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Progressive Caucus Demands Pelosi Unveil Bold Coronavirus Package That Includes $2,000 Monthly Cash Payments, Vote-by-Mail

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/10/progressive-caucus-demands-pelosi-unveil-bold-coronavirus-package-includes-2000

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At the very least, the House should be taking the lead on passing the next Covid-19 relief bill and not waiting for and reacting to the McConnell/Trump-controlled senate.


Pelosi will do what her conservative donors, I mean owners tell her top do and it absolutely will not be any part of a progressive agenda.


Pelosi will not be back until the end of April? Looks like another reason to stall to me!


Nice words, how did they vote on Nancy’s last bill, were there any objections? How about including Nancy’s resignation in the negotiation package?

If you owned a company would you hire a Democrat Congressman to represent you in critical negotiations? Well, you own a country, why are you doing it there?

Blue or Red, we’re probably all dead, for a real change of scene vote Green.


Make that “Hand counted paper ballots” and then you may call that "Progressive."


Here we go again with the “Progressive caucus demands [such-and-such. Just fill in the blank].”

Has anyone stopped to think just how many times the Progressive caucus or “Progress groups” “demands” have been met? By my calculations, the answer is zero (but I’m open to the possibility that a small one might have slipped by me).

What’s really happening is that people like Sanders come along once every election cycle to make you-all–that is, the Good “Progressives”–believe that the system is legit and that you are “represented.” Whether they are shills or just hopelessly naive doesn’t matter. You’ll still fall for it.

Hope can be a wonderful thing when it keeps you moving forward, but can also blind you to the truth.


They may as well have asked for a unicorn that shits out $1000 bills, ‘cause they ain’t getting that either.


I had to smile when I read ‘Vote by mail’! That vote by mail would that have Bernie’s name on the ballots? Just askin’?

Somehow I find it hard to believe that the old guard wants a mail in vote. Lol. See now I am actually laughing again. Mail In? People could vote by mail with Bernie’s name on it (or written in). A super write in vote maybe? Vote by mail? Yeah sure they will.


The most frustrating part about the congressional progressive caucus is that they could be the liberal version of the Tea Party. There are enough of them to tell Nancy and the rest of the DNC that, unless their demands are met, they will simply vote “present” on all conservadem legislation brought to the floor by the hapless Pelosi.
It’s time they make Nancy and Steny pucker up. Sure, they won’t win any friends in the DNC, bit who gives a shit? They don’t have any now. That’s how the Tea Party did it. They put on a suicide vest and held the Republican Party hostage. They said they’d blow the whole thing up if they didn’t give in to their demands. That scorched earth gambit worked, and now we have an America ruled by a fanatical conservative minority.
But hey, in lieu of bold action, we got sleepy Joe and the “return to normalcy”


There is no pressure on Pelosi to deliver anything progressive in nature . By voting for demented Joe, the democratic voters have not shown a sincere interest in a progressive agenda.


Did these guys just finally get around to reading the last stimulus package?


What leverage do these Progressives have? Nothing in this heartless uncaring country, specifically Washington DC, cares about anything other than control, power and of course money. The Holy Trinty of Capitalism. Nothing happens without leverage.


" “We’re not there yet, and we’re not going to be there no matter how many letters somebody sends in—with all the respect in the world for that,” Pelosi [said] … of remote voting during a call with reporters Thursday, expressing concerns about the security of the process."

And why aren’t you there yet?


Good point many of the progressive caucus voted for the stimulus (except AOC); which is largely an example of disaster capitalism. If they think they can get their ideas through now they have squandered their leverage and given in to the Repugs-fugedaboutit. They flunk Negotiation 101.


You must be joking me; Congress is in recess and Pelosi may not readjourn until May? WTF? There are people in desperate shape all over the country, and now they need to go home and take a break? Burn that fricking House down, man. DON’T pay your taxes, DON’T say the Pledge of Allegiance, DON’T kow tow to the fat cats and politicians who keep collecting THEIR paychecks while millions of others fall through the cracks. Hey man, can you spell REVOLUTION? This is a disgrace of the first magnitude.


Cool. And why do I pay taxes? Who’s looking out for me? Aha, that’s what I thought. I wish everyone would just stop supporting these criminals and maybe then, finally, things might change.


Dear Nancy:

Would you call Trump and see if it is okay to sent you a letter?

We have just noticed some folks got left out of our $3,500,000,000,000
give away to wall street.


just more proof that those who consider themselves to be progressives need to evacuate the democratic party as quickly as possible. they currently have the most leverage that they are going to have with the election coming in november. if the progressives are smart, they will put a gun to the heads of the democratic party corporate aristocracy just like the tea baggers did to the repugnantan party asshats in '16. give the dims the choice, either give us what we want or kiss this election goodbye. we will walk away and let the colt .45ers have their way. because in the end, the progressives and people who truly care about freedom, equality, and honesty will be left by the way side with either of the 2 criminal parties left in control of the country.

one of my favorite quotes, i can’t remember where i heard it or who said it…
“I guess hope IS a strategy…”

it’s painfully obvious that the progressive movement lacks the ruthlessness needed to get done what needs doing. for all the good they believe in and try to do, it is meaningless if nothing ever actually gets accomplished. the righteous man who never accomplishes anything in the end is just a martyr for nothing. what bernie should have done and what i believe they need to do is put a gun to the head of the corporate dims party and tell them, we are done with you. we are walking away from your party and taking all of our support with us. we will not vote with the dims anymore, this coming election included. it’s what the tea baggers did and look how they leveraged that small mess of crazy asshats into a psychotic in the white house. polices and goals could be done if someone in the progressive movement would just grow some balls and do it.