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Pro-War Lobby Spending Millions In Last-Ditch Effort to Sabotage Iran Deal


Pro-War Lobby Spending Millions In Last-Ditch Effort to Sabotage Iran Deal

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

As the June 30 deadline for a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers approaches, opponents of diplomacy this week are unleashing a multimillion dollar arsenal of advertisements aimed at persuading a handful of lawmakers from both parties to sabotage the agreement.


Thee CIA overthrows the leader of Iran and installs the Shah. We support the Shah, and his secret police for decades. We arm his military, while he is a despot to the citizens of Iran. Iranians rise up, kick the US out of Iran. We get in bed with Saddam Hussein of Iraq. The US arms Iraq, including chemical weapons, to fight the war with Iran. Thousands upon thousands of Iranians and Iraqis are slaughtered in that war. Now revisionists in the US, aided by the mainstream media, forget this history and act like the US can’t trust Iran. Paraphrasing Gore Vidal, we live in the United States of Amnesia!


► Would you believe pro-Israel lobby?

Maybe a Jew lobby?

Nah, it can’t be


Sounds like the same folks who started PNAC, who have pushed regime change in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, who are responsible for ISIS, who would now like to see chaos in Iran as well.


Sooooo sad but true, rrhunt69. And, how much of the lobbying $$$$$ do you suppose is going into the pockets of the bought off politicians, wearing both Greedy Old Party and Demand Enough Money tags? Bernie Sanders says it best …


If the Shah wasn’t so bad, Khomeini wouldn’t have been taken seriously by the people of Iran. As it was, Khomeini smelled an opportunity and milked it good.


Close but no cigar…GHWBush did a rather fine and scripted job of getting the Iran/US hostage talks stalled and made damn sure that the hostages were not released until well after the election.
Treason, check, one to the Repubs…and the asshat Bushy die-nasty.


Can we sue them for leading us into global warming war?