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Progressive Democrats Look to Massachusetts for Next 2020 Primary Night Victories

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/01/progressive-democrats-look-massachusetts-next-2020-primary-night-victories

GO PROGRESSIVES, DEFEAT THE DAMN DEMS! the likes of Pelosi and her gang of thieves.

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I am very disappointed that my former neighbors continue to vote for a guy who has been selling them out for over 3 decades. Until most Americans start paying attention to what their representatives are doing, we’ll all keep paying the price. How the hell can a Democrat vote for a man who held a party for AIG at the Capitol?

My three progressives are Teddy Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt and Bobby Kennedy.
I teach these to my perogi proggies.

The roman numeral III behind Joe’s name is a hurt because regular folks associate this with
handed down money, power, arrogance, etc.
Joe P. was a scoundrel.
His son, Joe was a ww2 hero, bomber pilot in the european fight.

Heck, if anybody in DC accomplishes even 20% of what the three heroes did, they would be on mount Rushmore.

Eleanor and Bobby for civil rights. Alone, deserves loud applause.

Joe lost but is young and there are many elections to come in Massachusetts.

He lost?! Yay!! I phone banked for Ed Markey a few times, then switched to Alex Morse. Aren’t people amazing? So anxious to throw the progressives under the bus for fear of rocking the boat. (Sorry for the mixed metaphors!) But so glad to hear that the good guy won this time. Whew!

“Hallelujah - a real Progressive won.”

Congratulations Ed Markey. Fuck you Nancy Pelosi.

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Dear Nancy, what sanctions are you going to to put on the Joe Kennedy orginization for challenging an incumbent? Let’s be consistent.