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'Profiting From Misery': Private Prison Corporations Driving Harsh Immigration Policies


'Profiting From Misery': Private Prison Corporations Driving Harsh Immigration Policies

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Private prison companies are spending millions of dollars to lobby the U.S. government for harsher immigration laws that, in turn, spike corporate profits by driving up incarceration levels, a new report from the national social justice organization Grassroots Leadership reveals.


So corporations are profiting from lobbying to lock up more people. What’s that term for a market where people are bought and sold. Not a ‘free market’…You know, where they have to work for the people that bought them…

In addition to that, this whole anti-immigrant craze so beloved by conservatives is just another method of drawing attention away from the theft at the heart of our economic system. Don’t look at increasing economic inequality, don’t look at how your real wages are dropping, don’t look at how it’s all getting funneled to the 1% - look at those damned ‘illegals’.

You’d think after getting scammed in the same way so many times people would catch on.

But no.


Do we have a healthy economy? What portion of our economy does the prison industrial complex support? Court and jail complexes in the rural areas and cities, youth detention camps and complexes, median and maximum prison, club-fed, and now border patrols complete with walls and drones and cheap building, cheap laws, and cheap jobs to make criminals out of our neighbors. The Mammon Corporate Empire with only dumb-down solutions and strategies. Do we call that socialism or capitalism or I will take any job that gives me supremacy because we have an economy based on rendering as many people powerless as money can buy?


We read over and over again about corporations profiting from human misery. What we really need to hear is: Taxpayer funded corporations profit from human misery. We need to get it drilled into our heads that these corporations and their highly paid CEO’s are living off of us, persecuting us, and enslaving us. When people make the connection, perhaps they will be more outraged. And, these are private corporations. Their records are private - they are not subject to public oversight and their reason for operation is not to benefit humanity but to profit from it. Taxes, taxes, and more taxes go for private profit!!!


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Anyone in power does not care one wit about someones life. We are so much seen as things by our own politicians that it is harmful. Economimicallyspeaking, you have to have immigration to have an ever increasing GDP. People in prison is the opposite of that. What our politicians are doing is anti-Capitalist.