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Pro-Life, Judge Barrett? Climate Denialism Is Mass Murder

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/16/pro-life-judge-barrett-climate-denialism-mass-murder

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“Enact carefully worded laws that Barrett will have to interpret literally” ?

US legal protocol and process has NEVER constrained judges’ ability or right to interpret any way they see fit, and GOP operatives and voters take great pride in their organized crime syndicate disguised as a political party getting away with ever more egregious lies with each passing year.

No waiting to assess Barrett’s SCOTUS track record is needed to determine if reform (added seats, term limits or whatever) is essential to restore some semblance of credibility to the SCOTUS.

SCOTUS reform must be among the Democrats’ highest priorities if they win on November 3.

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Yes, Juan, climate denialism is mass murder, but the Bible is full of mass murder, so it’s all OK. Just have to make sure the souls are out of the womb in order to be saved. Logical, n’est-ce pas?


Simply go to confession to get absolved of mass murder…three our fathers and three hail marys ought to do it ?

Barrett’s conformation vote next week, if taken, will be illegitimate, per the Senate judicial committees own rules (yes Miss Lindsey, rules matter), this fact along with Barrett’s lack of experience on the bench, refusal to answer critical questions in the hearings, disqualifies her to sit on the highest court in the land. If we had a real opposition party, after the election, if/when the Senate is flipped, they would remove Barrett from the bench, for the above reasons, and remove Kavanaugh from the bench for his provable lies in his conformation hearing. This action would be legal and warranted, but I won’t be holding my breath. If we only had an opposition party.


If it were up to me, only atheists would qualify for a seat on SCOTUS.


Hmm. Interesting. I wonder, though, what measure would we use to verify that a SCOTUS appointee is an atheist?

If the appointee rejects all belief in an Abrahamic God, but holds fast to a belief in a cosmic creative force (or something along those lines), would that appointee be considered an atheist?

By all means – pack the court. De-claw this un-elected institution – half of whom have been appointed, not by presidents who won the popular vote, but essentially by another archaic and broken American institution – the Electoral College.
Justice has been politicized – Barr is the product and proof. So remove that ill-gotten stranglehold on society and pack the supreme institution of political hypocrisy.


That would be closer to a Deist, like many of the founders, such as Thomas Jefferson, for instance.

ACB is another feckless c…!

expecting a right wing religious bigots to act in any manner other than from their religious bigotry is pure fantasy–the problem is that we have allowed this bigotry to become so rampant that they have acquired the mantle of normality

Rebellion, Revolution and War
"People have lost their connection to nature. They do not see that where the food is grown and how it is transported and shared is the most essential network that there is, in any society or civilization. They have forgotten that the quality and the availability of water is more important than any other resource could possibly be. They fail to see that the degradation of the environment is setting in motion the forces that could undermine their world and their lives.

This failure to respond to the Great Waves of change is a fundamental one, and that is why people do not see the coming storms. They do not recognize the great risk. They do not see that things are in motion, greater forces now, that will alter the landscape of the world. And their actions will become more desperate, more foolish and more shortsighted. And officials elected or who rise to power through force will be more ignorant and more blind.

If a nation cannot provide the basic elements for its peoples, even if it becomes a democracy, even if it achieves a just system, it will not be able to stand. It will never have stability. And the people will be in constant distress, leading to further upheavals, leading to war between factions and groups vying for power, not only for their own political or religious ideologies, but to survive."… from the Teaching: “Rebellion, Revolution and War”… there is a New Message in the world for humanity, sent at this most urgent time of danger for humanity… May you find it…And it may change the course of your life and the lives of your children…Humanity is in such a great peril. An answer has been sent to this calling.

I prefer atheists that I have meant to many so-called Christians that blaspheme Jesus’s name every day!

“The 15 percent rule (arbitrarily set by the Commission on Presidential Debates) is utterly lawless. It triples the 5 percent rule in federal law for qualifying for public financing in a presidential campaign.” - law professor Jamin Raskin

Pro-Life, Judge Barrett? Climate Denialism Is Mass Murder

Not to Amy. Who claims to be open-minded. If Amy was an open-minded, honest Judge with a modicum of integrity, Amy would have said this: " thank you Mr. President for nominating me for SCOTUS, but since in my view, you are unfit for office, I cannot in good conscience accept your nomination".