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Progress Report, Donald Trump: Failing


Progress Report, Donald Trump: Failing

Wim Laven

Assessments are a key tool in most fields. In some industries they are provided through do-well/do-better meetings, in others through critical feedback loops, and, in mine, through teacher evaluations and student report cards. In order to be effective assessments use rubrics to assess key data points, frequently against objective standards, on behavior, knowledge, and performance. Six months into his presidency Donald Trump has come up short on all counts.


That 36% who still do approve – what will it take to get them to give up their support for him? Going whole hog with pardons? “As president of the United States I will now by the authority granted to me by the Constitution grant a full and complete pardon for any and all violations of law to . . , me,”. Will his devoted fans still stick by him if he does that while still insisting there has been no wrongdoing? The United States government had now completely transformed into theater of the absurd,


“Trump is a one trick pony.”

The one trick was that played on those who voted for the con artist he his.

Pony? Not a chance. Everybody loves ponies. Nobody loves this con artist, not even his family. They tolerate him. They love his money.


Are you kidding? His progress report is nonexistent.
No F+. He gets a whole new scale. G, or H. Yeah, H!
For making America “Hate” again.

Or maybe “I” for incompetent.

There will never be any progress until this con artist is put where he and his ilk belong.


I stand by F+, but see your point on ponies.


It is doubtful if he has any other goals than personal wealth, power, and fame. He never even tried to prepare himself for the presidency and seems to have little interest in the job, preferring to play golf rather than work. He is sort of semiretired. If he has any larger goals then personal goals to satisfy his extreme narcissism, it would seem to be to change the culture. Certainly he thinks white culture should be dominant and that this should be basically a country for white people. That is at the center of his political view. And apparently he thinks the culture should be based on trying to win, and that worrying about the truth, human rights, equality, etc is for losers. So if we grade Trump on changing the culture he isn’t doing bad. Groups aiming for a whiter society such as the neo-Nazis are gaining support. Fake news is competing well with actual news from established media sources. His party is winning by lying and suppressing votes while the competing Democratic Party of losers still worries about equality, human rights, etc. Trump may have even brought Russia in to help undermine Western democracy which Trump sees as an impediment to winning. For a guy failing at being president he seems to be accomplishing a lot.


At best, Trump is intellectually (and physically) lazy; at worst, he is mentally incompetent or ill. As bad as Trump is, however, there is a danger in focusing so much on his repulsiveness. It’s all the con artists, pillagers and power freaks under him who are now interpreting his actions as a license to do whatever they want. They are looting the store while everyone watches Trump. It’s very much the Republicans who seem in a desperate rush to enact more toxic legislation before Trump gets the boot. It’s also very much the Democrats who blame Trump and Russia for all their failures rather than making any serious effort at reform, but continue to ask us to trust them and let them lead the resistance. People, our pockets are being picked while everyone watches Trump. Be careful.


Your analysis is very perceptive and reflective of reality!


If the Democrats don’t lead the resistance how can there be a resistance? They have 48 votes in the Senate which is the most power that the resistance has. They are also in leadership positions in the states and cities that are resisting the most. Our job is to make sure the Democrats keep resisting and put some fear into the Republicans about the possibility of losing their jobs when they are up for re-election. I would not simply trust the Democrats. I would call their offices, send them e-mails, and visit their district offices. Hopefully by November of 2018 people will come to their senses and realize they have been scammed by Trump when it comes their economic situation. The Republicans will still get the large racist votes but maybe lose enough votes so Congress shifts and something positive can actually get done.


Trump has abdicated his decisions on Iran to Congress. They’re going to put sanctions on Iran, Russia and N. Korea. He’ll sign and the U. S. will yield to Israel and S. Arabia on Syria and the quagmire will deepen in the MENA.
The kabuki continues and when you look at any of this, your mind’s eye sees an angry old cop beating a chained young man in a jail cell. He’s screaming Peace and the cop is screaming Surrender.
This is how wars get out of hand and nuclear wars or MOABS start raining down from the skies.
It’s insane and mean on steriods, kind of like Trump.
Trump gets thrown out of class for plagarizing the works of Cotton Mather.


Excellent ‘report card’ – geared at ‘assisting’ this fifth-grader to make full use of what limited faculties he possesses!

Pwr 2 the GRADING peons!