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Profile of Baton Rouge Police Shooter Begins to Emerge


Profile of Baton Rouge Police Shooter Begins to Emerge

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

New details are emerging on Monday about the man who killed three law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge, La. on Sunday—just one incident in "a summer of numbing violence"—including his being a U.S. military veteran and saying in an online video that revolutions are only successful "through bloodshed."


Neither easy nor hard access to guns is the point but when will all guns be banned--starting with the police? If you want to hunt then do it with bows and arrows. As far as mental health access goes then would it not be wiser to work for a healthy society, one based on equality? As things stand here in the US only mental illness can emerge.


Yeah, Chump, notice you're the only one who's posted on this subject so far? The "police shooter's" remarks were traceable to social media and his remarks were quite tame compared to some of the stuff people are saying and posting on this site and other popular sites in regard to the shootings. The "police shooter" posted under a profile name that was traceable to his real identity. So even though he said what many people believe, there's their "proof" or motive for him being the lone killer. Whether it's true or not, whether he is being framed or not, they've "made their case." We'll never know the real truth in circumstances like this. These are fast becoming the worst of times.


I feel ya. Ignorance is bliss. Most people have no clue, that's what's so scary. Most of the time I just shut up and seldom comment other than chime in with, "so sad."


Sounds like where I'm from. America.


Why on earth is no one talking about the dead civilian murdered by this guy, causing the police to respond in the first place? I expected better of this news provider. MSM has an investment to make this an issue between a black man and the police. This was a crime between two civilians, until the police were called and the perpetrator seems to have chosen DBC.


Thank you for your response. I watched a video streamed by a witness who
stated there was a man on the ground who had been shot by the perpetrator
with shots being fired in the background. Then the sirens could be heard,
police arrived and shooting started up again. Tim Black (The Tim Black at
Night Show) has links on his Facebook page to two witness videos
documenting same.


Lets point out the obvious:

  • since the start of Bushes war there have been more terrorist attacks. Simple, you kill more innocent people, you will get a segment of the population being killed that fights back.

  • A black man in poor amerika gets killed by police for a broken tail light (the tail light was not broken) you will get a segment of the population being killed that fights back.


Yep, that's what happens when the ruling 1% who control a country's wealth, media, corporations and government manipulate public opinion. The unsuspecting 99% are pitted against each other and gladly give up their entitlement to freedom, protection, adequate healthcare, decent employment, sound infrastructure, safe food and clean drinking water in order to ensure that no one else continues on the government's welfare rolls except the exorbitantly greedy 1%. When the 99% finally recognize the truth, it'll be too late.

"Strange times are these, in which we live, forsooth ;
When young and old are taught in Falsehood's school:–
And the man who dares to tell the truth,
Is called at once a lunatic and fool."
—George Francis Train


I like the Reuters conment: there seems to be no motive. LOL