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Progressive Coalition Tells Lawmakers: 'Don't Trade Away Our Future' with Fast Track


Progressive Coalition Tells Lawmakers: 'Don't Trade Away Our Future' with Fast Track

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With members of Congress set to debate Fast Track authority this week, hundreds of environmentalists, consumer advocates, nurses, labor leaders, and elected officials stood shoulder-to-shoulder at a Washington, D.C. rally on Monday, pleading with lawmakers: 'Don't Trade Away Our Future!'


I called my Congressman, David Pride (D-NC) asking him his position and to let him know he should be against the TPP and TTIP. His response letter was somewhat equivocal with some concerns expressed about the fast track process, but also large on process. Unfortunately, his response was short on content.

But from what has been leaked about the content on these pacts, it is the content that is so outrageous and has such extreme consequences in so many areas it has to be stopped.

So sure, complain about fast track, but put equal if not more effort into putting an end to this awful pact for the deadly things it will do.


This issue certainly is a problem that has helped turn 2016 into a knotted mess. Think about it: Much of the media marketed to libs (perhaps most notably, MSNBC) went into overdrive to sell neoliberal Hillary Clinton. Oddly, many forget that Clinton would first have to run against, and defeat, VP Joe Biden for the nomination. This is likely to split Dem voters, ensuring a 2016 Dem Party defeat. What makes the efforts to sell Clinton especially weird is the “free trade” issue. What are we supposed to think of (for example) an MSNBC host who will rail against the TPP in one segment, only to try to sell Clinton in the next? Before launching here pre-campaign speaking tour, Clinton was hard at work promoting the TPP. Makes sense, of course, since it was Bill Clinton who gave us NAFTA. Fast track, of course, is “Ready for Hillary.”


Clinton’s record indicates that she is far worse, not only on this issue, but on a range of other critical issues (a threat to Social Security, etc.). Clinton has virtually guaranteed that the next president will be a Republican. That said, I think one big problem is that even those who aren’t on the right have been so successfully divided, especially by class, middle class vs. the poor. Who knows what “the People” want? Media and Dem pols have told us for years that all we want is to maintain a pep rally for the middle class. Even with the recent downward revision of what constitutes “middle class,” they make up only a portion of the population, and are not our greatest concern.


Lawmakers to Progressives: “Thanks for your input. It provides us with much needed comic relief.”


TPP is good for Wall Street and terrible for American worers.


Corporate global domination, to heck with pretend democracy, lets role in fascism outright and to their faces


Absurd by design much like citizens united, the Clinton fast track NAFTA and all the rolling back of our civil rights and liberties sine RR


Perhaps we should assume that “absurd” has been redefined to mean STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE ?


Based on an NPR interview aired today, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is likely to soon announce a run for the 2016 Democratic Party nomination. Although the interviewer implied that Hillary is a higher form of life compared to any other contender for the Democratic Party nomination, O’Malley pushed back, included some serious jabs at TPP , even labeling as a juvenile approach Obama’s (and other Democrats’) assertion that “if we don’t write the rules, China will”.


It is unfortunately the case that there is substantially no difference between Republican and
Democratic politicians, insofar as they are both supported by the one percent. The only way
to correct this situation is to make a point of not voting for any incumbent of whom you are
not absolutely certain. Of course in America, the majority will vote based on the TV adds,
which are illegal in most other advanced nations. Perhaps a groundswell of Americans can
make a lot of noise about the lying, two-faced politicians up for re-election. It’s the only way.


I have to take exception to one of Bernie Sanders statements-this sort of thing keeps happening to the U.S. middle class for a reason he doesn’t state. They don’t read enough current events. They don’t know about fast track. Many do, but not enough. They tend to be lazy, and not vote like other countries. And then they wonder how the rug has been pulled out from under them. Enough of the middle class voted for Reagan, that says it all.


I hate to break the news to Bernie and the many other progressives out there, but is deal is done! They are carving it in stone as we speak, and Barack Obama himself will come down off the mountain any time now and pronounce to us that he has seen all the details, and they will be good.
This trade deal, like all the others of the recent past pretty much say the same thing in the fine print, if you already have a lot of money, you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want, with no legal repercussions whatsoever.
This is what fascism looks like.


I have yet to see any justification for this give away of American sovereignty.I can only assume that this, like his pre election promise to PHARMA is another sell out to the multinational corporate interests. Has Obama been lying to us all along or is his chess playing on a level of a third grader of marginal intelligence? Without meaningful open dialog I must determine that he is doing is not a mistake but an intentional effort to betray the trust he was given.


Hell, the title is so naive as to be ludicrous. “Progressive Coalition Tells Lawmakers: ‘Don’t Trade Away Our Future’ with Fast Track” should read, “Progressive Coalition Self-Deludes as to Relevance.”