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Progressive-Backed Rep. Keith Ellison Says Would Vacate Seat to Head DNC


Progressive-Backed Rep. Keith Ellison Says Would Vacate Seat to Head DNC

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Saying the Democratic Party needs a leader making a "full-time commitment," Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) told news outlets Wednesday that he would leave his congressional seat if he wins the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).


What will the DP establishment shills bring up now to deny him the seat? Stay tuned.


Ellison v Eddy Munster in 2020? Trump loses to Clinton2 in history-making electoral college elector revolt, December, 19? No? Or Planet Earth truly buys the farm and capitalism lives on. A reality, unbelievably, unchallenged by a sleep-walking, corporate mass media. Demonic possession, my bet - lol.


Very good point. We heard no such argument when establishment choices Wasserman-Schultz and Brazile had the DNC post.


At this point, it looks like Elison is in a good position to win. But let's be honest, the DP really has no choice. They either pick a progressive or die. Everybody has had it with the neoliberals or should I say the professional election losers. The wrong misteps by the party and they will slide into oblivion pretty darn quickly. A corportist would divide the party badly and as a consequence I could see a new left party emerging similar to Spain and Greece. Time to take your medicine.


I think the post needs someone with real personality, not someone who always seems a bit angry about everything - Joe Biden for instance would be wonderful in that post, or someone else who knows how to talk to everyone & put points over while remaining sweet. That is a tall order I know, but Ellison wants this post a little too much, that makes me dislike him and I do not think he offers anything to the Democratic party except determination. But that will not endear him to anyone. I think Howard Dean was a good choice, but even he gets too angry to keep his influence strong - nobody likes angry people. The Dems have to make people want to belong to them again - Trump has stolen the top position of influence even among some Democrats, and while I loathe the man, I think the cult of personality is what makes people change their minds unfortunately, not just straight policy - so CHARM is the answer - Ellison has NONE !


THAT (charm) was also what was missing in Hillary - people who knew her personally said she is totally charming when you know her, but that did not come over in her campaign - such a shame.


Great - so you campaign to put "prog" Dems in office to work for "we the people", then they quit to work for "we the Dem Party" - tch,tch,tch ...


To me a person who sticks to principle is more important than a person with charm. In the primary season people were drawn to the Sanders campaign because they knew he had voted consistently in favor of programs favoring average Americans. Obama has charm, but now we witness how many people are disgusted with him after he campaigned on a progressive platform and bowed to Wall Street and corporate America after his inauguration. In my opinion, Biden, Dean, and other neoliberal establishment figures will only lead to more losses for Democrats.


Although our celebrity obsessed culture demands that POTUS candidates have charm, the DNC Chairperson does not need "charm". Its a back office position...no charm needed.

Will the Minnesota Governor select Ellison's replacement if he leaves his congressional seat ?


And according to a Jimmy Dore show that took a closer look at Ellison, he was supportive of the destruction of Libya and Syria. Gleeful even. If that's the case, to hell with him. We want to embrace a new, peaceful direction, not more regime change wars. Endless warfare and the horror, death, destruction and terror it causes human beings should be the main issue for change. Anything that contributes to more of that has got to go. Nothing is more important than ending rampant militarism.


One of the problems is one has to look for a candidate for DNC Chair that is both a member of the Democratic Party and is someone who wants the job. The best candidate who fulfills both criteria, just might not be good enough to make this party over into a party of the people. That is worth giving careful thought to as to why and how or whether it is meaningful to even want to change that situation. We might also wonder if that is at all possible.

By focusing so much attention on the DNC Chair issue, there is a strong implication that this two party duopoly is worth saving and that progressives ought to be interested and invested in the outcome of the intra-party play.


Obama was the real thing? Real what? Obama is just another shill for big business. He not only continued the endless wars started by Bush Jr he greatly expanded them. Especially in the area of murder by drone even in countries where we are not presently openly at war. Obomber got us into Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia. Using the so-called "Noble Cause" that the US has been employing to justify one war of expansion after another. It's still all about securing oil, gas and geography on which to build hydrocarbon pipelines from the production fields to a place where the product can be transported to world markets.

Not long ago Noam Chomsky stated that the Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in the world today and the biggest threat to the survival of this planet. I don't see any real difference between the present Democrats and the GOP as far as their polices of world domination and national expansion is concerned.

I strongly recommend that everyone read "The American War in Vietnam" by John Marciano which condemns Obama's commemoration of the Vietnam War, which will end in 2025, fifty years after we were thrown out of that country by the victorious Vietnamese. By doing this Obama is pushing the neocon's "Noble Cause" BS as the basis of the wars the US starts and tries to sell as being something other than what it actually is. Expansion of the Empire of the United States.

Also I highly recommend Oliver Stone's "The Untold History of the United States". This is a multi episode mini series on Netflix. Very, very well documented as is Marciano's book.


No we don't need any more Republican fiscal clones. I would suggest you mind your own knitting with the neoliberal you folks to the north just were sandbagged by. DT is going to be president because the DNC did exactly as you suggest. Americans were just not going to vote for a right wing Democrat again.


There would be a special election held early next year to replace him.


You who use the race card to refute any criticism against Obama are no better than the racists you falsely claim we are.


I have to say in all sincerely that you, sir, are an idiot. It has nothing
to do with race. I expressed exactly the same criticisms against both of
the Clintons and Bush as I did aganist Obama. And the "drone" thing Obama
owns. Obama substantially increased the use of drones in his last eight
years. He has to take responsibility for it. The rest of your argument is
also ludicrous and Irrelevant. Dead is dead whether from bombs dropped
from 30K feet or directed to the target. A lot of innocent people are
being killed by drones too.


Well, you're still an idiot. Where did I say I condone bombs? The problem
is you what you say doesn't make sense. You seem hysterical. I'll try to
make it clear for you. The Democrats are not progressive. It is as
someone else said recently: The Democratic Party is where progressives go
to die. We need real progressives not the pitiful excuses the Demo Party
puts up. To me serious, just for openers, Nancy Pelosi has to be removed
from any real power. As does Chuck Schumer and almost all of the other
influential Demo Party members. We need people like Elizabeth Warren,
Bernie Sanders and anyone else who is more interested in actually being a
progressive instead of just pretending they are like the Demos have been
doing for years. The Clintons and Obama are jokes. They are Republican
moderates at best.


I very much agree with this. How unfortunate it was that Bernie Sanders wasn't chosen to run. Then there would have been a real choice. I hope in four years Elizabeth Warren runs and wins. Assuming we are still here in four years.


Talk about bullshit. You paint with one very broad brush. By your logic, everyone in Canada voted for Stephen Harper (W clone) and that includes you. And you have the audacity to come on this site generalizing furiously, and mindlessly lecturing us on how "we" all are? Save your energy. You'll need it to counter the Obama clone you all just elected and the upcoming Trump clone that you will all elect next time up.

The broad brush can work both ways.