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Progressive Democrat Charles Booker Gains Steam Against 'Pro-Trump Democrat' Amy McGrath in Bid to Take Down McConnell

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/09/progressive-democrat-charles-booker-gains-steam-against-pro-trump-democrat-amy


This is very welcome news and should be a no brainer given the current momentum.
Mitch M. is right up there with trump as far as fascist cretin.

And what can we say about Amy McGrath?

Her endorsements say it all:

Time to channel the anger/energy/huge numbers of people wanting to effect change to oust McConnell and Amy McGrath.


“Progressive Democrat” Bit of an oxymoron that.


Well some good news that dnc puppet might lose. Go Booker.


I don’t vote blue so this has nothing to do with me in that respect.

I’m merely commenting to point out that several moderate Democrats (who call themselves progressives) who post here sometimes have bee endorsing Amy McGrath, who may be Joe Manchin’s clone.

Remember when the huge d-party majority that Obama enjoyed the first two years of his term watered down the healthcare reform bill so much that it became Romneycare? That was what an Amy McGrath would insist on if she were in the senate – a corporate wealthcare bill that the poor can’t even afford to use.


Pro trump democrat should also be an oxymoron.


Two reasons to prefer McGrath as the Dem opponent to #MoscowMitch…

If Booker gets the Dem nomination, #MoscowMitch will surely get re-elected with both the rePuke and Dumbocrap Party Leadership opposing Booker.

If McGrath gets the Dem nomination, #MoscowMitch’s PAC money will still get him re-elected but he would have to use more of it for himself and less for more vulnerable Puke senators up for re-election.

Only when referring to the leadership of the Dumbocrap Party.

The dim party has swung SO FAR to the middle these days AND the old spirit of change for the BETTER seems to have been replaced with voters who are happy with corporations running/ruining everything; an allegiance to these corporate elected reps/candidates who NEVER listen (even when 90% of their voters polled WANT mc4all); and party elites who basically blackmail the voters into voting for whoever they throw up(blue no matter who, yuck) Sorry, but I do not know that there are many progressive dems anymore or who hold any voting power. Many like me are now independent.

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I would call people like Booker “Progressive,” period. The Democratic establishment has utterly ruined what had been the party of at least some progressivism into an unaccountable, corporate money-grubbing wreck. After the debacle of 2016, I too became an Indie; this year, I changed back to Democratic only to vote for Bernie Sanders and Charles Booker in the primary—after June 23, I’m back to being an Indie.


“Be as radical as reality…”

Either Lenin or Lennon said\wrote that
Or was it one of the Marx brothers, Groucho, Chick-o, Harpo, Zeppo, Gummo or Karl

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Amy was hand-picked by Schumer. That speaks volumes. Btw, those of you that refer to McConnell as “Moscow Mitch” implying that he is a Putin agent need to get a life and stop your McCarthyite worship of the Russiagate narrative.


By any historical measure, McGrath is a Republican.
When given the choice between a real Republican and a fake one, the voters will choose the real one every time.


I’ve been an independent since 2009 when Obummer threw us - his base - under the bus and showed his true colors. I still support progressives who wear the D label. I’ve been supporting Booker since the first time I heard of him, which was some months ago. Aside from Bernie, Charles has gotten more money from me than any other politician. I am proud of him, proud that he has come from VERY far behind to be a serious contender.

One thing people don’t realize about red states, and I live next door to Kentucky in Arkansas. The people may vote for Republicans, kind of out of a knee-jerk response. But they love them some progressive policies. Arkansans voted TWICE on citizen initiatives to raise the minimum wage. Arkansans voted YES on medical cannabis. (The legislature is trying hard to keep it from ever being enacted.) A lot of people are pro-M4A, because it hits them hard when they need a doctor. And here in The Natural State, we like our wilderness areas, our rivers, and our clean air.

People everywhere are complicated. Sometimes they are self-contradictory. But don’t write red-staters off as hopeless. (The evangelicals, maybe, but not the general populace. Trump is pretty much down to the evangelicals at this point.)


Beijing Mitch just doesn’t have the same catchy sound, but is probably closer to the reality of it, given his ties…

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Surly no one is surprised that Wall Street Democrats will support one of their own!


Thank you! I appreciate the input on your experiences with red states. I have been aware of real contrasts in populations vs politics in Texas where my cousin lives with his partner. Dallas/FtW and Houston are bastions of gay and racially diverse interests and people, despite being solid red. Seems hopeful then, to assume that possible changes are happening albeit more slowly that we would like in that gas rich cowboy state.


another awful Dem in mcgrath.

the cupboard just doesn’t run bare in democratic party reactionaries, does it?


Kentucky doesn’t need a Corporate Democrat to replace a Corporate Republican.

Donate to Charles Booker and help Kentucky come back from the edge of obscurity.


They put the middle behind them during the Clinton administration.