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Progressive Disgusted After Sen. Schumer's 'Outrageous' Break on Iran Deal


Progressive Disgusted After Sen. Schumer's 'Outrageous' Break on Iran Deal

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Amid general disgust among progressives, the activist group MoveOn.org on Friday announced it would launch a "donor strike" against the Democratic Party over Sen. Chuck Schumer's (D-N.Y.) break with colleagues and President Barack Obama over the Iran nuclear agreement, calling Schumer's opposition of the deal "outrageous and unacceptable."


Schumer is certainly showing whose interests and lives matter to him. MoveOn.org's campaign is a good one but Sheldon will more than make up for any loss of $.


Senator Shumer does not surprise us with his actions. He supported Netanyahu speaking before the Congress, he voted for the Iraq war, he has disrespected the leader of his Party, President Obama, in servitude to his Israeli and AIPAC masters. What I do know is that he has no alternative plan. He has been startingly wrong about the Iraq invasion as was Netanyahu and he has pretty much stabbed his President and fellow Senator John Kerry in the back. To me, he demonstrates a total lack of loyalty to his Party, his country, and his President. Whatever his motives may be he should not be elevated to any kind of leadership position in the Senate. We all want to protect Israel but we want to put America first and give peace a chance. This treaty allows that to happen. Shumer shows no statesmanship. A total disappointment.


Just ensuring his re-election.


I awoke to this news about Schumer this morning. Not finding anything here I found and read a web page by him "My Position on the Iran Deal" and the subsequent comments (I could not find how to leave a comment.) Go there and read it for yourself, but Schumer's reasoning is so weak and contradictory as to really frighten me about the prospects of this man as Minority or Majority leader in the Senate.

Been trying - unsatisfactorily - to compose an e-mail to him, and since he is Jewish, felt that emphasizing how refusing to normalize and re-integrate Iran into the world community does nothing to enhance the security of Israel. He claims that Iran will never change, an official disposition supported in part by many distortions and misrepresentations, and he seems blind as to how Iran should find any incentive to reject extreme responses when they continue to be demonized and choked. Not even by completely humiliating Iran (which Iran has so far not allowed to happen) will satisfy, it seems, our most rabid war hounds.

Brilliant and insightful US policy through the decades has virtually assured that should Iran be re-integrated into world markets, their business will not be going to the US. Oops. The only hope of securing at least some of their resources and trade is to be an honest party to this endeavor and make a serious and uncharacteristic attempt at peace.


Obviously turncoat Schumer is generously rewarded & enriched by Wall st. for his warmogering!
He belongs in the GOP along with Hillary ,Feinstien,& the rest of those blue dog duesch bags!!



You forgot to mention his allegiances with banksters.


The Zionist domination of the US establishment must acquire the highest possible profile in all media and areas of discourse. It must become the central theme of this vote. Email it, Tweet it, Facebook it, Comment it, shout it from the roof tops if you have to. There is an opportunity here because the nation's attention is focused on it.

There may not be another opportunity for a very long time.


Schumer is a progressive? MoveOn.org can't properly identify a progressive.


It is a pity that a foreign PAC accompanied by a few billionaires of similar ilk can turn the once US Government into a bunch of cringing dogs willing to do anything for a bone from their master.
* Millions have written, demonstrated, begged that there be no more wars, that this agreement, with a nation that is historically non-aggressive, should not be destroyed by a bunch of hypocrites that want to line their pockets with war profits as they send their children to die for the corporations. Meanwhile condemning to death by sanction, children of that nation, as it did the children of Iraq.
* BDS is working, Israel is whimpering. Expand BDS to all the nations that that live by war and greed. The only thing the 0.001% feels, is the pain of an empty wallet, something that we of the 99.999% are quite familiar with year in and year out.
* BDS the US until it expels its foreign agents and rids itself of the camp followers that have become its government.
* BDS the European Greedopoly that starves nations to feed their own greed, NATO, that lives for expanding war and dreams of an unwinnable conflict with Russia. Unwinnable because if it comes to pass, we shall all die.
* The United States of America used to be a "government of the people, by the people and for the people," but has degenerated into a government of the people, by the Knesset, and for the Likud.
* It is time for change!


Trillions for wars and these warmongers want more........until this mercenary class is stopped on shore main street Americans will continue to slide into poverty.


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Absolutely agree with you, Pacific. I guess he thought he'd soften this blow by appearing with his relative, Amy, the other day. There is no way to soften it when someone behaves this badly.


The GOP made very clear their belief in their own power when they invited Netanyahu to speak to Congress. That was not only an insult to Democrats in Congress, it was a huge insult to Americans. We were being told we do not matter. We were being told only the Rich, GOP matters. They do whatever they like. It is time to vote them out. I just hope enough Americans are awakening so we can make it happen.


Schumer likes Israel more than than the US. Is he one of those dual citizens?


HIs 'Loyalty" (such as it is) remains with what is good for Israel and he adheres to what AIPAC tells him to. He knows what side his challah is buttered on. His intentions are so very transparent. What a cesspool the world of politics was, is, and will continue to be.


"perhaps it is time to change his nickname from Wall Street Chuck to Warmonger Chuck."
Senator Schmuck would be a more proper name! Just another corpoRATe DemocRAT! "BDS"!!!


The chickens come home to roost. Some of us wrote to our senators several months ago protesting that Schumer was anointed to succeed Harry Reid. If the Dem party cannot revisit this selection and reverse it, they will no longer deserve anyone's support, except the gullible.


I am deeply disappointed in the senior senator from New York. I had assumed that as a Democrat he would always do what I consider to be the right thing. It seems not.