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'Profile in Cowardice': New Low Even for Sexist President as Trump Openly Mocks Christine Ford

'Profile in Cowardice': New Low Even for Sexist President as Trump Openly Mocks Christine Ford

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what was denounced as a cruel new low even for a man with a long history of misogynistic comments who has been accused of sexual misconduct by over a dozen women, President Donald Trump on Tuesday viciously mocked Dr.

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As a survivor…fuck you


Would not that be sexual assault?

No I guess not. Trump mindset would love it.

The fact of the matter is that Trump’s base is becoming tired. He is acting like the desperate little petulant man-child that he is. More and more will slink away from him (unfortunately retaining most of their prejudices), but slink nevertheless. He thinks he is displaying strength, but his desperation will appear more and more obvious. When he is found dangling from the bridge, some, but not many, of his dupes will want to see the spectacle. Let’s hope for the damage toward that day to be minimized. Peace.


According to the Buddha, “Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.” As of now, President Trump, Senator McConnell, Fox News and their like are desperately trying to convince us, in the teeth of abundant evidence of multiple counts of perjury, alcoholism, antisocial and narcissistic personality disorders, a sudden and unexplained massive increase in his wealth, and an elitist, pro-1% judicial philosophy, that Judge Kavanaugh is a totally innocent, perfectly virtuous and resolutely ethical jurist. The misogyny and distortion of evidence they are employing will cost them on election day. The cursory, stage-managed FBI probe may well turn out to be a whitewash, but intrepid activists and journalists will keep digging, and when Democrats–flawed as they are–gain a bicameral majority next month, articles of impeachment will be filed, the few moderate Republican senators will be forced to support removal rather than destroy their own credibility in the teeth of a number of instances of blatant perjury over a dozen years, and those who frantically and blatantly lied to gain Mr Kavanaugh’s confirmation will be exposed as liars and shills. This isn’t going to go well for them, and they’d do better to take Ivanka Trump’s advice and “cut bait.”


Mitch, you son-of-a-bitch, you are rotten to the core. You started this hyper-partisan court spat by sitting on Garland’s nomination. Ram all you want, I think this guy is going down.


How much does he pay for his crowd?


The 2018 midterms have now become something much more than just an attempt by the D’s to take back the house and senate. It will be a referendum on trump and the republican party as a whole. If the elections are anything short of a wide scale massacre (politically speaking) then we as a nation are lost. And if you are of the mindset that any old D won’t do, put that aside for one more election. We need to kick out the R’s first, elect as many true progressives as are running and deal with the corporate D’s over time. It is imperative that we repudiate all that the R’s stand for, or should I say stand against.

EDIT… this was not meant as a reply to Dr Brian Cobb, but as a general comment…sorry!


I would be very interested to find out if the crowds are as big as they were since his first post election rally took place.

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… and by invoking the “nuclear option” to confirm Go-Suck (Gorsuch).


What a vile loathsome piece of filth. The same goes for his redneck Mississippi followers.


Clever videographers are cheaper, but he probably stiffs them anyway…

And the people laughed. Others recoiled in horror. And others wept. The charlatan standing at a podium behind the Seal of the POTUS had just ridiculed the recollections of a victim of sexual assault. And some people laughed. Disgusting! How much longer must we endure this low-brow humor at someone else’s expense? Mueller, Voters, Representatives, Senators, anyone please say it won’t be much longer.


Yup, he’s a coward too hiding behind his turtle goggles. Gotta be the absolute worst senate majority leader ever.


But Stormy Daniels remembers!!!

That’s the genius of our propaganda regime—to divide the 99% against itself, over and over again, until each one stands alone, desperately seeking a savior. I wish I had an answer that didn’t require a few perfectly-aimed meteor impacts.


McKibben sez: “Even for Donald Trump this represents a new low.”

No. It doesn’t.
This is the exact strata Chump exists in at all times, whether his perceived ‘enemies’ are women, people of color, disabled journalists or immigrants who have lost a child in military service to support the profits of the oligarchy. It’s about the ratings.

More importantly …

Johnson sez: “… Trump on Tuesday viciously mocked Dr. Christine Blasey Ford before a crowd of his cheering and laughing supporters…”


I was a bit over the top. My severe and chronic PTSD has become inflamed. Something a bystander could never understand, For most of the last 58 years I have been in control but my buttons keep getting pushed.


The president of the united states is orange.

That these “supporters” would laugh and cheer at such vile remarks is frightening…