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Prodding the Irreligious Left to Vote

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/08/prodding-irreligious-left-vote

The “irreligious Left” doesn’t vote because of religion. It doesn’t vote because the DNC rigs the system and gives us corporate Democrats to vote for.


What, you want to know why atheists don’t exactly do back flips into the voting booths? Because just like their republican counterparts, every single democratic candidate for POTUS since the 1960’s has openly professed their love for all things Jesus. And of course, not uttered one word to encourage the “faithless” peoples to vote.
Like most atheists, I consider the cognitive dissonance that it takes to believe in invisible men in the sky to be a big liability, especially when it comes to serving as president of the USA.
But in the end, atheists don’t vote for democrats for the same reason every other demographic group doesn’t. We’ve grown tired of the bullshit, and now require proof that a candidate is truly progressive, before we expend any “faith” or political capital on him or her.


They shun politics as much as they shun supernatural religion.

And no doubt for pretty much the same reason. They’re both pretty much just so much hocus pocus, all slight-of-hand illusions.

The threads in the rug that keeps getting pulled out from under them have worn thin.


Then you write in whoever you want. Or vote Green Party. A sure fire way to being ignored is to not vote at all. If all of a sudden the third party total vote went from around 5% to 25% even if it swung no elections it would be guaranteed to get the attention of all the parties as an existence proof of a voting pool that could go their way or against them on the next round.

There are no excuses for not voting. Ever. I tend to think of atheists (which I am) as a smarter lot - I’m disappointed in this statistic.


“Why can’t the entire Democratic Party see the looming power of this growing cohort?”

I’m sure the party leaders are well aware of this potential voting bloc, they pay dam good money to political consultants for this type of information. Their not interested in courting this group because their ideals do align with neo-liberal thinking of those in control of the party at the moment.


If I was irreligious, I’d come out of the shadows to vote to put down the craziness we’ve had to endure this past 2 and 1/2 years.

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Great snark, NB!


It’s better for the Non Religious to vote 3rd Party than to vote Democratic. The Democrats as well as Republicans think of Non Religious Peoples as immoral. They both say “There are no Atheists in foxholes”, want to keep the National Motto “In God We Trust”, “One Nation Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance & keep Atheists out of the Boy Scouts & want to let the Boy Scouts demand every member say “I promise to do my duty to God and my country”.I would like to see Jesse Ventura take on the Republicans & Democrats & win but it would only happen in my wildest dreams.


There’s a high concentration of irreligious voters younger than thirty-five, and the DNC makes absolutely no effort to reach out to them. In 2016, Hillary even recruited a couple of big names, Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright, to scold and insult young women for their rather thin support of Hillary. Joe Biden talks to them like an old guy who wants them off his lawn. Student loan debt, climate change, and a living wage, and income inequality are issues that younger voters care about. They cannot be scolded and pandered into voting for Democrats. They would definitely come out to vote for Bernie Sanders, but the DNC will never allow him to get near the presidency, as they are in the pockets of the 1%.


Don’t you mean the last forty years?


Polling among registered voters show 97% would rather live under the political system Trump & Co. is trying to construct than be governed by an Adm. that’s led by an atheist or agnostic President and Cabinet, et al.
There are atheist/agnostic Congress Critters now serving but you wouldn’t know it because it creates another opening to be attacked by party or deeply embedded apparatchiks in The Uniparty who run things. At least this part of political operations, anyway.


Last time I checked, there was a great way to get people to vote.

It’s called running candidates that are worth a shit. One of these days, the Dems should try it.


So far as I can tell, I’m about as irreligious / anti-organized-religion as anyone else who posts here on CD regularly, and I have voted in EVERY state and national election since 1964.  OTOH, my preferred candidates were not necessarily on the ballot.  After being THOROUGHLY disappointed by the worth­less O’Bummer/Buy-Done/P’Loser “administration” in 2009 (when all of the Banksters & War Criminals such as Mnuchin and Cheney were let off the hook), I wrote in ‘Bernie & Beth’ for Prez and V.P. in both 2012 and 2016, and the way the DNC is currently mucking things up yet again it looks like I’ll be writing in ‘Bernie & Beth’, or maybe ‘Bernie & Tulsi’, if I’m still around in November, 2020.

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AMEN!!     (Shouts the hypocritical atheist.)


Thank God I’m an atheist.

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