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Progressive Congressional Caucus Calls for 'Direct Payments of at Least $2,000' for Working Families

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/15/progressive-congressional-caucus-calls-direct-payments-least-2000-working-families


Good idea, ya can’t even get Pelosi/Schumer to sign on to the 1200$ deal. But hey, thanks for the effort.

Pelosi’s excuse for not supporting the direct payment of $1,200? A: "Biden won."

Apparently PAYGO Pelosi doesn’t mind spending the taxpayers $$$ when it’s a republican doing it. Now that the Ds have the White House there’s some belt-tightening in order.


Hold on…Hold on… If you pay this out to them working folks, where’s the money going come from…you know we just spent $750Billion on Military weaponry, and we just bailed out $10Trillion in the first 3 or 4 Covid Bailouts to them corporate people…and we have the $500Billion in Fossil Fuel subsidies… where is it coming from… wait, let’s get the Fed on the phone so that they can “print” more dollars…


This sociopathic Congress is set on making revolution inevitable, since they’ve made progress impossible.


Hate to be that person, but money from the federal government isn’t an issue. The money the Fed creates doesn’t circulate the wider economy directly. It is supposed to be money banks use to settle their balances, the more there is the more banks should lend out to the real economy. Won’t happen though, because effective demand is flatlining and set to collapse. Who would invest to make more stuff if people don’t have the money to buy what is produced? The Treasury can create money that circulates, and we can reform how money is created to make it so that Fed created money does circulate the wider economy (public sector banks would it, nationalizing the Fed may, having the Treasury create all money would do it). But, most of the money we use is actually created by private banks, not the government, or the quasi public Fed. That is a big part of the problem, and if that remains we have no chance of really dealing with the environmental crisis. I agree with your overall point though, tons of money for corporations and the rich, nothing for working people. Class war. Will working people fight back in the war, or will they fight each other? Not a rhetorical question and not a certainty whatever someone claims.


There are few people in politics I dislike more than Pelosi, and that is saying something.


Oh Congress:
People have ---- lost jobs— no money for food, or shelter—and winter is coming.

When huge groups of starving, homeless and desperate humans get together, it’s called—oh wait, It will be called the American version of the French Revolution. No doubt the palace at Mar-A-Largo will fall first.


Good start hold Bi-bamas feet to the fire! Don’t let him get away with that we don’t have 60 votes crap Obama used.


What is this limitation to working families? Nothing for the 30,000,000+ unemployed?

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so far, they’re calculating correctly that we don’t have the stomach for it.

I’m not seeing enough evidence that they’re wrong.

But I’m hoping they are, since I see no other possibility for this species’ survival or for any kind of a human existence that wasn’t straight out of the worst dystopian steam punk vision.


We are all witnessing the Collapse of many things. And this is how this Empire collapses…we are in the midst of the Great Collapse…planetary ecological systems collapse, stable climate collapse, Ozone Layer collapse, biodiversity and the great extinction collapse… there really is nothing to stop it, and as the economy has its foundation as does Human Industrial Civilization within the planetary life support system , it too is collapsing, and there is nothing that the Fed or the politicians can do… look at the signs amongst all of you…we are moving into a New World and no vaccine will bring us back… Everyone can feel it, Feel it…don’t you?..we have bailed out $10Trillion in this crisis, and has it helped?..

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I would put Pelosi in third place, with Trump in first and a tie for second between Pence and Mitch.

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Note to progressive morons in congress:

You gave up your leverage some time ago. Now, the 3rd way can ignore you, and will.

You’re just barking at the moon now.

Nice theater though


Since becoming House Speaker Ms Pelosi has seen her net worth jump from 20 million to over 100 million. This on a salary of 200k a year.

She must be very very thrifty.


No, it hasn’t helped. The insane thing is that even the Fed is saying for the Treasury to inject actual money directly into the economy, which it can do. It does so by spending, politicians that decide to spend on stuff. That is all it takes to create money. The Fed is basically injecting money into the banking system. The banks aren’t going to spend, state and local governments are going to cut back spending, total collapse in effective demand. And yes, ecosystems are collapsing. It will spread to a point where things will rapidly decline. The destructive nature of this political system and capitalism itself is hard to put into words.


LOL! I said few, but she is up there.


Please don’t forget the unemployed, and please don’t bailout huge corporations, no more corporate welfare.


People will cut down trees or burn their furniture rather than freeze if they cant afford heat or electricity.

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Maybe she babysits Mitch Mc Connel in her spare time for extra cash?.

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I called the auto rental and asked to rent a clown car.
They said they are all already rented out to the republican senate.

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