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Progressive Caucus Budget Turns Resistance Into Policy, Rebukes Trump


Progressive Caucus Budget Turns Resistance Into Policy, Rebukes Trump

Isaiah Poole

To people who argue that the resistance to President Trump amounts to protest without a plan, the Congressional Progressive Caucus has delivered a detailed and robust rebuke.


OK, Isaiah -

I read.

I agree.

And I linked to and signed the people's Budget petition to a) substantiate popular support for this budget; and b) pressure right-trending Democrats to support it.

The U.S. has trended right, especially in the last 40 years. And both Democrats and progressives are often told that, 'for Democrats to keep any power, they must move right with the right-trending electorate to keep more right wing Republicans out of power.' But this kind of capitulation may strengthen right right wing forces; whereas robust opposition may both persuade ignorant voters - who might otherwise vote Republican - and embolden potential progressives to get to the voting booths.

It was easy to sign the petition. Thanks.


When 80% of Democrats polled want to enact Medicare for All why does the progressive caucus fail to meet their obligations to the people?

Either this is an acknowledged goal or I will find someone else to vote for.


Other nations have campaigned and won election on this platform. Francois Hollande in France, for example.
¿ How has that worked out for them?