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Profiles in Cowardice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/23/profiles-cowardice

It’s not that they “lack the courage” to do the right thing, it’s that they have no choice in the matter - they have sworn fealty to their wealthy donors. They renew their oaths of fealty every election cycle.

There is no “choice” in the matter. The outcome is predetermined - votes and the will of the public be damned.


As a lifelong Independent I can honestly say that I find the Republican code of party ueber alles sickening. Party over country? And wave the flag to show their grit? Bullshit!


Can’t expect those who have always been nihilists to have values. “Conservatives,” if you notice, haven’t conserved anything except their own absolute power to degrade the planet and the lives of others. “Morality” is a talking point, as you can easily tell, since the most immoral stances are touted as being moral: war, degradation of women, etc. Let’s forget about “unity” and across the aisle. Across the aisle there be naked sociopaths.


How would Trump (and his Republican enablers) stand if Trump had done what we do for coups elsewhere, like Bolivia and Venezuela to name a couple, allege irregularities, get people in the street looking like a mass movement, but don’t screw it up by going to some independent arbiter like the US courts where it will be exposed as a scam lacking any evidence? Trump’s incompetence cost him any chance he may have had for a successful coup.

Exactly so. Cross aisle unity is code for capitulation to republicans to do the bidding of both parties donors (the same people). Unity for dems means acquiescing to republican demands with no commensurate cooperation from republicans on any progressive policies. Biden is moving the DP even further right to conspire with the GOP. “Unity” with the party of evil is horse shit.


Profiles in Oligarchy

The are rightwing-------and yes the corporate media call them “conservative” to give these sickos cover for all the shit they do-----The Republicans most dangerous organization in the world-----Stole the election in 2000----then 9/11------then the worst downturn since the depression–The plague of the century—and a second downturn -----no healthcare of any kind-----and tax cuts and policies that move wealth to the top. And now the enablers in the Senate support a coup to keep their disasterous rightwing policies in place.


I do think some refused to follow orders------Barr was ordered to arrest Biden, Clinton , and Obama. The Defense Sec was ordered to put his troops in cities like Detroit and Phili.----he was just fired.

The real enablers are the Senate----in fact if they did their job three years ago there may not be a plague around the globe( The US is the one country that could have isolated this virus)today. But the REAL culprits are the people of Maine , Kentucky, Iowa, North Carolina , West Virgina-----------The people in these states all support a Rightwing agenda.

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Why would a party that has engaged in every form of voter suppression and electoral chicanery imaginable suddenly get religion on this?

It ain’t cowardice

It’s desperation.


all these moves by Trump, Moscow Mitch and Graham feed into the mouths of Mother Russia. If not complicitly then at the least by intransigence. The long term effects of the distrust fomented may never be known, much less reversed.

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Added to this the majority of Whites that voted voted for trump. These Republicans know their future success will be based almost entirely on the white vote and not speaking up against Trump is their way of ensuring that happens.

Indeed I think this the major reason for their silence. When Trump leaves office he is not going to be able to go around and pressure those donors not to give money to that Republican that spoke up against him. He will send out tweets to his white followers as to how he was betrayed by the same.


The Republican party is filled with traitors who only stand for hate and greed----it is something from the 50’s and has never grown—let it die---------

Profiles in Cowardice . . . .

Shouldn’t this really be about people like . . . Robert Reich! and Bernie and now the “Squad” who refuse to call out Obama, the DNC, and the congressional leadership of the Democratic Party for serial betrayal of progressive values and policies?


they aren’t cowards–they like it like this–this is what they have been working for over the last 50 years–the REAL cowards are the Democrats who have been missing in action for those same 50 years as the right took over our country–even pandering to some of the worst aspects of Republican rule-providing cover for Republican crimes(letting at least 3 acts of treason by three Republican presidents- go unpunished)-and acting as Republicans themselves on many issues–like a living wage(as they promote the totally inadequate $15/hr that is about $5-$8/hr short of an actual living wage)

I am completely and utterly disgusted at the Republican party, the fealty of its members to bow down to their pig of a leader, and so many of the American public who don’t give a damn about honesty or democracy. How long will it take for our country to recover from the damage done by Trump and his minions?
265,000 Americans are DEAD from a PANDEMIC- and Trump hasn’t done a damn thing, but throw fuel on this raging fire. He and the others should be in jail for criminal negligence.
In the meantime, big kudos and great thanks to the people who are now, FINALLY, trying to do something to stand up to this nightmare.