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Progressive Democrats Threaten to Tank $733 Billion in 'Crazy' Pentagon Spending If Social Programs Not Also Boosted


Progressive Democrats Threaten to Tank $733 Billion in 'Crazy' Pentagon Spending If Social Programs Not Also Boosted

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus are threatening to wield their significant power in the House to tank a key budget measure unless the Democratic leadership agrees to boost healthcare, education, and other domestic social spending in line with the Pentagon's budget increase.

"We need to prioritize our communities, not our military spending. Progressives aren’t backing down from this fight."
—Rep. Pramila Jayapal



Yes, Yes and more yes!



“Progressives aren’t backing down from this fight.” But Pelosi and Schumer could care less. They don’t answer to progressive’s, they answer to Lockheed and Boeing and they want the money now.



More losses for the Empire. At least 3 US soldiers and an amerikan security contractor have been KIA in Afghanistan this morning. I guess the Taliban doesn’t like high drug prices, income inequality or border walls either.

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It would not matter if 99% of the American people opposed the Pentagon’s budget, because the American people have little or no political power. The 1% have managed to make our country a military, dictatorship to support America’s, world wide, empire of vested, economic, interests. Having 800 world wide military bases, that we know about, corroborates my statement quite well!



Thank you progressives!



The neoliberal democrat politician cares little for our vote. Rep.llhan Omar correctly described them. ‘Its all about the Benjamins baby’.



"While the House Democratic leadership has agreed to bring the progressives’ amendment on the floor for a vote, Politico reported late Monday that senior Democrats “privately hope it won’t pass.”

Stop and think about this statement. A small increase in spending, peanuts compared to the overall budget, peanuts compared to the INCREASE in military spending, and senior Democrats “privately hope it won’t pass”. If you want to know how the Republicans, as horrible as they are, continue to be competitive with the Democrats, this is it. Yeah, there are progressives in the Democratic Party, but they are far outnumbered by horrible, empty people. At the national level, it is a right wing party, with some people on the not too radical left sprinkled in.



There has been a lot of talk about “collusion” in the USA of late it being directed at Russia when the collusion in fact exists right under peoples noses with the Democrats and Republicans.

The con is rather easy to pull off and has been done time and time again. In the case of Military spending it works like this. Both sides want keep fueling that monster with ever more in the way of dollars and both sides want to see those dollars increased. The Republicans make an off the Charts demand for more spending. The Democrats cry this is too much and we suggest a compromise. The illusion is created that the Democrats somehow antiwar , the Republicans support a strong Military and the Pentagon gets MORE money.

The reality is the Democrats are proposing MORE.

A true progressive would call for spending on the Military to drop and drop significantly. Cut it in half would be a first step but none will go there.



One of these days we better go there, otherwise in a huff and a puff all these Nazis will attempt to blow the house down! Every bomb that is built, every bullet that is made takes food, clothing and shelter away from all of the struggling people in the world. This is not sustainable for a minute, cut the military budget and audit the Pentagon. Peace



Vietnam continued until no one would lend the USA any more money at reasonable loan rates. Then the US pulled out, leaving genocide in Cambodia, and we suffered through ten years of stagflation.

We have passed $22 trillion in national debt. Oh, it’s just some number, but would you say the same thing about your home mortgage if you were borrowing infinitely against your home?

Empire-sized military might is a mirage in a nuclear-tipped world. So, its sole purpose is to make a few people quite rich.



Normal people living in normal times and in a normal country would think that even this SMALL boost in “social” programs would be miniscule. But, it is a start. It gets the conversation (that we should have had 30 yrs ago) out there anyway.



Murica is just so shameful, has to morals , no conscious, no integrity. Our government is just pure fake news. Our very own government hates us (we the people). THIS SYSTEM MUST DIE!



It’s nice that the progressive Demos want to dribble a few more crumbs to our society’s unfortunates. But it would be nicer if we had a real debate on our insane military budget and its basis on our insane foreign policies. Folks, we’re in, like, the 21st Century. Maybe it’s time to be thinking about how we’re going to deal with little things like climate change, species extinction, overpopulation, threat of nuclear annihilation, Frankenstein genetically modified creations, super-viruses, … We simply can’t do it if we humans are at each other’s throats. If we don’t get past the bullshit, and soon, I think our species is f**ked.



The Democrats were only really a social democratic party for a half a century or so. Before and after, it is a pretty right wing party, and continues to be. Neoliberalism has utterly destroyed that party though, and people around the age of Beto and Harris on up (with one, possibly two, exception in the 2020 race) are gone, worthless as far as actually advancing progressive policies. They came up in an era where certain types of Democrats won, and those Democrats supported policies that were horrible failures over the long term. Not only are those in charge of the party on the far right on most major issues (they are, they aren’t anywhere near the center of popular opinion on major issues), but they have no capacity at all and no interest in imagining another world. Actual alternatives, an actual vision, policy coherence, taking on their large donors, not in the cards. And while people cheered the last election, what was the ideological composition of those that actually won? Who did organizations like the DCCC throw their support behind? There is simply nothing at all, nothing, to go on the offensive with, since you need an actual vision, policy coherence, alternatives, to organize towards. The Democrats don’t have that, and while the left is winning more than it did before, it is still way outnumbered in that dying party.

We can debate whether or not to bother to bring that rotting corpse back to life, but there is no logic as far as throwing all your eggs in that basket. There should be no more patience with just assuming everything flows through that party at this point. Its leaders cannot be reasoned with, they have no integrity and don’t support structural changes that are long overdue. They respond to threats to their power, so threaten their power one way or another. Threaten not only their power, but also the power of their worthless consultant friends, their buddies at the propaganda mills they call think tanks, their Pravda-like propagandists in the media, threaten the whole thing. If they build up this monstrous system and it cannot be reformed, tear it down and all the parasites along with it.



Ideological old school Republicans control the “Democratic” party and have since it was sold to the Koch Bros. in the 80’s
“Centrist” and “moderates” are not on the ‘Democratic’ scale and haven’ been for almost 40 years



Of all the people running in that horrible party, I think there are a couple people worthy of support. Most of them are rotten candidates that offer policies that are not up to the task ahead of us. Some of them give nice speeches though, really great words, the best words, phrases I oh so love. What they offer is nowhere near enough. It is Bernie, Tulsi, maybe Warren, and a sea of nothing.



I saw today that even two of Beto’s people left him today, after finally researching his record, and are joining Bernie.

I agree with your list. I think Warren should be included in Bernie’s administration.



Warren does in fact have many good policy ideas worth considering, ideas the actual left should think about. Postal/public banking, a publicly owned enterprise to make generic drugs at cost, etc. Good policy. But, she is pretty unpopular. I don’t think it is fair that she is unpopular, but she is. But, she would be great if Bernie were elected to work in his administration.



The “progressives” are NOT demanding or asking for a @DeptofDefense budget REDUCTION. That budget needs to be cut by at least 50%, the #endlesswar stopped, and all personnel withdrawn to the #USA. The US military is the single largest polluter on the planet. #ExtinctionRebellion