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Producers of Ocasio-Cortez's Viral Video Make Ad for Progressive Hawaiian Kaniela Ing That Will Send 'Hopeful Chill Down Your Spine'


Producers of Ocasio-Cortez's Viral Video Make Ad for Progressive Hawaiian Kaniela Ing That Will Send 'Hopeful Chill Down Your Spine'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The Detroit-based democratic socialist filmmakers behind New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's viral campaign ad have produced a new video for Hawaii state representative Kaniela Ing, a progressive who is running to represent the state's 1st Congressional District.


A hopeful chill indeed!
I have advocated for a long time that We the People will have to set aside a lot of our petty differences and work together toward one end.
*There are over a hundred independent political parties in this nation. Each one is competing with all of the others to be able to earn that 5% of the vote that will allow them to politely and quietly sit in the same room while the big “D” and “R” debate which of the two sock puppets will be elected to serve their wealthy masters, the Oligarchy, in this election.
*The Oligarchy loves this competition. They even give modest donations to some of them to keep it all going. They are very good at “divide and conquer,” they’ve been doing it for generations.
*My hope is that We the People are finally seeing this and are setting our differences aside, to work together for a common good.
*Remember, together we outnumber the creatures now at the reins and we can take those reins, if we work together for a common goal, to get our Constitutional Republic back, with its Constitution and Bill of Rights, and roll back the insanity that has burgeoned in the past few years.
*Bush II said, “Stop waving the Constitution in my face! It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”
America, let’s prove to them all that it is not! It is a document to guide a nation and protect its people.


I started out w/high hopes for Ing after reading the above article, however this isn’t gonna help:

"The Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission fined Hawaii Rep. Kaniela Ing more than $15,000 today for filing 23 false reports detailing his campaign contributions and expenditures dating back to 2011, using campaign funds to cover personal expenses and other violations of Hawaii campaign spending laws.

Commission staff said that all 23 reports that Ing filed between 2011 – 2016 were incorrect. Ing was also found to have used campaign funds to cover $2,125 in rent payments for residences on Oahu and Maui, and another $219 to make a credit card payment on his domestic partner’s credit card account. Ing, who represents south Maui, also deposited a campaign check worth $2,000 into his personal checking account — money that he never reported on his campaign spending reports. Those funds exceeded limits on campaign contributions and Ing has been ordered to return the money."

Unfortunately, Ing fits right in w/other corrupt democrats. I don’t know what his odds are but this will be a deal-breaker for many. What’s the point of “draining the swamp” just to fill it again? Ing apologized saying these were “unintentional mistakes.” Yeah right, paying your own bills w/campaign funds. Not a great way to start off a promising career.


It is unfortunate. But Ing is or was a poor indigenous Hawaiian and most poor people develop such habits out of a need to survive. I’d do the same if I was in his shoes and needed to pay the rent and bills …

He paid his administrative fines and there were no criminal charges. Do you have any idea how minuscule a few thousand misallocated dollars is compared to Trump’s hundreds of millions to billions in “emolument”?

See the movie; “Sorry to Bother You”


I get it. BUT one cannot use campaign funds to support themselves. This was a horrible way to begin his career. He had so much promise.

And yes, it is a pittance in comparison to the rest of Congress’ (and Trump’s, Clinton’s) misdeeds, enriching themselves at the expense of everyone else, etc. This doesn’t make Ing’s using campaign funds to pay his bills right or excuse his behavior. This money came from individuals who believed it would be used correctly. (So why can’t campaign funds be used for the most basic of support while running for office? Especially for those without the means to support themselves otherwise.) Maybe Ing would never do it again, but who knows? Should’ve kept his nose clean until he got into office. BTW, I’d probably still vote for him if he ran in my state.


Be more cynical about what you read in the corporate press. Yes, there were some technical violations that were subsequently traced to Ingʻs accounting firm filing an incomplete report, or filing papers covering the wrong time period. When the details came out, it sounded like an honest mistake. Ingʻs accountant has been replaced. Interesting that you have access to just the damning part of the initial story. That is not your fault, of course. We all live in a world of carefully filtered velveeta news, and are allowed only approved slices of reality. That is just as true in Hawaiʻi as any other place. Maybe more true.


Ing is running against a Democratic Party machine here in Hawaiʻi that is every bit as monolithic and dirty as Huey Longʻs or Daleyʻs in Chicago. There is no functioning Republican Party in Hawaiʻi, but the Democratic Party here fills those shoes, so no need. The Repugs are superfluous here.

That is not to say that there are not some progressive pieces of the early Democratic Party still remaining, left over from the plantation era. And Hawaiʻi Dems, even the dirty ones, often vote on the right side of national issues. Once in a while I hold my nose and vote for them because of those national votes. Hanabusa, OMG. She is genuinely dirty. I know some things about that lady. Ing is a breath of fresh air by contrast. He just might get in, but there are huge forces here working hard to make sure that does not happen. The continent has Wall St. and Hawaiʻi has Bishop St.


There already exists a Green New Deal from the Green Party.

Read it, embrace it.


Link it, ol’ hoss, some of us old farts don’t even know where to begin to look.



As requested…


Folks, I hope you’ll read this Green New Deal and please offer criticism if you can find some.


College debt relief/College For All will propel youthful challengers to the old tired Democratic elite.This issue is rarely polled, but just look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez surprising support among 19 year old first time registered voters in a off-year mid-term election!


