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Progressive Caucus Rips DCCC Attack on Primary Challengers as 'Slap in the Face to Democratic Voters'


Progressive Caucus Rips DCCC Attack on Primary Challengers as 'Slap in the Face to Democratic Voters'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Wednesday condemned the DCCC's new policy of cutting off funds to primary challengers, saying the rule will shut down "competition of ideas" and alienate the party's grassroots base.



Will the Congressional Progressive Caucus move to allow third-party candidates to take part in any “debates?” That to me will be the acid test for their “progressivity.”



Wrong to progressives; but simply correct to the fake opposition and elite democrats.



I am so appreciative and proud of AOC. She speaks the truth (as do the other young newly elected members of congress) and the DNC establishment is running scared. Pathetic!



What I find heartening, and telling, is that it hasn’t taken much to start to undermine the establishment. There has been a clear change on policy, a clear change on what people expect, since Bernie ran. He was an old guy, someone that didn’t often bother to comb his hair, isn’t particularly handsome (sorry Bernie), had no name recognition, was massively outspent and had the entirety of the system against him. Despite that, he won 22 states and got a large percentage of votes. He could have won if the DNC, the media and the party didn’t do what they did. All their money, all their power, and it didn’t matter. Their candidate held on only because of their bullshit, and she managed to lose to the most unpopular major party nominee ever. Same goes with AOC. These are just a small handful of people and look at the impact they are having. They aren’t impacting what the state does right now, because it is filled with worthless and empty people, but it is impacting lots of other people and our political discourse.

Why? Because the status quo is held up by corruption, rancid group think and reality-less propaganda. Those in power offer nothing at all to most people, and are partying as the worldwide environment collapses. Look at how much a small handful of people are able to change conversations, expectations, and the mood of the country, and just imagine what would happen if we had a dozen AOC’s in a few years.

The move by the DCCC is self-defeating, but what options to do they have? They have nothing to offer most people, and they could not win elections if they didn’t rig things and stack things against those seeking change. There aren’t many other options left. My guess, as history has shown with these types, that when it comes to choosing fascism or social democracy/democratic socialism, they will choose fascism. They won’t call it fascism, and they might in the end put a happy face on authoritarian government in the future, but there is only so much you can rig a political system before there is a huge backlash. It isn’t far off.



Those few who are spokespeople for the ordinary citizen have so much work to do. Lets help continue the momentum. Change is the only hope for survival otherwise fascism will overcome even more severely than at present.



The 2-headed Party System just keeps working its magic.

“If the ship is sinking, how come my end is 200 feet in the air?“



The DCCC needs to die, alone in an alley, coughing up blood.

The DLC and DNC for that matter too



Krooked Hilliary, Dirty Debbie and the DNC managed to alienate me more than 2½ years ago.  I am no longer a DamnocRat, and will not donate one single dime to the DCCC, DNC nor DSCC.  I will don­ate directly to progressive candidates even if they are running as DamnocRats, however, and I will rely on Common Dreams to help me/us identify those candidates who are worthy of my/our support.



Beautiful, Thank you.



Smart liberal challengers will work outside and around the DCCC-approved list of consultants and agencies. Sweet Baby Moses, that list has a shit track record.

For example, AO-C used these guys to make one of best videos of the last cycle. Now they’re continuing to put their socialism where their mouth is:



So let me see if I understand what the DCCC is saying: The DCCC will “boycott and divest” from organizations that work with primary challengers, while simultaneously supporting a policy that punishes those who “boycott and divest” from organizations that work with Israel in stealing occupied territories from the Palestinians.



Is there evidence that your assertions are happening, or this this just a straw man?



What’s so shocking here? Cheri Bustos is a right-wing hack who “prior” to her stint in Congress (and obviously continuing to be) was a communications executive for healthcare companies (otherwise known as a propagandist). You know, the exact kind of “centrist” the DNC and DCCC choose for us. Of course she’s doing the bidding of the right-wing Democratic establishment.



Yes, they’ve been doing that since Reagan first got elected; somehow they’re not yet out of breath.



The clintonians will not give up the ship. The first thing Nancy and Chuck did after November was circle the wagons and try to black ball the progressives in the party.
More leadership like this and 2020 will be a Democratic Waterloo.



The DLC did die didn’t it? I’m sure many of the people who were there are still around - perhaps in the the Progressive Policy Institute (not progressive) which appears to still exist.

I’m not quite clear on the roles of the DNC and DCCC and whether it is feasible for them to be killed or ostracized to the point where they are minor players and then I don’t care what decisions they make.

The DNC seems like we are stuck with them:

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) was created during the Democratic National Convention of 1848. For years, it’s been responsible for governing the Democratic Party and is the oldest continuing party committee in the United States.

I assume that means they represent the entire party and shy of leaving the Democratic party altogether, a progressive Democrat cannot ignore this organization. They control the debates right? Is the same true of the DCCC though? How are they funded? Can they be marginalized? Can all progressive Democrats advocate for no support to go to them and if progressives become dominant, the DCCC becomes marginalized?

Go Ro Khanna - one of my favorites.

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I don’t give to the DCCC or the DSCC and haven’t since 2002. I wouldn’t give a Con. Lipinski or Hoyer bus fare out of town if they was being pursued by energy-sucking vampires. In fact, I’d turn them in for the reward. Con. " Hamm Hands " Hoyer, the Unconscious of the Congress.
This policy is so blatantly counterproductive and assinine it could only come from some idiots like Con. Jeffers, Watts, Hoyer or those other asshats in the Blue Dog Coalition.
" Oh, what fools these stooges be! "



The “elite” democrats must allow a very small number of bona fide progressives into the limelight so that they can claim to represent progressive issues and con people into voting for the party. The 40 year-long project started by Reagan to kill regulatory government (that part which regulates capitalism, anyway) and transfer as much wealth to the top as possible has been a joint project of both parties, and no one in power has the slightest intention of changing it. A few progressives more or less in Congress won’t alter the course of the slaveship that is the American economy. Now get back in the galley and pick up your oar!



Thank god for Ro Khanna, and for AOC, and Pressley, and the other “freshmen.” This move by the Blue Dog Democrats is outrageous and unconstitutional. I was appalled in the last primary, when Hillary and the DNC were so rude to the Nurses and others in the Platform Hearing, which I watched.
Thank god for Bernie Sanders.