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Progressive Community Celebrates Life, Work of Danny Schechter (1942-2015)


Progressive Community Celebrates Life, Work of Danny Schechter (1942-2015)

Jon Queally, staff writer

The progressive community in the U.S. and beyond is mourning the loss and celebrating the life of friend and colleague Danny Schechter on Friday after news broke that the veteran journalist, filmmaker, and warrior for social justice died on Thursday after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

A note posted late Thursday night on the Mediachannel website, which Schechter co-founded, said simply:


It is a fairly rare thing for me to be personally saddened by the passing of a public figure that I really didn’t know and never met. But Danny is one of those exceptions. He was a good guy that had a great body of work to show for his time on this Earth.

When someone like this leaves us all, I always hope, and wonder who might come along to carry on the torch he/she too briefly held in the relay race of humanity and human decency.


Thank you to family and friends of Danny Schechter who shared his vision and integrity with the rest of world.
I think about the environment within which he came of age in the roil of social evolution, the ongoing wrestling match to bring the unfolding of human thinking public - where it longs belong - not as a light held under the basket of possessory advantage taking.
Marshall McCluhan was forcing the envelope of already entrenched intellectual property grabbing showing that the ‘medium is the message’ with entire series of exquisitely written anecdotal evidence - still worth every moment of attention given them. The still relatively young discipline of Linguistics was in earnest to to provide a topographical mapping of ways of considering human exercise of expression.
And the journey continues. Thank you Danny Schechter for a life that contributed so much to show we are so much more when we are all for each other.


I’m saddened to read of the loss Danny Schechter. We need more news dissectors. Real journalists are hard to find in this country outside and relegated to the alternative press. We are all poorer for his passing.


Thanks, Danny. You did good.


I met Danny at the Media and Democracy Congress in San Francisco in '96, and recall his graciousness in doing an impromptu promo for my dinky little public access program.

Years later, he plugged my website at his place.

If you go there, you’ll see that I could be critical of him, but I’ll always be grateful for his minor menschiness toward me, and this piece makes plain that we should all be grateful for the major menschiness he evinced on the national and global media stage.

Rest in peace, brudda

You’ve earned it.


Sorry to hear of his passing and my heartfelt condolences to his family and all of the rest of us who will have lost a true champion in the quest for a more decent life for all.