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Probe Demanded After Wilbur Ross, Rex Tillerson Implicated in Paradise Papers


Probe Demanded After Wilbur Ross, Rex Tillerson Implicated in Paradise Papers

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Latest revelations are part of a disturbing pattern of Trump administration officials seeking to hide their links to Russian business interests and members of Vladimir Putin's inner circle."

Jared, Ivanka, Wilbur and Rex


Not supporting Trump in any way, I hope he goes to prison.

But outside of not properly disclosing ties to Russia through investments, is any of this actually illegal?


Tillerson lost his integrity years ago when he, as Exon CEO, negated global warming for the profit of a corporation. What higher crime is there than shortening the time humankind will have on our planet?


Just learned that our small lake in the foothills of the Sierra where Iive has, “Moscovy Ducks”! Ye Gods! Putin has invaded!!
Russia, Russia, Russia ad infinitum until ad nauseam.
Give it up Common Dreams!
Maybe these papers involve some crappy maybe illegal dealings with our officials, but apart from that/those, this is a nothing story.


The photo accompanying the article should be titled, "Swamp Creatures’ “Meet & Greet” Every low- life corporate criminal group is represented therein, including the Saudis. So much for adhering to any oath of office these brigands took, their sole goals are to fill their money pits, especially offshore for even more tax avoidance. Scum of the Earth.


I worry, too, that, in this newly minted incarnation of the cold war, simply employing the adjective “Russian” is tantamount to identifying something evil.


This whole Russiagate ploy is an exercise in Orwellian doublespeak: In the US, we have “CEOs” and “billionaires;” in Russia, the same kind of scum are called “oligarchs” and “tycoons.”


It is not a “ploy” but a verifiable reality. So continue with your blinkered rose-colored glasses and tin hats in the sun.


Humankind, and millions of other species also condemned to early extinction, for greed.


At its core the Paradise Papers story is important. As Sanders phrased it, it illustrates the “rapid movement toward international oligarchy.”

The narrow focus on Trumpsters’ ties to Russians is a purposeful distraction from the rot at the heart of ALL these billionaires’ global financial dealings, as well as from the rot at the heart of the US duopoly political system.

i’m happy if Trump, Tillerson and the whole cabal are taken down by legal machinations in DC. But if they are simply replaced with “adult” Republicans, or Clintonite Democrats, we will be no closer to “draining the swamp” than we are today.

The intensive drumbeat demonizing Russia, and focusing critique of Trump solely on his Russian connections, is intended to keep our focus NOT on these deep systemic rots.


True, that is why Rex was chosen for Sec. of State. Rex is an environmental, criminal and his former company, Exxon is an environmental terrorist.


Yes, it’s a reality that Russian billionaires are called “oligarchs” while their US counterparts receive a kinder designation. I neither wear hats nor glasses; but thanks for the recommendation.


Let’s shout that out from the highest mountains.


Anything to avoid getting to the bottom of Uranium One and the Clintons.


Richard Painter, “ethics” chief under George W.: It’s a very, very troubling situation" --ya think?
How about criminal theft from the American people.


These people are traitors to the people and this republic, what is left of it. They are running our country into debt and destroying the earth. We did have a fairly decent country where people and the earth were treated with dignity. But no more.
They have all the benefits of this nation but do not care one bit about its survival. It is nauseating and heartbreaking.


Not supporting Trump…But. The standard tack of those here supporting Trump.


Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the world tried to take control of its own oil. The Studies are bombing the hell out of Yemen. The US is assisting with refueling and other logistical support.

I’m sure there’s no connection.


Saudis, not Studies. Damned autocorrect.


You can just click on the edit icon beneath your comment, the pencil, rather than having to leave another comment. I worked out your meaning anyhow!