hope many other readers of CD will.
There's a demonstration planned for the end of this month here in Amsterdam (and everywhere in Europe I think), but it might be a celebration!
And if there's anybody left who thinks Obama is a great good man, now's the time to rethink. Add Clinton to that.


Am I cynical to note that these top-level French condemnations come only after the Greenpeace leak? They knew what was in it before, even if the people didn't, though we can all guess from the content of previous free trade deals, and the fact these were negotiated in total secrecy-- except from the hundreds of corporate reps who did the negotiating. To the Europeans commenting here: of course our CORPORATE media, if they mention TPP, TTIP or TISA at all will claim it will create jobs, improve the economy, safeguard the environment and cure cancer. But alternative, on-line media is easily available to nearly all of us. You won't see enormous demonstrations against these deals here probably, for two reasons: we never turn out in large numbers because when we've done so in the past, as to oppose the Iraq war in 2003, it had no effect on policy. The other reason is that of the hefty share of Americans skeptical of the official line, at least as many hew to the right, embracing proto-fascists like Trump (the same is happening in Europe). So the two groups mainly oppose each other instead of our common enemy, the 1%. The differences are mainly of degree, with the EU following the US down the evil road (but the UK rides in the US' pocket). One larger difference, I think, is that Americans are much more ignorant of history and geography than Europeans.


The Germans are furious about TTIP especially now that Merkel has openly backed it by kissing Obama ass last week at a press conference. She will pay the price in the next election for her immigrant invasion, selling out one of her own citizens to the president of turkey recently and supporting TTIP. The people here have been kept in the dark about numerous immigrant horror stories by forbidding the police and government officials to speak to the press. There have been leaks that I have come across because of my need to deal with the immigration service and I know a woman who teaches german to Syrians in north Germany.


I sent it on to Flush the TPP/Margaret Flowers and Global Justice Alliance/Adam Weissman and other people I know that may read it. It is such a difficult fight. So many people know nothing about it and then so so many Americans don't care, thinking it does not impact them.


I do not think Obama is one of the good guys and feel like he is a traitor to our country after pushing the TPP and TTIP and TISA


The UK doesn't ride in the US' pocket, it just shares the same philosophy, the so-caled 'anglo-saxon model'. History is, the UK, via Adam Smith & co, exported it to America who then, not being able to do anything in a small way, ran with it and took it to a whole new level of mega-corporate awfulness.


Such as? I thought things had changed after Cologne.


I sent the article to my daughter-in-law who wrote back she wouldn't read it because "we Americans" are concerned about the election and don't have time to worry about "things like that". So the media are right: even if their real reason for not printing anything critical and honest about TTP and TTIP is because their bosses don't want them to, the commercial reason is "nobody" is interested. What Trump said is what "we" want to know - we really are amusing ourselves to death.


Did you tell her this may be the last election where she has any kind of choice if she thinks it does not matter. And she may not have much of a life left. Small business will lose work and then jobs, more jobs will be sent abroad and corporations will be able to set up shop in this country and bring in their own workers, her medication may become unaffordable, she have no way to keep her air, land, and water clean of toxins, big banks will totally write their own rules and may lose her savings and she will never get them back. How big of a list does she need? It will be a total corporate take over, worse than what we have now.


I don't argue with people whose beliefs and opinions are diametrically opposite mine - what's the point. As for whether this election is one where we "have any kind of choice" (and you put it cautiously enough), I'm not sure that's true. We choose (vote) yes, but what we've been given to choose from is seldom what we're promised it is. When we voted overwhelmingly for Obama, did we get what we thought he was? I'm not surprised that some people mistrust Clinton, and I'm not surprised that people are cautious about Sanders. If we expect the perfect person (the one who wants to fix everything), we're bound to be disappointed. I trust Sanders, because he has a long record of accomplishments, attempts and positions, because he's too honest to lie or pretend: "you get what you pay for" with him, I think.