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Progressive Challenger to Wasserman Schultz Nabs Major Endorsement




Supporting Tim Canova is important because the Sanders movement is, arguably, as much about Democratic Party reform as about arguments over national policy between the progressive liberal and right wing liberal parts of Democratic Party voters.

Nominating a progressive liberal as chairperson is one first step in a democratization of the Democratic Party.

Other steps in Democratic Party democratization might include:

  • abolishing the closed primary and super-delegate system;
  • a party platform negotiated by progressive liberal and right liberal parts of the Democratic Party;
  • a process whereby Democratic nominees commit to actively supporting the negotiated party platform;
  • a Democratic steering committee that holds elected officials accountable for advancing the party platform;
  • and progressive short-lists of cabinet officials.

Neither Schulz leaving nor such reforms would be on the table if Sanders and his supporters had agreed to support Clinton. And no such reforms will be on the table if the Sanders movement does not stick to its guns and demand negotiation and concessions at the convention. "Power concedes nothing without a demand," as a great American said.


Good luck, Tim!


Hey, the jokes on us, as Deb doesn't want or need her seat back. She is planning on being at least UN ambassador, but hoping for something bigger.
She has been praying for a reach around from Hillary. Little does she know, the Clintons never give head.


Many of us knew Bernie from his "Brunch with Bernie" hour on the Thom Hartmann program on Fridays, but now millions of people now are aware of him and his programs. Movements often take decades, an example being the Populist Movement of the late 1800's and early 1900's. Each day we get good news, the latest being that Tim Canova, Ms. Teachout, and others have name recognition and good chances in their elections. Being an old man over 70 years of age who has participated in Occupy and other progressive causes, I am happy to see that we finally have a movement to wrest control from the oligarchs. I probably will not be alive to witness many of the fruits of this movement, but I feel pleased that my grandchildren may have the opportunity to live in a better nation than now exists.




Way to go, Tim! and DFA!


Yes. Weighs on me.


Sure am sayin'"no" a lot, today. The DNC must reform; they have NO CHOICE! The will of the people finally has a standard bearer, Senator Sanders. The primary elections, this year, are not about ideologies, or even a "horse race". Connections to money cannot win this time. Bernie's 50+ rallies and town halls and even a few corporate media interviews has gotten the real truths out, FINALLY. Cat's outa the bag, man. "Game on!"


10 or 15 bucks is a small price to pay for the fight against Neo-Liberalism. .. #$hewillLose #bernieorbust #Phillybound


I hope she gets "Cantored" and loses against a nobody who ends up spending a fraction of what she spends in the election.


Tough race for Canova. Hillary got far more votes in Broward County than Bernie. This suggests that the type of arguments Canova is making won't play well where he is running. But, that means an upset would be very politically significant.


Exactly why to kick HRC the heck out of town. We will get all the old faces, crooks and policies back if we allow the establishment Dems to coronate their queen. That also counts 'ol NAFTA Bill running loose in the White House. Hillary must go and we must bring in Sen Sanders and people like Tim Canova. That means continuing to send what you can to their campaigns.


I will use a word here I never use and actually dislike: "heartfelt". Your post is straight from the heart and humbles me. Here's hoping you have enough years ahead of you to see some of the changes you envision, as we all do, become real.


You like people who support pay day lenders? Who are Israeli-firsters? Who drip sleaze? Canova is way too much of a hawk for me to support my fellow DFAers with $$$, but Dirty Debbie needs to go bye, bye.


To quote The Duke, " the scum also rises" . In America, it continuously tries to get to the top. With a little help from its friends, of course.


In 2012 over 65 million Citizens voted for Barach Obama, including probably most Democrats.

That a small Handful of Party Executives believe that they have the right to Subvert the Will of the Millions of their Fellow Democratic Party Members is, in my view, Criminal to say the least.

Hillary, Wasserman Shultz, and Every Old Guard who doesn't recognize Bernie's Message has no Rightful Place on the National Stage today.

"...get out of the (new road) if you can't lend a hand."


Solly - know how you feel, am 76 retired RN - just hoping this movement continues to gain momentum for our children and grandchildren. Would like to be more active but can't at this time - have waited for a candidate such as Bernie for a long time - what a tragedy when we lost Bobby K. Ah well, I keep donating what I can and badgering family and friends - have to promise not to talk politics now. LOL...Good luck, maybe, just maybe we'll see the revolution happen!! Go Bernie!


Unfortunately, until money and revolving doors are out of politics, endorsements don't mean much unless they are accompanied by a large check.


DWS is a mole of the Rape-ulican Party