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Progressive Congressional Caucus Calls for 'Direct Payments of at Least $2,000' for Working Families

The progressive causus calls for money to the people! We are saaaaved!!! (Wait. What? There’s only 96 progressives out of 233 Dems? Well… will the press cover it? No? How about Hollywood? We got a lot of traction there? Hmm. What’s our angle here? Really? Shit. Never mind.)

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Stop trying to get them killed. They already know they don’t exist. They already know the two parties are fake. This isn’t a joke to the people of this country. People are just trying to get by. Politics and politicians as well as “activists” are a luxury for the rich that poor people cannot afford.

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I don’t know where she lives and I dont really care but I am guessing that some large chunk of that is almost certainly the appreciation on a primary residence in San Francisco.


Real estate there has become just insanely expensive.

There several good sources for MMT on Youtube with explanations that are much clearer and better than most of Steven’s videos (not that I’m denigrating Mr Grumbine, these are actual economists and the ones who brought MMT to mainstream economics doing the explaining). “MMT Mondays” is a good example set (and it is hosted by S.G.'s site “Real Progressives”). I’d be happy to post a more extensive set of reference links if anyone is interested. I used to have extensive exchanges with S.G. more than a decade ago when we were both promoting and heavily focused almost exclusively on climate science issues, and wrestling with the denier industry.

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I’m sure your right. Many are like me though, and have a very basic understanding of MMT (or no understanding at all), and until recently didn’t understand we have been under this system since the 1970’s.

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The oligarch-thieves want to buy or more likely trick people out of all their rights to exist here in the US and send them off to starve in some tipi in the jungle somewhere. Hopeless and hungry. And then replace them with the rich people from elsewhere, and their children, the ones like them.

They are sick of immigrants who vote Democratic. They want non-immigrants who work for almost nothing because they think that if they do it for long enough they will get a green card. That’s what they have been told by their body shop firms who also take bribes from them to do it. That’s what Ive been told more than once. Their families buy them jobs in the US. Its an investment for them. Then they give them money to buy real estate also as an investment. people making minimum wage wearing expensive wardrobes and driving fancy cars and buying real estate. Thats the future of work in many fields. And its not unusual for them also to have bought diplomas. At least in IT. Nobody ever finds out because the company employs them and they don’t want them to get caught either. No American workers could or should possibly have to compete with free labor and they know it. But that’s the deal they made with our corrupt politicians against us all.

You can actually see videos on You Tube where people stuck in his trap lay it all out. They hate the system as much as we do, even more. Dont blame them, BLAME THE POLITICIANS AND CON ARTISTS WHO SET THIS MODERN SLAVERY SCAM UP.

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When was the last time virtually unarmed Americans went up against a trained military in large numbers?

It didn’t end well at Little Bighorn.

After the forcible annihilation of the pro democracy movement in 1989, the Chinese government congratulated one another and then proceeded to receive the largest flood of foreign investment in history.

Hi zed:
I was really impressed with the Indigenous people with that win---- I was however even more happy to read that Custer’s horse had survived—and Custer didn’t! : )

I’m sorry, I confused that battle with a different one.

I was trying to say something else entirely.

Lets look at what happened in China after the 1989 crackdown.

Foreign investments flooded in to the PRC for 20 years. Because they “correctly” perceived that the PRC was around as far away from a peoples republic as a country could be at that time. What I am trying to point out is that wealthy people invest where they think their money is safest from “majoritarianism” as they put it.

Do you understand why people need to understand the global shift? Otherwise they are left believing the lies that are being told to make people feel larger than life. By both parties. When actually, peoples jobs and futures are being traded away.

We all are the indigenous people, because we are all equal in our dispossession. Poor is the new indigenous.

Hi zed:
It would be nice if they paid the taxes that went with their riches…: )

Maybe making everything cashless might catch the self employed who cheat on their income taxes. (The soon to be poor)

But its not going to make a shit of difference to the people who move their incomes into secrecy jurisdictions. (the rich)

Hi zed:
Yes, THE RICH will inhabit giant private yachts-----at LEAST 12 miles off shore in international waters—and be stateless. Of course, this freedom will indeed make them stateless —BUT subject to the pirates of the closest pirate base. : ) There is no escape rich people----because—hmmm maybe the governments only allowed you to be rich so that government pirates would have more to steal.

Secrecy jurisdictions are not on boats, they are countries all around the world, also states like Delaware that have laws favoring corporate secrecy.

Read the book “Treasure Islands” .

Or watch some of the videos on Youtube with its author. Its really interesting.

A substantial and rapidly growing amount of the worlds money is parked in these places, and some ridiculous percentage of the business deals going on in the world involve them.

I have a friend who works in Panama, which is a popular secrecy jurisdiction. The stories he has told me are wild.

Some of these offices in glittering high rises are completely fake. Not even phones or furniture.

Firms rent an address and it may even be totally empty, no furniture, nothing, but from the outside its the address of record for thousands of genuine looking shell companies.

Hi zed:
So—we are actually all serfs----but we still don’t know it! : (

We are worse than serfs. Serfs entered an agreement and knew that they and their descendants would be serfs, in exchange for the noble being responsible for protecting them.

The protection wasn’t much, and the only way serfs could enforce the agreement was violent rebellion, but there was an agreement, and both parties knew that.

We weren’t even informed that we had lost our rights.

Then you wouldn’t vote for them. They argue they “have to lie” or you would vote for somebody else. They claim they are at a numerical disadvantage under “majoritarianism” or “mob rule”. They view it as their license to cheat, in the most dishonest means necessary. It they have to create a completely fake system, why not?

People are dumb enough to believe it, they deserve it. That’s what they say.

Which still makes us lower than serfs.

I think looking at North Korea has convinced our elites they could go a lot farther than they have and still get away with whatever they want.

And they are probably right. I am just trying to put myself into their shoes and imagine what they must be thinking.

How bad is it in the DPRK. Do you really want to know?

You wont ever be able to eat a meal again without thinking of them.

I agree about what the elites are doing, and why. I was just trying to clarify what to call it.

I’ve heard bits and pieces of what North Korea is like.

Another hobby of mine is genealogy. Lately I’ve been interested in the 18th century farming serfs of Westfalen. I keep seeing parallels to where we are heading today.