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'Profound Dangers' to Press Freedoms Loom as Ecuador Prepares to Hand Assange Over to UK

ASSainge lost his claim to being a journalist when he joined Russia destroying Hillary.

I wish nothing but the worst for him.


He’s a publisher with a rebel-against-the-man media approach. There are no charges filed against him in the US, and there is no extradition request either. And the Swedish prosecutor was all-but clear that he wasn’t going anywhere until he faced charges and consequences in Sweden (they withdrew the request a year ago). In spite of this, his claim is that he will be extradited and tried here, likely because he knows a gullible Left will latch onto any anti-establishment hero. So articles like this are written over and over even though both the Post and the Times published stories based on pilfered documents and are still in business.

I think a lot of people are getting snookered by a guy that wanted to beat rape charges in Sweden. If he is shown to have been part of a conspiracy against the US, if he didn’t just receive documents but actually helped steal them, then I don’t see why he shouldn’t be charged.


Well, well, well, Ecuador doesn’t have a whole lot going for it under the realm of civil liberties, this just continues to sully an already dismal record.

Ecuador 2017/2018
Indigenous leaders, human rights defenders and staff of NGOs faced persecution and harassment amid continuing restrictions on the rights to freedom of expression and association. The right to free, prior and informed consent of Indigenous Peoples continued to be restricted. The Bill to Prevent and Eliminate Violence against Women was pending revision by the National Assembly.

On 24 May, Lenín Moreno Garcés became President. Shortly afterwards he called for a referendum and a popular consultation, to be held in February 2018, for Ecuadorians to decide on matters including the amendment of the Constitution to eliminate indefinite re-election of authorities, the banning of mining in protected areas, and reducing the area of oil exploitation in the Yasuní National Park.

Human rights defenders
NGOs denounced before the IACHR the lack of an adequate protection system or specialized institution responsible for investigating attacks against and criminalization of human rights defenders. They also denounced the frequent misuse of the charge of attacking or resisting authority to prosecute human rights defenders.

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Hillary was banging the drum for putting Assange (along w/most republicans) in the deepest, darkest pit that could be found — before Wikileaks received the Podesta emails. Trump was singing his praises.

This tweet deserves repeating here: What if I told you that you don’t have to like Julian Assange, that you don’t even have to like his views and methods but still be outraged about your government desperately trying to silence one of the very few independent voices who has repeatedly exposed crimes on BOTH sides?


Assange is a guy who somehow took the wrong turn. He started Wikileaks to take on authoritarian governments through transparency. Somehow over a number of years he has instead sided with an authoritarian country, Russia, and targeted a democracy, the United States. He is now simply a tool of Russia. It makes no sense why Trump would want to have him tried for some crime since he and Trump are basically on the same page, both for all intent and purposes based on their actions are working for the interests of Russia and are seemingly for authoritarian government.

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What’s going to happen to Assange if Ecuador betrays him?
Stress positions – for weeks, months, or on and off for years? Sleep deprivation – for weeks, months, or on and off for years? Sound deprivation combined with other Sound Torture techniques (extreme loud music, banging on walls, etc.) – for weeks, months, or on and off for years? Diet manipulation – for weeks, months, or on and off for years? Drug manipulation – for weeks, months, or on and off for years? Confinement to coffin-like boxes or actual coffins – for hours, weeks, months, or on and off for years? 16 hour “Interrogation” meetings (after all the latter and former) – for weeks, months, or on and off for years? Total isolation (after all the latter and former) – for weeks, months, or on and off for years? Waterboarding for weeks, months, or on and off for years – combined with all the latter and former, even after all the latter and former resulted in desired False Confessions? Fake Execution setups – combined with all the latter and former, intermittently, for 25 years?

Those are questions. Where did they come from? Why would they still exist (in 2018)?


Profound’ Threat to Press Freedom Looms

Thank God we have Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who most assuredly will come to the defense of Assange and the importance to our Democracy to have free speech and press freedom!!!


Can we have a snap UK election, and get Labour and Corbyn in power first?


NOTHING ABOUT A.M.I. THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER---------even MSNBC refuse to do real reporting on what they did in the election-----buying a story to cover it up. I will bet most people here don’t read the Enquirer ,the stories they did on Clinton were out there----but they paid $30,000 to a door man to bury a story on Trump and $150,000 to McDougal for her story that they said would be published. To me this is a much bigger story about press freedom. When a news organization works on the behalf of a political campaign do they cease being a news organization?


Okay – What’s going to be our reaction and response if they do something like that?

Would they like it much if we turned off our TV’s until they let Assange go free?

How about NOT buying any newspapers until they let Assange go free?

Anyone have any other ideas?

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The women have denied the rape – and have made that very clear – and also made clear that the government/law enforcement tried to push them to file charges against Assange.

Who do I believe – certainly not governments beholden in any way to US/CIA.


The US government/CIA have been keeping MONSTER secrets from the public since the they invaded here –

If they work in secrecy in what is alleged to be a democracy, then we need people like Assange – a dozen or more of them.


We have an outlaw / fascist government – being run by criminals.

They should all be charged with crimes – including TORTURE.


What’s the matter Ron, can’t handle the truth?
Clinton destroyed herself, get over it.


Oh, you mean the victims that were angry the Swedish government dropped the extradition request? Like the one who told UK’s Independent this:

“It is a scandal that a suspected rapist can disregard the judiciary and thus avoid trial.”

You called it there.

Wow, that was some mighty fine word crafting right there. I particularly like the clever way you typed his name. You seem to be just they type of discerning voter the DLC counts on. #Russia #scaryscaryRussia #don’treadthedocumentsjusthearRussia #notruthnodemocracy

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Clearly some executive order must have suspended the Constitution.


You stop being a journalist the minute you become the story.
He needs to be tried for espionage and felony theft.

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How does the Constitution apply to an Australian hiding in an Ecuadoran embassy in London?


What’s the matter RacoonFire, can’t stay on topic? One might have thought Hillary Derangement Syndrome would have passed by now what with the daily outrage from an illegitimate treasonous criminal president. Get over it already.