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Progressive Challenger Delivers 'Political Scare' But Blue Dog Democrat Ekes Out Victory in Illinois Primary


Progressive Challenger Delivers 'Political Scare' But Blue Dog Democrat Ekes Out Victory in Illinois Primary

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Despite Blue Dog Democrat Dan Lipinski's conservative record, the anti-choice Congressman narrowly defeated primary challenger Marie Newman in Illinois's 3rd District on Tuesday in a race that has been closely watched at a national level.

"Can the progressive wing of the party mount a powerful enough challenge to entrenched, well-funded incumbents that it can threaten the status quo? The answer to that question, clearly, is yes."
—Ryan Grim, The Intercept


Pelosi at it again for the benefit of the right wing agenda joined by the AFL-CIO supporting a Neanderthal candidate. When can we end this reign of duplicity?


I was a rep in a union, and I asked the person in charge of the union’s political action committee what the union does in situations like this, where the candidate clearly doesn’t represent working people. Are we open to supporting third parties in these situations and not giving financial support to right wing Democrats (which is a good portion of them)? His response was that there were times when the union supports Republicans. Not what I was asking or wanted to hear. The problem with many unions today is often those leading them, they are often part of the Democratic establishment, and they often ask for very little when it comes to supporting a politician. Many of them will openly celebrate for a candidate when they win that supports policies that have decimated both unions in general and working people. Even if a politician works with a union or unions, if their policies harm working people, shouldn’t the union stand up for working people, or do they simply fight for their own particular best interests as an institution (or at the very least, as determined by those running the union)? Since the unions largely got rid of the radicals and since they’ve just often become another cog in the Democratic Party machinery, I have little faith in the revival of unions, at least as they are currently constructed. Any union that supported Lipinski can piss off, they might claim that he has worked with them, but they aren’t fighting for workers in general and they should be.

Also, kind of obvious, but Pelosi and the DCCC are just downright rotten. My god, they stand for everything wrong with this political system and their party. It is people like Lipinski, Pelosi, Schumer and the like that make the Democrats the pathetic opposition party that they are, and Lipinski wouldn’t be where he is if it wasn’t for the rank and file Democrats in the “blue” state of Illinois supporting him.


The D-Party big tent is so meaningless that the party runs on a platform of standing for nothing.

And for all those who whine about Republican gerrymandering, the Dems redistricted IL-03 to be MORE conservative!

Remember: If the Dems take back the House, Blue Dogs will hold sway over the entire caucus.


You know, there have been many people getting up and questioning Republicans in public forums when they are corrupt. This needs to happen at DCCC public forums and DCCC backed right wing candidates, as well as various union events. I know that some unions have voiced an interest in moving out of the Democratic Party’s orbit, which is great, but people need to strongly push for that and to make it happen. The leaders that make decisions to back people like Lipinski need to be challenged in public to defend that support, and they shouldn’t be allowed to ignore the overall impact that right wing candidates have on working people. Unions shouldn’t think of themselves almost like corporations do, where those at the top decide whether or not a candidate benefits that particular institution. That support should be a given in any party today worth a damn, especially one pretending to be “progressive” (LOL!). Unions should be the primary defenders of workers in general, there is no other non-public institution in society whose sole purpose is to defend working people, and those running the unions have done a really bad job of doing just that.


Some - not all - of the union leaders seem to see themselves as mini corporate CEOs with all the salaries, benefits and perks. They are comfortable in three piece suits, at the country club or wining and dining with the elite of either party. These people need to be driven out permanently.


Lipinski is not a great Democratic candidate as Democratic candidates go but he better defeat the nightmare candidate the Republicans are running. The worst of the worst people now seem to be running for office as Republicans. It is really scary that these extreme right wingers are out their running as candidates for one of the two major political parties. Basically what we have now is a democracy party and a fascist party. The right wing over the last several decades has dredged up an ugly side of America that is almost beyond comprehension. Arthur Jones must be kept out of high office. Lipinski should win based on this article. It would be sort of a disaster if he doesn’t.


The DINO establishment sellout’s will always sabotage “progressive” candidates in favor of anyone with a “D” after their name even if that means election losses or the defeat of bills to serve the 99%, or support bills that serve the war machine, or corporate, banker, wall street, big-insurance/pharma parasite vulture capitalism and greed!

