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Processed Meats Pose Same Cancer Risks as Smoking, WHO Says



Why doesn't anybody ever talk about vegetarianism on CD?


on a previous post, a writer was flamed for saying "one can die of many reasons."

A bbq ribeye with those crusty corners with that "smoke (that) is known to be ....."
all over it, is really one way to go properly.

We all pass, just don't pass up the good stuff

I know I know, I'm changing....my workout shake is Plant Fusion, hi protein 21g, from artichoke, peas, amaranth/quinona. Way better than whey or soy.

Garden Food is Still Best




Doesn't it bother you just a little bit that your habits contribute to global warming/climate change that will harm your grandchildren? You are not from Texas. You are from the earth.


I'm honestly not very surprised by the results of this study. How often do you feel like you just did yourself a favor after eating an Oscar Meyer wiener? I'm paleo, so I eat meat, and I work with any cognitive dissonance I face because I'm not ignorant.Rather, I'm realistic and I adapt my beliefs/behaviors whenever it's encountered. It would have been cool if they said eating more processed meats will make your dong grow larger, but they didn't. I already know processed meat is not on the top of the list of health foods but hey sometimes I eat salads and drink green tea, other times I eat Oscar Meyer wieners, chew tobacco, and drink beer. It's called balance.


Chicken Little says: "The sky is falling!" Now, a Big Mac dripping with grease, w/ some peculiar seasoning and a giant shake isn't going to kill ya, unless you're Morgan Spurlock. And processed foods of any kind just ain't good for ya. In fact, just about everything "the American People" eat is unhealthy for numerous reasons - not the least of which is the consequence of the federal government's preventing food products to be properly labelled.

Soy, corn, wheat, and just about every children's cereal have manufactured mystery food ingredients. Recently the FDA approved GMO apples???? WTF!?

Anyway, Aristotle said: All things in moderation. Now back to my bacon and eggs.


Zen Practice is gonna come along soon.


You can have both! It's a two-fer.


Zen practice did come along.


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I carried my first baby while his body was growing cancer; I have been barbecuing meat for more than half my life; I am 62, relatively healthy, and if I want a barbecued ribeye with mountain man rub on it, or bacon on everything I will devour it without regrets! To be honest, I'm a lot more concerned about global warming killing me than contracting cancer b/c I ate one too many barbecued steaks!


Cattle isn't the problem, nor is it cattle flatulence, it's those Texas vegans on the range.


Ooh-ooh, we don't have to guillotine the 1%, let's just invite them to a bbq and save a-l-l-l-l the brats, burgers, hotdogs and steaks for them! :yum:


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It is not news that cured meats increase cancer risk - but some perspective is needed. If eating bratwurst, kielbasa or ham condemns one to such a high risk of cancer - notably colorectal and maybe always-fatal pancreatic cancer, then why don't the populations of Germany, Poland and the rest of central and eastern Europe have an average life expectancy of 45 or something? So a check here:


shows that middle/eastern Europe does tend to have higher colorectal cancer rates, but it is hardly overwhelming.

And since when are alcoholic drinks shown to be carcinogenic? The US left needs to lose this puritanical streak.

Me I will continue to enjoy a good brat or kielbasa - washed down with a good local beer - in moderation - 2-3 times a month. Eat your bratwurst, weisswurst, or kielbasa with a good helping of antioxidant-rich sauerkraut and you will be fine.


Looking at other substances in those categories, I would have found a better title for this article.Something like

"Glyphosate surpassed by bacon as a cancer trigger"

" WHO: ham is more harmful than glyphosate"

"Steak and Roundup equally harmful"


Well we are just west of you, and when you roast a big green chili and
lay it over the top of that steak, you're in Rio Grande Country.
It truly is an experience.

As for the guilt....I was raised Irish Catholic, so it comes with the turf.
Like water off a ducks back. Sorry I don't do guilt.

And yes Zenpractice I do think about it, and then they start the bbq up.
It's Pavlovian. Respectfully.


So it is the federal government that is "preventing" proper labeling of food? So, if there were no food labeling laws at all, the food producers - out of the kindness of their hearts, would comprehensively label food?

Yeah, lets abolish the evil FDA - that will deliver us to health-food paradise!


Consider Helmut Kohl who never met a sausage he could turn down. As far as I know, he's still alive-and perhaps growing.