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Pro-Democracy Forces Converge for Final Day of Spring Revolt



woooohooooo! So beautiful.


This is all so wonderful, but where is the demand ending corporate Constitutional rights--the root of our problems?

If folks are going to fight like hell, wouldn't it be great to fight against the real problem rather than the symptoms?


"Multi-National Corporations United?"
* That is half of the definition of Fascism. The other half is the government(s) protecting the corporation's power and profit.
* I think we're there, folks.
* “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”
* "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."
* Thomas Jefferson
1743 - 1826
* The tree looks pretty droopy. Really needs manuring, I think.


The photos show some protesters with signs addressing corporate Constitutional rights.

Agreed that corporate control in its various forms are the root of nearly all the problems faced by the 99% and the environment and must be the first issues addressed before any progress can be made on downstream issues.


The people are already "Awakening" to the fact that their "Democracy" is being/has been taken away from them --- but what they really have to "Awaken" to is that what is taking it away is "Empire".

We don't "need to disrupt the status quo" --- what we need to do is disrupt this effin EMPIRE.

When the status quo is Empire it makes sense to expose it and specifically 'call-it out' as an Empire.

I know quite a bit about history, and I can't remember a Revolution ever being started by merely being against the 'status quo' --- that's way too bland to ever start a Revolution, eh?

There are supportive comments here, but little to no knowledge that all Revolutions
(including our First, and only successful) American Revolution against Empire are all against Empire!We, and more specifically Bernie, can not ignite a "Political Revolution" against nothing --- just as you can't have a complete and logical action sentence without an 'object'.

The 'object' to be acted upon has to be Empire. So until Bernie, and the deluded Americans today, learn the lesson that the First Americans did to break from being just 'subjects' of an Empire, and until Bernie actually fires the first non-violent, but totally excoriating "Shout heard round the world" that ignites a fully understood, engaged, and socialist democratic "Political Revolution against Empire" nothing is going to happen --- Bernie is "not going to get through this thing" and win, the people are not going to accomplish anything by being divided, diverted, and dispersed in fighting hundreds of the superficial "identity issues" and mere 'symptom problems' all of which Empire causes, and our entire forest of "ailing social order" is not going to be fixed if we can't see the forest for the hundreds of 'issue trees'.

Hopefully, the increasing electoral fraud of this primary scam, perhaps tomorrow in New York (the 'Empire' state) will shock Bernie and other principled progressives that he will internalize the truth and come-out, 'expose', un-mask, educate, and activate 'the people' by firing that first "Shout heard round the world" against Empire and ignite his (and OUR) Second American "Political Revolution against Empire" leading up to a "Revolutionary Summer" on July 4th of this year 240 years after the First American Revolution against Empire.

I hate to be a Paine about the people needing to understand and revolt against Empire, but as Revere cried out, "The Empire is coming. The Red Coats are coming" --- but today the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire is too smart to wear Red Coats and expose itself as the Capitalist Global Empire that it IS; HQed in and with its metropole in our former country, instead it hides behind the dual-party Vichy-political facade of its two neocon 'R' Vichy and smoother lying neoliberal-con 'D' Vichy parties.Yes, a confrontation is finally brewing (240 years later) between two systems that are "opposite ends of the same telescope" and differ greatly in their two sets of "core values" of social democracy or Empire:

"The British ministry and the Continental Congress were, in fact, looking at the crisis from different ends of the same telescope in ways that accurately reflected their contrasting political assumptions. The British approach was decisively imperial, top down from George III, through Lord Germain, to all those converging ships and men. The American approach was decidedly republican, bottom up, dependent upon broad-based popular consent from that enigmatic entity called “the people.” To repeat, nothing so sweepingly DEMOCRATIC had ever been attempted before, for the quite sound reason that a poll of the people was almost assured to produce a muffled or divided response or, worse, a chaotic cacophony.

What seems most historically significant, at least in retrospect, is how true each side was to the core values it claimed to be fighting for. It was the coercive power of an EMPIRE against the consensual potency of a fledgling democratic republic. History seldom provides pure embodiments of such contrasting political alternatives, but in the summer of 1776 they were both on display"
[Caps added]
Ellis, Joseph. 2013. "Revolutionary Summer"

Bottom line ---- the day that Bernie answers another corporate pundit asswhole from the 'media/propaganda-sector' of this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire asking about Killary being ahead with his reply, "Oh, You mean, the 'Empress-in-waiting'"? Is the day Bernie proves that he is really a Revolutionary, proves that his vaguely named "Political Revolution" is really a fully active "Political Revolution against Empire", and the day that Killary becomes nothing but neoliberal-con 'road kill'.

And, oh, BTW, that's also the day when Bernie's poll numbers take-off like a frigging rocket and he insures that he (and we) will win not just the election, but also when we win our country back from this effin Empire.

However, the down-side (or real 'downer') is that nobody ever mentiones the word 'Empire' as being the central CAUSE and heart of our entire existential problem.So, for everyone here at CD who mentions the incredibly stupid arguments like, "Mac, Everyone understands that we live in an Empire" --- I'll only say, you're not going to start a friggin Revolution with only a few people on as supposedly a 'radical' site as CD even mentioning the effin EMPIRE that has us by the throat (or something else I shouldn't mention) --- and none of who would have to actually do anything in a Revolution even understand that they have to diagnose and publicize the fact that what we have to confront IS an EMPIRE!


The corporate controlled national media is not covering the protests. The corporate controlled media only represents the rich, powerful and law enforcement. The revolution will not be televised.


Guess I'm getting old. I still remember when the US was a country where events like this would lead the evening network news. Was Democracy Awakening even mentioned by any network news?

That said, I'd suggest that the only way to build a movement that is actually large enough, and loud enough to be impossible to ignore, would require being more inclusive (lessons learned from the 1930s and 1960s). This would require uniting the proverbial masses, for the common good -- the poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, all races, pushing back to create democracy for all.


In all fairness, we've been declaring that "the people are waking up" since the early 1980s. Every time people nationwide started pulling together since then, they have been easily split apart by our class war, middle class vs. the poor. It would be necessary for the proverbial "masses" to learn from our own history, and I've seen no indication of interest in this. In a nutshell, don't expect the masses of poor to "stand in solidarity" with the better off, those who demand, "Not a crumb for the jobless!" At this point, we're deeply divided and subdivided by class and race, and need to find a way to consider the "common good."