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Problems of the Super-Rich

Problems of the Super-Rich

Lawrence Wittner

At what point will society intervene and strike back?

Despite rising economic inequality in the United States, Congress has kept the minimum wage stuck at $7.25 an hour since 2009.

One of the most pressing problems for the NON-super rich is how to stop the super rich from buying any more political influence than they already have. Current US campaign laws offer no hope, and neither Brand R nor D is likely to kill that particular golden goose.

Targetted boycotts would seem among the few non-violent tactics with a chance of success, along with voting outside the “two-party” box.


The Democrats don’t care about income inequality:

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Our capitalist ‘civilization’ returns our society to one of the most uniform and long enduring models - the ‘Pharaoh’ - the Emperor - the King etc. one individual with so much wealth and power that their position becomes untouchable!

It is only the frailties of incompetent descendants that offers opportunities for change. A commonplace one is a war between two individuals who have far more than they need but still would rather have it all!

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To those billionaires: let them eat poisoned cake!

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Did he mention having to swim in shark infested waters every day with other predators that really have no real allegiance to anything but their own wealth.

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Actually, some of them do. Otherwise, I mostly agree. Do you think any Republicans care?

LOTE voters.

Goodness the D-Party loves taking you guys for granted.

In a word, “NO.”

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I’ve never understood why people’s rage at these dirt balls hasn’t boiled over a long time ago.

“Socialism never took root in the United States because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but rather as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”
–Ronald Wright, “A Short History of Progress”

Just as I am sure that the R’s appreciate your indirect assistance!

If I can aid the Ds in meeting their appointment with the dustbin of history, all the better.

They don’t want working class hippies like me. Chuck Schumer is after a different base:

“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”

That was indeed a foolish thing for Schumer to say, and it proves that he does not get the reality of life outside Washington. But I stand by my belief that there are still some good folks in the Democratic Party. We just need more of them!

You need more of them. So true.

Yet your party labels many of them Bernie Bros, purists, sexists, and racists, not to mention blaming them every time you lose an election.

If that’s the case–we’re causing your party to lose because we’re DFH leftists who give your party a bad name by daring to dream of universal health care coverage, a living wage, an end to ceaseless war, and environmental common sense…then perhaps you actually belong to the party of moderate suburban voters…the kind Schumer is after.

Because, after all, I recall that your candidate said:

A $12/hour min wage was the best we could do
Single payer was never going to happen
A no-fly zone over Syria and more arms sales to the Saudis were great ideas
Exporting fracking across the globe was wonderful

No thanks. I’ll “vote my conscience:”

Hey, I like that!

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It’s boiling over but in the wrong way- that is one of the reasons Dump was elected.