Schumer and Pelosi still try to peddle the any “Dem is better” BS regardless their candidates lack of values or what issues and bills they sabotage - the DINO establishment will never stand-up and fight for issues! - the always available few DINO’s that join R’Cons to subvert and defeat progressive bills and issues, and sabotage what are really American values and any real change! The game is to always have that reservoir of votes that will scuttle a bill by joining R’s while the DP establishment can claim “they tried” or some such BS!

With “friends” like them, who needs R’Con’s to screw us!?


I can oh so well remember the vicious attacks on the Occupy movement by local democratic politicians and their police departments with co-ordination by the Obama administration. No way they were going to let down their masters at Goldman Sachs.


LOL! Is Lipinksi better than a Holocaust denying Nazi? Yep. Say Lrx, did you all at Correct the Record discuss the chance of any Democrat losing to the Nazi? Cause if your party couldn’t beat a Holocaust denying Nazi in a blue part of a blue state, it should disband and go the hell away forever. By the way, it was a given that you’d be posting here saying this bullshit.


corruption wins again - gerry mandered district gives conservative blue dog damn lipinski the seat again with the help of PELOSI and the damn democratic party. when are my fellow californians going to stand up and get rid of her???


Cindy Sheehan tried to get rid of Pelosi but apparently old San Francisco isn’t so progressive or liberal as it touts itself.


51% to 49%. Really close even in a ConservaDem, union, gerrymandered district in Catholicsville Chicago. And, they needed Pro-lifers to come to the rescue, too. A coalition of the willing, with Trumka shilling hypocrits and old RW battleaxes who love Jesus and Trump’s porn queens, as well. So Chicago in all its’ contradictions.
Lipinski can have all those tired, selfish, old AFL-CIO pork lovers. They’re a match made in a secret Cardinal’s vestibule closet, just add altar boys and stir it up… So predictable that Sister Pelosi found spiritual comfort in this less than divine intervention by the DCCC. Ugh!


You do realize this was an open primary with an incumbent running that a decent amount of Republicans support. It’s exactly why I am not hip on open primaries, a convenient political talking point for Sanders to promote in 2016 when anti-Clinton Trump voters in some red states went for him in the primary. Semi-open, where non-affiliated and Democrats can participate, as here in California, are one thing (Greens are closed here as is the GOP), but truly open is another. GOP voters are going to participate if they can.


yea, the democratic party history in Chicago is not one to be much admired. If we truly know what Chicago pols have done over the years we would throw up our guts in disgust. Fred Hampton, Jr comes to mind and how many, many more have been murdered or destroyed by this corrupt political machine. They can also never live down the horrible treatment of the protesters at the 1968 Democratic convention. The corruption in and dominance of Chicago politicians has been part of what has moved downstate Illinois into an almost solid red block.


I guess they got what they wanted and we as a nation will pay over and over again for their selfishness and stupidity.


You mean the Republicans that participated in the sacrosanct open primary process? Yeah.


Did Pelosi, the DCCC, and the AFL-CIO take a side here? Cause it appears that they and the Republicans were all on the same side here. And why exactly did Pelosi and the DCCC, among others, support him? How about the state Democrats? Yeah, some Republicans voted in the primary, and that has nothing to do with the Democrats and their afiliated organizations supporting him.


Parties generally support incumbents: newsflash. It’s because incumbency, by the numbers, typically wins. Nevertheless, Newhouse had the support of substantial third party groups that on other occasions, we’ve referred to as “establishment”: Emily’s List, NARAL, and Planned Parenthood to name a few. Voters chose Lipinski by a super close margin. I suspect things might have been different in a semi-open primary situation that right wing Republicans couldn’t participate in.


Progressive movements and leaders in other countries face far greater odds of violence and outright repression than the left faces here, and they win in many countries despite that. We on the left need to realize that we are in this position in large part because of our actions and strategies. The public agrees with us on every single major issue, and yet we are only now starting to matter nationally. What this election and the actions of the DCCC and Pelosi show is that the electoral vehicle we are using doesn’t often work, certainly not in recent decades.