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Pro-Fracking, Pro-Colonialism, Anti-Single Payer: Dem Platform Disappoints



At this point, I hope Bernie is considering Jill Stein's offer and walking away from this venal party.


Alas more of the same,.who woulda thunk.


I have voted Democratic all my life. over 45 years of voting. No More. The Democratic Party is gone. It no longer represents the Normal Everyday Working Middle class that it once supported. Its beyond corrupt as is our president. They are all Pawns of the Big Money Corporate and NWO Extremists that represent the perpetual war crowd. Did any of you know That James Comey was a former Board Member of the MEGA Bank HSBC? Did you know HSBC is one of HRC's Largest Fundraising Donors, No Conflict of Interest here!!!!! If Bernie is not nominated as he has truly earned the right to be the leaders of this country. I have voted Democratic for the last time EVER.


"DISAPPOINTS"? That doesn't begin to express the actions of the DNC Clinton Dem establishment!

Should read "Dem Platform Betrays"! Betrays the Dem voter, independents progressives and all Americans except the 1%, corporate/banker/wall street swine, war-machine and terrorist Israelis!

The people are given the "choice" between a narcissist bigot idiot child crook and a psychopath pro-corporate/wall street war-whore - and both are corrupt pathological liars!

The only choice worthy the term is the Green candidate Jill Stein, since Bernie may/will apparently capitulate to the Dem Party and its BS sellout "platform"! Too bad - after all the manipulations/frauds/lies/deceit and lack of respect Dems showed Sanders he still will not play hard-ball with those scum, and run on the Green ticket with Stein!


Dear Common Dreamers: where can a person go to get out of the U.S and by doing so stop supporting this SICK system?

I wanted to leave in 2000 after supreme court appointment of Bush when I had the financial means to do so. My colleagues/friends were saying things like “you need to stay and fight for this country!”. Perhaps I still believed that was true. Even though I was doubtful that a country founded on genocide and one that still promotes genocide could be changed----I stayed.

Since that time I have supported this killing machine that is the U.S.: monetarily, physically and mentally:

“healthcare” (that I couldn’t afford i.e. medical tests/procedures too expensive): between $100,000 and $200,000 dollars to BCBS for high premiums and deductibles.

income tax: (to support wars, environmental destruction):
well over $100,000 dollars.

real estate taxes: over $100,000 to fund municipalities that support suburban sprawl, dysfunctional school and police entities.

My body has gone to hell trying to physically curb invasive species and advocate for the environment.

How exactly did staying here help anything?

I’ve been feeding the beast by staying.


The Azores seem a good choice.......


And Trump wins by default.


The best time for a fracking ban is before any fracking occurs. That is what New York State did. Once two-thirds of a nation's supply of natural gas come from fracking, and millions of people's jobs depend on fracking it is too disruptive to ban it. Who wants coal burning to rebound with all of its toxic pollution in addition to high emissions of carbon dioxide and the unemployment of many, many working class people. The amendment to ban fracking should have been defeated and it was. States can still ban fracking as can many communities. Such bans would be far less disruptive. Also, an excellent amendment was passed for regulating fracking under federal laws like the Clean Water Act instead of allowing fracking to continue to be exempt thanks to Dick Cheney and gang. The Democratic Party got this one right. The Clinton side had the stronger argument in this instance.


Can one escape the greedy oligarchy? If not, we might be able to beat them by not buying their shit and voting out conservatives.

"The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness."
JK Galbraith


Emphyrio, thanks for the suggestion! I'm there in my mind for a brief fantasy escape from this political/environmental/social nightmare morphed into reality that is underway in the U.S.

Didn't know there was such a thing as "Escape from America Magazine"! :slight_smile:


And once again, a minimum wage increase is trampled under the stampede of corporate egotism. In all these articles about the party platform, I've read

not one mention.

It's the issue dems have always been the quickest to roll over on when facing a Republican majority in congress, but with absolutely no opposition at all, it seems no one even brings it up.

Can someone please correct me and point out that they did address it, but it had such unanimous support that it isn't mentioned in the articles?


I have heard that Norway is a civilized country. Norwegian is a tough language though.



Yes, they did put a plank in in support of a minimum wage of $15.


Thanks. Maybe I should stop being so cynical, but "over time" sounds a lot like "I'll look into it."


I don't think that any of us really are surprised by the platform having a corporate stance to it, since Clinton and the Democratic Party are very closely tied to Wall Street and large corporations. Once again, as in 2012, my vote will go to Jill Stein.


Fracking is ecocide.
Being against single payer is greed.
TTP is greed and ecocide.
Israel is an ethnic cleansing nation (no, I'm not anti-semitic, I'm anti-fascist).

The Democratic Party is just another party of greed and cowardice.



Lrx - clueless about climate change. You don't have to go back to coal when you end fracking - can you say, renewable energy? Worried about the disruption of some job losses and not about the vastly larger disruption that will occur as climate chaos grows. Instead of continuing fracking, why not put the effort into helping people make the transition, especially those who will need to change jobs? Once again, Lrx making a political argument to win an election and the largest economic and social consequences be damned.


Speaking as a Canadian , here I would take exception to your comment.

First and foremost when it comes to Corporatism , Canada is not far behind the United States. Justin Trudeau supports the TPP. He wants more free trade deals. He is not opposed to fracking and sees a future in exploitation of the tar sands.

He recently sent Canadian troops into Syria and sends them To Russias borders. I do not see his policies as that far divorced from those of the Democrats.

Secondly Canada did very well by fact that many people fled the USA to escape the draft in the 1960's and 1970's. Prior to that and in many ways Canada was more Conservative than was the USA . Many of those people became politically engaged and help advance more progressive values.

Speaking from a personal perspective, I would welcome more peoples that have a progressive viewpoint and who would help pull Canada off its current rightward, neoliberal trajectory.

Money and Capital does not recognize borders when it comes to advancing the agenda of Capital and I do not think progressive values and ideas and the people they stem from should be kept out by borders either.

Now I will acknowledge this. If in fact all of those with progressive values fled the USA for other lands, The USA would become yet more a danger to the rest of the world.


Thanks for your thoughtful, informative comment. Extremely cranky today due to frustrating local environmental issues I'm struggling with and the bigger picture illustrated in this CD article. Should have realized (pre-posting) the "where to go" comment could open a can of worms-----even though I hate this expression I'll use it----my bad.

This human experience is quite the challenge isn't it?
Interesting article Paul Beckwith posted today:

"Garrett and others use the Jevons Paradox to point out that industrial civilization is unsustainable and headed towards collapse. I think they are right, given our current set of living arrangements. Dr. Guy McPherson is publishing and speaking about how Abrupt Climate Change represents Near Term Human Extinction (NTHE) and I think he is right also. The main stream press is asleep at the wheel and our leaders appear to be Psychopaths and Sociopaths if they are really aware of what is going on and are doing nothing.

This is the real paradox, why can’t humanity act collectively in its best interest to really address Climate Change, Overpopulation, and Energy?"