After watching the video, I made a small donation. A small annoyance is the last page of the donation site, where you are led to believe you must sign up with them to complete the transaction (not true). There is no non-disclosure promise, nor a reason for leaving your credit card information in their files, nor an option not to add value to their valuable list for corporate Democrats to misuse.

True Blue should make a full disclosure re the above negatives. We have a right to know how true is the blue.


Thanks, ol’ hoss. Looks good, but a long, uphill pull in the Fourth Reich.
Speaking of which, I saw the new handle of der phooey on a placard at a protest.
Agolf Twitler. Sounds pretty accurate to me.
*I think we are all getting an understanding of the Germans who hated Nazism, but didn’t get it together to keep him out. The Nazi Party was a small member of the Reichstag and the people felt that the Reichstag would keep him in line. As his power grew, the Reichstag became his lap dog and rubber stamp. They thought the excellent court system would keep him in check, until the actual justices were replaced by Nazis who said, “The law is what the fuehrer says it is, Heil Hitler!” They thought the other nations of the world would keep him in check, until Chamberlain gave him Czechoslovakia. “There will be peace in our time.”
*Finally there was the false flag on Poland and the world was at war.
*Six years later, the war was won and Fascism and Nazism were dead. We could have peace.
*Now, we live in the US Fourth Reich and seem to be approaching an instant replay. One major problem is that Herr Twitler’s fascination with nuclear war will turn into the end game for the human race, and possibly planet Earth.
*Living too close to a prime target area, I don’t think we will personally have much to worry about after the first flash, but I sure feel sorry for those that will have to try to live through it. Radiation exposure is a nasty thing.


We the People must have our own Zero Tolerance in the future, regarding Criminal Politicians and Nuclear Weapons.


That’s quite some spin on it. Ing admitted wrongdoing.

Well, we can always look at the bright side, he’d fit right in.

The state Campaign Spending Commission has filed a complaint against South Maui state Rep. Kaniela Ing for allegedly failing to disclose more than $100,000 in campaign contributions and expenditures.

The commission filed its complaint Tuesday and lists 31 counts of campaign spending violations. The violations include filing false reports, accepting excessive contributions and using his campaign funds for personal expenses.

Over a period of five and a half years, Ing allegedly failed to disclose $28,915.72 in contributions and $87,559.89 in expenditures — which was about 62 percent of his total expenditures.

The commission subpoenaed Ing’s bank records dating from May 2011 to December 2016. Based on a staff review of the bank records and Ing’s reports to the commission around the same time period, all 23 reports were “not true, complete and accurate,” according to the complaint.

“It’s serious,” Izumi-Nitao said in a phone call Thursday. “Think of 23 consecutive reports that did not accurately report his contributions and expenditures, which amounted to a lot of money. Had we not subpoenaed the bank accounts we would not have known how serious these counts were.”

Bank records showed Ing used his campaign accounts to pay rent to landlords on Oahu and Maui for $750 and $625, respectively, according to the complaint. Another $219.55 transfer was used to pay a VISA bill for his domestic partner Khara Jabola-Carolus.

"All three transfers were made Oct. 4, 2016, from one of Ing’s campaign accounts with Bank of Hawaii, according to the complaint. The withdrawal slip initially had Ing’s personal account, but that information was crossed out and replaced with the campaign account.

Other findings in the complaint included Ing’s arrest for failing to appear in court for a vehicle insurance violation in 2016. Ing reportedly called commission staff asking if he could use campaign funds to pay for legal fees, which he was told he could not. …"


I don’t live in HI, it’s up to the voters there, but I suspect this has torpedoed Ing’s budding political career.


Yea, verily yea!


That is a carefully filtered version of what actually happened. The Campaign Spending Commission found that Ing’s errors were inadvertent. Remember what happened to Acorn? I suggest you make the effort to read Ing’s response to the charges and fine at this address: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/6/21/1774289/-Kaniela-Ing-s-Response-to-Campaign-Spending-Commission

Below is a short summary of Ing’s full statement at that web address.

“First of all, I am pleased that this matter is resolved. As I have maintained throughout this process, all mistakes I made in my campaign finance reports throughout my grassroots State House campaigns fall on me. I take full responsibility.

Despite the administrative hearing revealing that the mistakes were inadvertent, the law required fines to be levied. I appreciate the critical purpose of the Campaign Spending Commission as well as the professionalism of its staff.

I want to be clear about the complaint regarding using campaign funds for personal expenses. I reimbursed my campaign account immediately after seeing the mistake in my monthly account statement, long before the CSC inquiry began. We presented clear evidence of bank statements at the hearing, which appeared to satisfy commission members. Unfortunately, media chose not to cover these facts.

Most of my donors are working people. I understand how precious each hard earned dollar is. My bank records reflect that I never misused my campaign funds.

The fines exceeded $15,000, which is a lot of money for me and my family, so I asked the Campaign Spending Commission to consider lowering the fines. My state house campaign account has been depleted due to a lack of fundraising, and all fines will probably come from me, personally. As a young parent and public servant strapped with over $50K of student loan debt and no assets, the fines will devastate the financial future of my family.

I intend to pay the fine for my mistakes and set up a payment plan.

Anyone can read the full statement that I gave in front of the Campaign Spending Committee below:”


I love this guy. He is the kind of spokesman for the youth of today that we so desperately need in Congress, talking about making a better future & fighting the corporate forces that are getting in our way. He is very straightforward & sincere, & doesn’t hold back, while at the same time displaying a very kind, thoughtful, hopeful, optimistic demeanor that is captivating. He can really relate to people, especially our youth.