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Progress Between North and South Korea Marred by Reports of Trump Considering "Bloody Nose" Bombings


Progress Between North and South Korea Marred by Reports of Trump Considering "Bloody Nose" Bombings

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In spite of progress on the Korean peninsula, there's reportedly war in the White House over whether to launch a "limited" attack

Diplomatic talks on Korean peninsula


Is Trump going to bloody North Korea’s nose in some kind of illegal, preemptive strike no matter how much diplomatic progress there is between North and South Korea? It sure seems that way to me.


If rump and pence strap themselves to the missile that’s going to be launched, I’ll be all for it.
That’ll lessen the risk of all out reprisal from N. Korea.


Hey how about this idea. How about the U.S. just leave the Korean peninsula alone. It has shone over the past several decades that the U.S. has done nothing but make things worse there. North Korea will not try to hurt another country is no one bugs it like the U.S. is actively doing. They are just a recluse hermit nation that is a dictatorship yes, but Kim is not Hitler.


I should think the South Koreans would, at some point, realize they are nothing more than bait. Stupid, lifeless, stinking dead meat being dangled in front of Kim Jong Un.
They need to grow some.


Kim’s nose is not the only one nose that will be bloodied. Thanks, Trump.


I agree w sentiment and strategy of your post. I think Kim may be worse than a mere dictator, however. But that in itself doesn’t obligate us to do anything stupid.


North Korea should not ‘de-nuclearize’ just yet. That it has nuclear weapons is a fact of life no one, least of all our Liar in Chief, can change just yet.

Living precariously with a few borderline rational states in unstable regions with the capability to annihilate mankind, anti-nuclear movements around the world just might push the rest of humanity to realize the existential risks out there. Mankind might then finally move towards an overall ban everywhere, starting with the major powers, then with regional agreements such as in South Asia, and the Middle East.

I can dream, can’t I?


Trump is fixated on being a macho he-man war president. It feels like he wants a war. Everyone in the West hates North Korea, so that is an obvious target. Iran fits the same category. Interesting that a draft dodger now wants to be a war president.


If the US leaves the north and south Koreas to negotiate among themselves WITHOUT US MEDDLING, I bet you the two countries will merge into one (as did West and East Germany).
The stumbling block is US meddling. The same will be the case with Israel and Palestine. In each case, US is the stumbling block. We have NO BUSINESS meddling in countries thousands of miles away (N. Korea’s threat of a nuclear attack notwithstanding),


You most certainly can dream. The first step for fighting for a better world is dreaming that one can exist. It will be an effort that will require many many such dreamers to accomplish.

I do agree with your assessment. As long as nuclear weapons aren’t banned entirely there will be little reason for a country to de-nuclearize, especially with constant aggression by the sole country that has dropped nuclear weapons on another country.


I think that might be one of the big concerns. They don’t want the two Koreas to merge if it doesn’t result in a country the U.S. can control. South Korea is a huge economic powerhouse and the idea that they could break off from being the thrall of the U.S. is an economic nightmare to those in power.


Not surprised. It seems those that have never really seen war firsthand are the most war hungry once in power.


YES! America has been fixated on spending trillions of dollars on wars on the other side of the planet, but when you stop and think about it there is little gain while these wars have been the driving force behind increasing our national debt to $20 trillion. Not to overlook the loss of American troop lives on wars that fall far short of having valid justification for loss of lives in our armed services.


So I just saw this news story on my Twitter feed. Things are starting to look ominous indeed.