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Profiles in Cowardice—GOP Leaders and Donald Trump


Profiles in Cowardice—GOP Leaders and Donald Trump

Robert Kuttner

Donald Trump has entered a new phase of autocratic weirdness. His attack on Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding in the lawsuit against Trump University, was a trifecta. It combined outright racism with an assault on the independent judiciary and a clear warning that Trump would use the presidency to settle personal business scores.


It is about time that somebody noticed that the republicans are not going to vote democrat just to avoid Trump. It isn’t going to happen. Kuttner asks whether republicans might seek to preserve the democracy we share but he knew the answer weeks and months ago. They want to win and if Trump is the way to win then they’d line up behind him even if he was calling for jackboots and a martial law!

Kuttner is having trouble believing that other Americans will not stand up for their own democracy. We all see the oligarchy looming over government. We see data mining and the self censorship society evolving from it. We lol notice that the public no longer has any say in policy until after the fact when they read about it later. Secret negotiations for trade deals that disable national regulations and laws and in effect create a corporate uber sovereignty and special courts which we have no access to which allows privately owned corporations to compel us to not enforce our own national laws and regulations!

Kuttner finds it as hard to believe as we do that a free people will actually participate in removing their own freedoms and rights.

This is the corporate coup and oligarchy. This is how democracy is dismantled piece by piece. However, this time Trump may even go further and leap frog over to a more extreme step by instituting Porto fascist policies and rule by dictate and decree (Cuomo just did that by the way).

Would a free people allow the rise of fascism to curtail their freedoms?

Kuttner has just noticed how that can happen.


It should be impossible for Trump to win the general election by antagonizing all the groups that he needs to win. It has been estimated that he would need a much higher percentage of the white voter than even Romney got to win, which was higher than even Reagan got. And the electorate will be less white than in 2012. If the Hispanics, African Americans, and young people come out to vote in large numbers than Clinton should certainly win. But will they? People might just figure Trump will not really do what he says and everything will go on pretty much as usual. That would be a mistake. It is not that hard to imagine Trump acting like a dictator and it that were to occur it is not that hard to imagine a military coup. It is not that reassuring to think that all that stands in the way of this nightmare scenario is Hillary Clinton successfully getting out the vote.


“Free people actually participating in removing their own freedoms and rights” has been in progress ever since the Raygun Revolution. It simply gets worse with each new occupant of the White House. Both Trump and Clinton are ready on day one to facilitate the continuation and acceleration of that trend.


While I agree that the GOP’s lack of concern regarding Trump is troubling, a more useful article would have been less of the author’s personal opinion and interpretation regarding the various players, and more in-depth research on what the GOP is actually doing behind the scenes. Other media outlets have written about various efforts to reorganize the convention, invoke old and new rules to block Trump’s nomination, and leadership has been testing various candidate options for nomination at the convention. THIS is the kind of information that would be useful for the public, particularly because as it stands currently, Clinton continues to get a lot of mileage out of fear-mongering about Trump, which results in Sanders to continue to be side-lined by both the DNC and many voters at large.


Cowardice is the moniker all members of congress need to wear. Cowardice in their obeisance to powerful vested interests and unwillingness to stand up for the citizens they are supposed to represent. Trump is the catalyst for expressing this poisonous assembly’s work.


You see any potential problems with Trump? What’s your list of the top five problems with Trump? Not a question about Clinton, but a question about Trump.