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Progressive Coalition Demands 'No Corporate Nominees' for Biden Cabinet

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/13/progressive-coalition-demands-no-corporate-nominees-biden-cabinet

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Get ready to own this sucker, people.

So far, it’s exactly what most of us here said it would be: an orgy of Clintonian/Obama retreads and some Bush leftovers so you can go back to your beloved “normal”–the part where you terrorize the world and every working and poor American while you sip on your lattes.

You voted for this. Now choke on it. Oh wait, that’s the peasants job. We get to choke on it.


Not looking like that is going to be the case.

So, fellow progressives----what is the plan?
I can’t stand Ron Klain and I believe he is and has been a huge force in bringing Biden to this place.
Jonathan Cook has a piece in CD’s today alluding to trump being a figurehead behind TPTB. Biden is absolutely (imo) a figurehead for TPTB.
trump is a cult leader, sociopath who answers to no one.
And yes, we have the LOTE.

No shit sherlock:
“The emerging pattern is that Biden is eager to bring in people with prior government experience and longstanding ties to him”


add this:

Biden state media appointee advocated using propaganda against Americans and ‘rethinking’ First Amendment
The head of the Joe Biden transition team for the US Agency for Global Media, Richard Stengel, has branded himself the “chief propagandist,” urged the government to use propaganda against its “own population,” and called to “rethink” the First Amendment.


Here’s a bit more on Biden’s ‘transition’ team



this was pretty much the most predictable outcome ever. and most of these jerks won’t even have the grace to own it.

4 more years of disaster and then the next Trump. Rinse and repeat until the shooting starts.


I’m owning it drone, I voted against the authoritarian sociopath for the neoliberal gerontocrat who literally makes me feel like I am going to puke when I see him or see his name.

Not a rhetorical question and one that I asked good ole Skeptic Tank before he was banned and as far as I saw, I did not get any answers to this:

What other action do you think was necessary at this moment in time?
If you can respond, I hope it includes more than just not voting, or voting green or writing in someone. I hope it excludes any looking back at what could have, should have been.

Honestly I am at a loss for what— if anything— can be done to stop the collapse of the u.s. empire and life support systems on this earth.

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I suggest divide and conquer. As my main issue is M4A and is the one I’ve spent the most time reading about and going to meetings on, my only focus will be the Health and Human Services secretary. The Nurses union has a strategy meeting on Nov 17th at 8 PM ET - if you can’t find out about it and want to, reply to this post. When it seems clear who the best conceivable HHS person could be, I’ll post in a related thread if it isn’t already covered along with recommended actions from the Nurses union to make it happen. Others with more background in EPA, Energy, Transportation, State, Defense, Treasury or other positions can follow their secretary options and let us know what we can do to help.

I don’t expect we will get even 25% of what we want, but maybe we can get a few key positions.

You are going to have to put up with Klain - keep an eye on him, but if they get Covid under control, that will be a huge breeze at the new admin’s back and Klain will get a notch as opposed to a storm where we can’t do anything else anyway. I hope he is sucesseful.


When the 1% selected a Biden/Harris ticket over a year ago, they probably said much the same thing.


Yikes Phred_Pharkel, that was depressing but of course, not surprising.

I had no idea. There is so much we don’t know.

So we’ve got Klain and Stengel (among others) as driving forces behind Biden as president, the latter wielding tremendous power it seems. I would post the scream emoji here if I could.

As awful as it is, thanks for posting this. These are the things that need to be brought into the light for whatever it is worth at this point in time.

Couldn’t link to the youtbe—what is the title of it?
But I don’t know if I can handle anymore of this nightmare this morning, need to get things done today!


Of course - we need regulators not enablers.

You gave all your power away when you voted for the other authoritarian sociopath.

Now that we’ve taken a few more steps in the wrong direction, quit voting for corporationists.


I wouldn’t defend Stengel overall, he is perhaps much worse than Klain, but in terms of his 2018 quote getting a lot of play:

I’m not against propaganda. Every country does it, and they have to do it to their own population. And I don’t necessarily think it’s that awful.

