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Professions (and Confessions) of a Reluctant Activist in the Time of Trump


Professions (and Confessions) of a Reluctant Activist in the Time of Trump

Bonnie Darves

I missed the protests of the 1960s because I was too young. I was on the sidelines of 1970s activism because I was working and trying to get through college. In the 1980s I had young children. In the 1990s I was working a couple of jobs and did little more than sign the occasional petition. I have no excuses for not doing more to support or protect what I believe in, during the aughts and beyond, other than complacency—I am a journalist and I am well read, so I have absolutely no excuses.


Many of the items in this list (assumingly components of the definition of fascism) have long been in existence before November 9, 2016, including several other items that the author has conveniently left out - such as imperial and expansionist wars, state violence against its own citizens (police killings for example), interference in the private lives of citizens (electronic spying for example), collusion of corporate power with government...etc.

CD you can do much better than this author.


CD should run articles that have more to say. For example, at The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald explains what the Deep State is up to right now: "The Deep State Goes to War with President-Elect, Using Unverified Claims, as Democrats Cheer." https://theintercept.com/2017/01/11/the-deep-state-goes-to-war-with-president-elect-using-unverified-claims-as-dems-cheer/

And Caitlin Johnstone, posting at NewsLogue, has an interesting take on why it's a GOOD thing that Trump is a liar: "Donald Trump Is A Liar — And That's A Good Thing," because people are actually paying more attention to what politicians do, rather than believing what they say. http://www.newslogue.com/debate/267


It sounds like Bonnie Darves has overcome her apathy. Whether it meets the definition of fascism or not (there really seems to be no clear definition) it is a major threat. The US has never been a perfect democracy but in many respects has been a pretty good democracy. Look what is happening tin Turkey to get some idea how bad things could get. Trump certainly does not have the majority of Americans behind. Therefore, this is an effort of a minority, mostly rural folks who hate the liberalism in the metropolitan areas of the country, to impose their will on the majority. They are in a good position now because of a celebrity candidate, the electoral college, interference of Russia with the election, and the actions of the head of the FBI. We need many more people like Bonnie Darves to defend democracy.


And they think that Streep was picking on him. A rich actress picking on a superrich tv star!


Better late than never. Welcome to the real world. Bonnie, you are ahead of many Americans still living in an alternate universe thinking everything is just going to be fine.


At age 73 I lack any energy with which to do any more than read about politics on internet and make an occasional comment. Also everything seems such a lost cause.


I found the post to be encouraging and refreshing. I read so many articles and opinion pages my head starts to hurt with the depressing state of affairs. I am glad some people are willing to step up for the first time to resist this tragic election result. I will be happy to march with them. This is the exact group of people we need to mobilize if we are going to make a difference,


Sorry, but that seems like an easy excuse unless you have some physical problem that would prevent you from active participation. I will be 73 in April, suffer from chronic back and leg pain and have peripheral artery disease. I am going to the protest on 1/15. Others have fought and died for this country. I can certainly manage to go out and fight even if I am uncomfortable or tired.


Seventy three is not old. I have heard of a ninety seven year old activist.


Fantastic, and I agree with you.


And you- have you overcome yours?


I did some marching but mainly have been an environmental activist with a local Sierra Club group and on a local government environmental committee. Right now I am trying to get may local government to do more about climate change. They believe in it and know it is a serious threat but often seem more concerned that about keeping taxes down. It's pretty frustrating but there isn't any real alternative but to keep trying. For people who live in villages or small towns it is pretty easy to get involved in local government. Volunteers are always needed and some volunteers have had tremendous success. Despite Trump, Tillerson, or anyone else on the side of the fossil fuel industry it is necessary to keep fighting climate change.


I am convinced that everything is a lost cause! Very much NOT worth fighting about!


I would favor federal government fighting climate change with carbon capture from ambient air, compression, and use as fracking fluid in Enhanced Geothermal Systems, which make electricity.


Absolutely- fighting nature never did anyone any good! Good for you for getting involved!