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Profane to Sacred: Trump Is More Awful Than We Knew But the World Is More Splendid Than Ever


Profane to Sacred: Trump Is More Awful Than We Knew But the World Is More Splendid Than Ever

The day's Trump Dump boggles the mind: In the latest revelations, one of this country's two presidential candidates has for decades trashed emails and documents in defiance of court orders, has a secret server talking to Russia, just stiffed his pollster, is accused of tax fraud in Mexico, and is charged with brutally raping a 13-year-old girl, one of multiple other victims. On the flip side, the newly announced Siena International Photo Awards reveal a lush, vast, bounteous world that will, please God, survive him, and endure.


What really boggles the mind is that even after throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Trump, Hillary is still only within the margin of error is most polls (2-way and 4-way).


And what boggles my mind is as bad as Trump is; Hillary is the more effective evil!


Just because people hate Trump, doesn't imply that they like Hillary.
Its not mind boggling at all imo.


Yes indeed, the profane and the sacred.
Beyond the unbelievable, ingrained ignorance that limits all possibility to the realm of the current duopolies of extremism that enable corporate rule and corruption, there are endless possibilities of improvement under true democracy.
Let us not forget that authentic, positive change that roots out corruption and returns power to the people {not the Trump version!} is just votes away.
Time to bring the sacred into daily life by taking full responsibility for our political beliefs and actions. If one supports democracy, equality, justice, human rights and peace, you can't vote center.
Replace illusion with reality.


Wait and see. Once Trump and his rabid followers are in the White House, you will have seen nothing yet.....


I typically love to read from Abby. But am disappointed with this on sided view of presidential candidates. "Profane to Sacred: Trump Is More Awful Than We Knew But the World Is More Splendid Than Ever".

Why only describe the despicable, vulgar, corrupted deeds of Trump? On each of his shortcomings HRC does not fare any much better, albeit wrapped in a smarter package. Really disappointed in Abby - this smells like a D propaganda piece.


Why don't you fucking read the platforms of the respective parties? Then, tell me there is no difference?


Not to comment on this article, but there are some great photographs in the link cited in the article.



OMG..!! I KNOW..... that is the whole shebang... as soon as you make a comment about Trump... you get a Trump supporter... automatically... dumping on Hillary... AS IF ... you are pro Hillary... AND if you mention a third party candidate... like say... Jill STEIN... their eyes glass over...