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Progressive Armies Mobilizing Against GOP Tax Cuts for Corporations and Wealthy


The $1.9 trillion in proposed cuts to Medicaid and other healthcare services in Trump’s budget is similar in size to the $1.4 trillion to $2 trillion business tax cut Trump is proposing, which would benefit hedge fund managers and real estate developers like Trump.

Check out Chelsea Clinton and her husband’s participation in hedge funds: Search on chelsea clinton works for hedge fund. All the Clintons are corrupt/greedy, and totally uninterested in doing anything to uplift Americans (except the 1%). We certainly don’t need her to run for the presidency any time in the near future. Be on your guard.


Isn’t it time for the entire LEFT to come together mobilized against the Elites/Wealthy
who have done such great harm to Nature and the Planet and Humanity?

This is the core issue … whether the people will let stand the Founder’s betrayal of the nation
by creating an Elite Patriarchy and giving them control over our government or whether we
the people will create a change in that order.


Bernie conceded defeat even before the DNC votes were counted. Then he endorsed the person who stole the primary from him. Then he endorsed the neoliberal Democratic Party instead of staring up a new progressive party. How in the hell is that being effective?

he progressives have been ineffective at stopping the neoliberals from stealing the presidential primary from Bernie, and from installing neoliberals in ever position of power within the Democratic Party, both on a national and state level.


There is no excuse in spamming the same link four times in a thread with 20 comments. No wonder you were flagged.