I basically agree. It all comes down to what the propaganda is. Propaganda technically is just information, here is a typical definition:

information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

Even biased information isn’t necessarily bad. I prefer to read information about war that is biased towards a peace perspective. I like to poke my head out and see what the info is with different biases but an attempt to remove bias (as Howard Zinn used to argue) is sometimes impossible.

Misleading on the other hand is bad in my opinion.

So I guess we’ll see what Stengel’s preferred propaganda really is and if and how we have to try to counter it.

Note: I didn’t watch the videos in the grayzone article - I skimmed it and see the particular propaganda that seems to be discussed here is Russiagate which I agree with Max would fall under a case of something we have to try to counter. I hope the Russia hysteria will ease now, but I certainly don’t know.

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How about these next 4 years are not wasted and coalesce all the nascent movements into a strong left, a coalition of Greens, socialists, communists, and the emerging Peoples Party along with the Sunrise Movement, Movement For Black lives, as many of the labor unions out there especially those advocating for low wage workers?


Why own it when they can blame us? Remember, half the country thinks progressive= totalitarian socialist. It’s too easy for Dems to use that route to ignore and ostracize us. In fact, I expect just that. A fracturing of the Dem party, not the GOP.


Good Luck with That!!   Even if he were to try – highly unlike in itself – it would be like trying to find a few tiny, non-magnetic needles in a humongous haystack.

No chances to vote for two years anyway, except for two DimWit-Rat senators from Georgia which would at least break Turdle-Face’s blockade of Senate, maybe – just possibly – allow a tiny bit of progress as Dara suggested in
the post following yours:

Ten percent, or even five percent, of what we NEED (not want) would be better than continued 110% losses under Tweetle-Dumb & McConnell.

The collapse of the U.S. Empire and its Multi-NaZional Korporations would – in and of itself – be of benefit
to all life on earth (except maybe rats and cockroaches, which wouldn’t have as much waste to dine on).


I appreciate your response---- albeit your broad brush stroke of me giving away all my power when you know nothing about me, what I do and have done with my life.

But more important: my comment owned what I did and posed to those who judge it (harshly as you do) a question: please detail what you are choosing to do with your power besides the vote which many have said doesn’t account for much in any case.

“If voting changed anything they’d make it illegal” (Emma Goldman)

What are the steps you take in the right direction with your power besides your vote?

To hear more about your vision, your actions, how you use YOUR power would be much more productive than simply casting aspersions at others who may differ from you.

Lastly, as former therapist I am not one for throwing around diagnoses that are devoid of clinical assessments. Biden may be an awful neoliberal, corporate shill but that does automatically translate into a solid diagnosis of sociopath.

Many psychiatrists have stated trump clearly meets the criteria for sociopathy.

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Wow. Can’t wait to hear the whining when Biden actually takes office.
But the sky is falling, so we may not get that opportunity.

And everybody brought in, by both parties, is an insider these days.
Republicans go one better and bring in corporate money grubbers en mass.

Therein lies the problem FM.
A fractured party that wants to go in two separate directions. Neither will win against each other. And joining forces is unpalatable as well.
I think the drive must come from the progressives since the centrists seem entrenched. But they may not be immovable.

We haven’t even been able to nail down a clinical assessment of trump, let alone Biden.
We should remind ourselves of the damage trump would have bestowed upon us if he were here for another four years.

General consensus among many mental health professionals/psychiatrists including Mary Trump, a psychologist:
Dr. Lance Dodes said President Trump is a “sociopath” and a “very sick individual”.

Late last year, Dr. Lance Dodes – a retired assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, a training and supervising analyst emeritus at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, and one of 27 mental health professionals who penned an open letter to the New York Times warning of the newly elected president’s mental health status – doubled down on his concern regarding Trump’s unfitness for office. h-ttps://mavenroundtable.io/theintellectualist/news/harvard-psychiatrist-trump-is-a-very-sick-sociopath-SbRplXikekW1FjLMFpttHw