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Progressive Caucus Demands Democrats Reject GOP Plan to 'Unleash Widespread Suffering' on American People

Bending over backwards is not just another form of bending over,
it takes a LOT of practice.

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It’s inconceivable, they use that word alot, I don’t think they know what that word means.
To demand is to ask with authority.
Without authority the correct word is ask.

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There already is the Green Party, they are progressive and have been on the ballot for a while.

I marvel at the two party box that Americans are stuffed into. It’s like magic. You can vote for better people than that Dem Repub fake political party charade. Many see right through it, but they cannot get out of the box. The other guy is always too terrible.

And yet the Moronic Majority relentlessly refuses to acknowledge our Conquerors’ ever-more-undeniable ecogenocidal intent.

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do not hold your breath–most of the Dems are working for the same corporate interests as the Republicans–work for the same agenda as Trump(you can see this from every vote they have taken since gaining control of Congress) -it is the Dems who armed the police producing an occupying army of militarized goon squads who have been pounding citizens trying to act in a Constitutionally protected manner-it is the Dems who pushed the war on drugs that put millions in jail(even now refusing to legalize marijuana)–it is the Dems who have left us twisting in the wind for the second major time(the original Covid 19 relief bills that gave trillions to the corporate paymasters and the bare minimum to citizens [if you got anything at all] )the first time being the massive wealth transfer from poor and minorities to the uber wealthy under Obama(the original screwing of the people by the pawns of corporatocracy-- modern era–by our political classes-both parties-every chance they get)

Brava, thank you! A wonderful and accurate vision of where we are and what we could become - must become if to survive with any future worth living - respect and care - stewardship - for the Natural World - The Wild is also critically essential…Peace.

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Ironically, that is close to how the native americans had built their society.
Unfortunately, in the case of “modern” America it would only work until one of the sociopath controlled communities decided to invade.
America simply has too many monsters that have been breeding prolifically for too many generations.


By now it’s too late. Global regard for US Americans heads precipitously downward, now at pariah, on its way to leper. And nobody cares about us stateside except for our fellow outcasts. Oh well.

I’d say there needs to be an Outcast Caucus, but the experimental concept immediately veers Alice-ward, like a Caucus Race.

The Democratic House Progressive Caucus…were it not for an occasional mention on this and a few other rarely seen websites, the American people would never hear about the larger and older progressive version of the mostly astroturf Tea Party caucus. But two fat beer drinking Tea Party rednecks get together for a keg party and the media are all over it. Meanwhile crickets and whistling wind in the media when it comes to Progressives.
The Gatekeepers folks, it’s all about the Gatekeepers.

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Democratic party “values,” always ready to be “negotiated” are, in realty, little different than repug values. The primary difference is that Repugs are more honest about who they are and what the want. The Dims like to blame them for doing what they themselves support while throwing out high sounding populist rhetoric – just don’t take it seriously or the will try to crush you.

We the People have only ourselves and must fight both corporate gangs to survive, much less to move forward. It’s time we rid ourselves of these filthy murderous, self-serving pigs while we still can.

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“Democrat” and “republican” are just labels. They are all self serving corporate whores.

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*BINGO! Bernie was a great Democratic con, he fooled so many well meaning, albeit suckers that he was for real when just like any used car salesman or good con man he told Progressives what they wanted to hear and never intended to win. The fact that Bernie backs Biden is just further proof of the con.

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Joan, you just answered your own question!

What’s being set up - the thing I am trying to warn people about could destroy this country and the world. Its that bad.

No, it wont be business as usual.

Just as in 2016 the DNC is not giving progressives and even many Democrats a reason to vote. I guess they think their lesser of two evils plan will work this time since Trump is such an odious POS. I expected the committee to vote no on Medicare for all, but I couldn’t believe they voted no to legalizing Cannabis.
I guess they are still trying to get those Republican votes and keep their VIP donors happy. Sorry progressives and liberals, they don’t give a damn about you.

Sounds like you have realized that we are living in the covert FOURTH REICH!