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Profiles of "Courage" During the Trump Impeachment Trial

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/22/profiles-courage-during-trump-impeachment-trial

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Cruz has the most “punchable” face of all the Senators.

Hawley is a very close second.

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Neoliberal politicians of both parties tilt the economic playing field against the ordinary wage earner, who then fall further and further behind, while nurturing their anger at the obscene wealth concentration. Unless progressive Democrats ‘primary’ (an awkward but useful neologism), and replace the neoliberal politicians, we can expect another fascist wannabe to emerge, one who is not as inarticulate, ignorant and inapt, and who just might succeed in ending our fragile 250 year experiment in democracy. History records the step-by-step attacks on democracy in Europe leading to WWII, or do you not care to read history? Arnold Schwarzenegger said the Capitol assault is another Kristallnacht. His analogy is slightly off, but he is right to warn us.