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Progressive Caucus Demands Democrats Reject GOP Plan to 'Unleash Widespread Suffering' on American People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/28/progressive-caucus-demands-democrats-reject-gop-plan-unleash-widespread-suffering


Why dont they demand we dump Biden?


And, more to the point, why doesn’t Biden speak out on these issues like Sanders is doing? Well, the question answers itself.


Am I alone here in wanting to set Steny Hoyer on fire?
Jeebus! They’re selling out before the negotiations even start! Pelosi and Hoyer neither one have the stomach or the brains to be effect negotiators. It’s that, or they just don’t give a shit. Either way, it’s not a compliment.
Having been part of a budgeting process for years, I’ll give them some unsolicited advice. When you know you need $10, you don’t ask for $10, as you will be lucky to get $5. If you need $10, you ask for $20, with the goal of settling on $15. Then you spend the whole $15, and ask for more.
The people really need $600, but we’re willing to give a bit, is not how to open negotiations. They’ll be lucky to get $200 now, if that. And the $1200 chicken feed? Well, they are willing to give up our right to a day in court for that.
The democrats, and by extension, us, have already lost.


Biden isn’t going to say a word, as his entire candidacy is depending on the USA being in a death spiral by November. Masses living on the street, people dying of Covid, exposure, and malnutrition. Entire States and the USPS bankrupt.
At this current pace of democrats selling out, all Biden can look forward to is sitting on a throne of skulls, or flat out losing to Trump because, as things go south, the democrats will shoulder much of the blame, as the voting public that can actually get to a polling station will ask themselves “what did Joe, Nancy, and Steny do to stop Trump and McConnell?” If they ask that question, Joe is as dead as the dodo.


Clearly just a rhetorical question…ask Jim Clyburn


Sanders is part of cover up too. He never intended to win because a trade agreement took away the power to do all the things we need two and a half decades ago and puts it into the hands of the WTO. For corporations. We’re just being fooled into thinking they care or would or could fix it, they wont.

They are trading away the entire country’s jobs too. Nobody owns a job. Temps from other countries do them much cheaper. People will train their replacements and then be let go.

Sorry to be so blunt but its the verifiable facts. We’re living in a delusion. Both parties leadership are basically actors.

You’ll see.


“Look, it’s not $600 or bust,” said Hoyer. “[House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi said the other day, which I thought was a great line: ‘We don’t have red lines, we have values.’ We’re going into these negotiations with values.”

And the party of jackasses wonders how things have gotten so bad when they enter into negotiations waving the white flag of surrender. Damn, here they go again trying to find a way to lose an election when they’re out in front with only a few months to go. What a bunch of f’ing losers!

Progressives need to start their own party!


I didn’t see any mention of the additional military spending in the GOP plan in this latest iteration of demand/posturing.


Good ol Jim Clyburn. He’s already shepherded the black vote to Joe, all the while democrats on the whole are continuing to ignore the largest Potential democratic voting block, Hispanics.
Joe needs to go to Texas or Arizona, and stand in front of one of our concentration camps for Latinos and shout “Mr Trump, tear down this wall!”
(Sorry, I just woke up. Was I saying anything?)


Joe Biden, in case you don’t know, really wants to work with these people on commonsense, bi-partisan solutions. My stomach started churning just typing that bullshit. But, that is what is in store, working these assholes to pass more horrible policies.


What an empty, soulless asshole. What values does that ghoul have other than self-preservation? How do horrible people like him win election after election in this rotten system? Of course they have no red lines, because that party stands for nothing, has no coherent ideology, no coherent set of policies, no solutions to any of society’s issues, no sense of urgency. It is a party that deserves to swept into the dustbin of history, along with its dinosaur nominee and his soon to be corporate hack VP.


That was Obama’s style too. It’s easier, just give the Reich what it wants.
It’s the “New Republican Party” they’ve been working on since Bill.


Horrible to human beings. Taters and Gravy to the Fascists


They’re negotiating with psychopaths and sociopaths who take every inch and every penny that they can get their greedy fingers on. Repugs never ever give the people an ounce or morsel more than they are forced to. They are only generous when it comes to themselves. And the reason they get away with it is that the party of jackasses desires ‘In God We Trust’ and power too. And with desire comes suffering.

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I see it a dem leadership signaling to the gop, we will accept whatever you offer.


Oh good, more lip service from the fake progressive caucus. That will help (help Wall Street).

I just posted this on another thread, but it really bears repeating. Please watch this video of Nick Brana being interviewed on The Jimmy Dore Show the other day. Even so-called “progressive” Democrats have sold out. Nick Brana’s ideas on systemic change are particularly worth listening to.

“Protest The Establishment At Their Homes!”

The interview starts at 6:20, if you want to skip the introductory rant. The whole video is 37 minutes. At 14:00 Nick describes how fake progressive Pramila Jayapal said she wouldn’t challenge her party.

Did you know there was a major protest July 11, in which 30 politicians were protested at their homes by car caravans? No one covered it. Did you know some Democrats basically said fuck off to the protesters, and others claimed to agree with the demands, but refused to use their power to respond to them? That’s the “progressive” way to say fuck off.

Nick Brana founded Movement for a People’s Party after experiencing the betrayal and heartbreak of the 2016 Sanders campaign. He was personally at the protest at Steny Hoyer’s house. What were the demands?

Defund police and divert funds back to schools and social services
Medicare for all
Monthly $2,000 cash payments for all
Cover payroll to protect small business jobs
Suspend rent and mortgage payments
Suspend student and credit card loan payments

Here is the page from Movement for a People’s Party that includes the demands:

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We did but its domain is being cyber squatted.

The United States has always been disunited from the beginning. Those who remained loyal to the Crown and the Parliamentary system of government fled to Canada. Their descendants have health care and seem to have less of the Puritanism that takes the joy out of life. The slave owners made sure the Constitution gave them the most power. Regionalism and sectionalism have been our lot ever since. Snarling and snapping and lots of wars.
I propose we split into comities that share common values.We’re already in a constant election cycle, with corporations running things. One country can be for Progressives, a Turtle Island version of Democratic Socialism. We would understand taxes are the price we pay for civilization and how we treat the least powerful show what we value. Universal health care. Very limited military. Unarmed police. Resources for mental health and addiction. And fun. All this work and no play makes us cranky. I’m not talking scheduled corporate fun, but the joy that comes from a family walk, a family game night, cooking and eating together. Elders and children would be together, not warehoused in facilities called schools and nursing homes.
And please, a system of government where only a few have a say. No more winner takes all.


Do they even appreciate there are social issues.