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Progressive Coalition Stages Worldwide Black Friday Protests to 'Make Amazon Pay'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/27/progressive-coalition-stages-worldwide-black-friday-protests-make-amazon-pay


The problem is NOT Amazon. Amazon is simpoly doing what US corporate law has always required corporations to do…maximize shareholder value or be sued by shareholders.

The problem IS the ongoing four decades of decriminalization (mischaracterized as “deregulation”) of reform era and New Deal regulations that kept corporations under control.

Until all of those regulations are restored expect ever more egregious behavior from Amazon and other corporations.


I see your Black Friday protests and raise you?AN ONGOING BOYCOTT!Jeff Bezos!MOFO. Its not that hard in fact its not hard at all!to #BoycottAmazon. There is nothing they have you cant get elsewhere and its worth it to pay a few pennies more to shop local or at least NOT at Amazon. AMAZON! just like Walmart would not exist in a regulated market. Would not exist if there were REAL labour laws. Boycott them as your Christmas gift to the world. Ho!Ho!Ho! MOFO=Jeff=Dic pic sharing?MORON and a greedy, debauched, brain dead and cruel obstacle to fairness in the marketplace and dignity and living wages for workers!


Many neoliberals fully expect wages to approach zero as jobs dry up. People will pay them to work. For the experience. Seriously. That’s what people have told me.


And they’ll chant USA USA USA USA all the way to their own funerals when a bulldozer shoves them into a ditch along the road to absolute perdition.


… Whilst blaming other people in the same tax bracket as themselves for “the decline of our once-great country.”

Perfect example (imo): black voters getting blamed for Biden “winning” over Sanders. Like, wtf? We didn’t set this system up! We’re not the ones who have been red-baiting for over a century!


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Forget about how much they say the can do it, it has been proven time and time again that the greed of corporations makes them incapable of regulating and monitoring themselves.


Another part of the problem is that we don’t have a Maximum wage or a 90% top marginal tax rate like Eisenhower had.


Is the US now pushing for a future like Amazon? Freedom only for corporations. (To do anything they like?)

If that’s not how YOU feel, you need to speak up, now.

Or that will be our future, and we’ll be in worse shape than anybody because of our weak union protections and rigid ideology like the above. And high costs of living.

Things are not the way we’re been told. Corporations are taking over the world, and pushing people to the fringes of the economy.

Amazon is NOT the future of work as jobs are automated.


We’re about to lose minimum wages and Social Security and many other things, because they are alleged to be trade barriers holding back the globalization of all kinds of jobs we promised. Starting with the good ones.

  • (If other countries temp firms can do them cheaper)

That’s not immigration, but they are trying to convince people that it is.

Immigration should be for people, not for corporations - It shouldnt be used as a way to replace millions of hard working employees with temps.


Actually, here in the US, rich people live longer than poor people by a substantial, growing margin.

For many its huge. Lots and lots of people are dying before their time because of the US healthcare system, which basically punishes people for being poor.


amazes me that amerikans still want to put money into the pockets of the richest man on the planet! he should be forced to pay a wealth tax for what he makes off other peoples’ labors and that money should be put in the pockets of those people who make the dough., ie health care for all, removing student debt and creating affordable housing for all in amerika.


How about regulating and monitoring governments like they do now?


It is already happening. They call them internships.


That’s very different, as that’s for an extremely short period of time, and usually not for real jobs, they are for jobs/education, or supposed to be.

These jobs are officially"non-immigrant" visas, so only for money. Countries controlimmigration which is permanent migration for the purpose of moving soewhere and starting a life there, but the wages then are subject to a nation’s aws and custoims, etc. The real lure here is the likelihood that the workforce will be a fairly captive one. Its a situation where people work very hard, and its unfair, but they do get to work here, often being trained by the outgoing US workers. Then they assume all the parts of the job but instead of being a US companies employee, they are the employee of a foreign company, a subcontractor.

This kind of setup is rapidly increasing, all around the world, because its potentially much cheaper.

So, these jobs are in some ways like internships, but they are for high skill jobs, and potentially are possibly for many years, in technical fields, and fully intended to displace real workers, with guest workers, who work for foreign-based companies (although on paper they may officially be classified as US companies, the giveaway is that far more often as not, most of their staff are from elsewhere and they are only allowed to stay here because of this job.

Their presence is supposed to increase a great deal, because of services liberalization, which is supposed to open up the labor market to competition.

The goal is to eventually funnel lots of high skill but not expert jobs, the meat and potatoes jobs basically, so thje profits can be higher and in order to channel money to developing countries (or whomever bids the lowest) As they are part of trade agreements, they are a sort of debt we “owe” other countries now in jobs.

They fly largely under the radar because of quotas but because the quotas may violate these treaties, a legal challenge to our quotas and fees is pending, it was held up by Trump not cooperating with the appellate judge appointments, so we may already have lost and be in the appeal stage.

I dont know, none of this is publicm, and what I have read is second hand, for example on Indian web sites. The Indian press is covering this story, as well as the international trade community, because its been a kind of standoff between the two countries and the WTOwaiting for the outcome of the election.

Until 2017, it seems they were able to take advantage of a loophole which allowed them to pay whatever they wanted, but now they are supposed to pay their allegedly high skill workers “a legal US wage”. (Many are, many aren’t) At least for now.

Its a complicated and regrettable situation, because this race to the bottom could decimate some professions, many of the ones that still offer a decent living, turning them into precarious labor for good, if we lose our right to limit the numbers of guest workers, its mostly about quotas, not visa fees, and wges, whether we can demand they pay “discriminatory wages”, Ive read in a number of places…


Note, these are not H-1B jobs. They are something else, visas that are associated with trade deals, that are intra-corporate transfers, technically.


I have never bought anything on Amazon. And I never will. Slavery in America workers is a very sad state. Slavery can come in many forms.
Section 1
“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude , except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted , shall exist with the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”
Section 2:
“Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.”

We already call Amazon workers wage slaves. : (


Amazon doesn’t literally own the workers who staff their warehouses. Many of them come from places like East Africa and they are subcontractors, working under special provisions of trade agreements. So they come here for a few years, make wages that are several times what they earn at home, (which are afraction of what they would make in better times here as a citizen or green card holder) usually, and then return. They are very hardworking people and likely would be an asset to this country. But then they might ask for higher wages. Defeating the whole purpose they employ them. The attractive thing about these arrangements to these big companies is they can pay them literally US minimum wage, or in some cases, if the visa was issued before this Matter of I-Corp adopted decision, if they came here before just the last few years, they may be paying possibly even less. Its hard to know because they likely pay their workers at home, say in East Africa, Into their account there.

Thats a good question that perhaps never even has come up, but it should be. Are companies going to go back to being able to pay foreign workers from places like Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, whatever they want. I bet Amazon’s subcontractors, and other similar companies - the ones that employ many of the workers who are engaged in jobs for these huge companies, would love that. But it doesn’t pass the smell test.

A ghoul and his gold


What Bezos has done to his workers is reminiscent of a scene in the 1961 film The Hustler where Fast Eddie [played by Paul Newman] tells Bert Gordon [played by George C. Scott] that he is empty inside. That same observation can be applied to Bezos who can be seen as being empty inside due to the fact that, like Trump, he does not have a soul. That would require having a conscience which Bezos seems to be utterly lacking.