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Pro-Sanders Canvassers Target Youth Vote With Unprecedented GOTV Ahead of New Hampshire Primary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/10/pro-sanders-canvassers-target-youth-vote-unprecedented-gotv-ahead-new-hampshire

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Targeting the youth vote with the GOTV appears to run against Sanders’ stated effort to expand his base.


I’m not so sure–it seems more likely that his campaign strategy is to expand the number of VOTERS (which suggests an assumption on its part that most of first-time voters in 2020 will be young people among whom he polls better than any of the others).


Hear, hear for any effort that tries to get younger voters to the polls. The first target should be for millennials to vote at the same rate as Boomers (whom the former now outnumber). The following needs to be stated ad nauseam: the only thing that matters in American politics is money and votes, everything else is noise at best. The sooner this is realized, the better.


Hope you’re right, but that assumption didn’t seem to work in Iowa. Bernie’s victory was in a relatively low turnout. People are fed up to the point of cynicism with all of this and it’s going to take some serious analysis and on-the-ground organizing – even in the short time of this election.

You can Tweet all you want, send out millions of fundraising emails and knock on doors until your knuckles bleed, but none of that matters until you can talk in languages and LISTEN to prospective voters and they become actual voters and campaign participants.


I have no clear proof, but would bet there are a lot of people who voted for Twump in 2016 who might respond to a campaign based around the number of promises to them that he’s broken.

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Bernie literally has an army of American citizens working for "Us, not him."

Join, and be a part of history in the making.

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This reminds me of the Carter campaign 1975-76, and a local one or two campaigns that were grassroots where people canvassed every street.


So far in the primaries, not only is there a significant young/new vote growth there is also a corresponding old reliable turnout vote fall-off at least in the two states thus far to hold primaries. The postulate is that the older voters are fatigued by what all has happened over the last year and they are really undecided about the candidates, so they are waiting to see where the majority support goes to see who is best positioned to defeat Trump in Nov. and then they will mostly vote blue no matter who after the party decides who will be their nominee. I think this is mostly a factor of Iowa and N.H., I think we’ll have a pretty clear understanding of where 2020 is going by this time next month. Good news Sanders tops the first two primaries and after the partial re-canvas in Iowa is complete Sanders should end up at the top of the delegate count heading into both NV and SC, and may well have a healthy lead going into Super Tuesday.

Sanders/Turner 2020!