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Progressive Flank Refuses to Accept Obama's Relentless Pitch on TPP


Progressive Flank Refuses to Accept Obama's Relentless Pitch on TPP

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Inciting preemptive pushback from advocacy groups, organized labor, and some Democratic lawmakers, President Barack Obama is expected to beat the drum for the corporate-friendly Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in his State of the Union (SOTU) address on Tuesday night.


If anybody has a strong believable pitch on why this man is supporting this disasterous corporate entitlement program called TPP, I'm with Ross Perot...we're all ears.

WTH is going on?


If the TPP and other pacts go through, it leaves very little room for anything other than full on revolution to remove the problem.


Out one side of his mouth Obama will tout the global climate deal, while out of the other he will be pushing a trade deal that essentially undoes it, along with many other horrible consequences.


There are the liberal causes, but I'm not aware of any Progressive flank. By definition, progressive policies focus primarily on core socioeconomic issues -- from the bottom up. Democrats and liberals remain all about the middle class. This is possible only because they believe our corporate state is now so successful, that everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. Progressives know better, and they always have. To stand with the middle class alone is to stand for maintaining the status quo -- not progress. It took the legitimate progressive policies and programs of the 20th Century to create the massive middle class we once had, until we got rid of those policies and programs. I'm not aware of any "flank" calling for investing in legitimate poverty relief/social programs today.


Remember NAFTA? Compliments of Democratic President Bill Clinton.

Repeal Glass-Steagall? Same again.

Who was Bill Clinton's Treasury? Robert Rubin who heads Citi!

They're as bad as the Republican clown car.

Just a thought.


Actually, before launching her campaign, Hillary Clinton was working hard at selling the TPP to Congress. Liberal media spent nearly all of 2015 hard-selling Clinton, which would indicate that liberals had no real problem with the TPP.

The question that comes up when people mention revolution: If we had a revolution, who would fight whom? What the rich are now doing to the middle class is simply what the middle class already did to the poor.


Transcanada suing the US government over Keystone XL is but a blip compared to what will happen with the dispute resolution wording in the TPP.


That is one thing that is interesting about the TPP (and TTIP, TISA) - it (they) shake up the usual fault lines and lays to bare a key difference between liberals and progressives. Thanks to hubbie Bill, liberals have become the corporate wing of the Dems. They are still socially to the left unless doing so will upset their corporate elite benefactors. That is why Hillary's sudden 'come to Jesus' moment on the TPP is so disingenuous.

The revolution becomes (and has to become) a matter of the 99% v. the 1% or it does not happen. .


Do not confuse liberals with the "liberal media". The liberal media is much like Bigfoot. While a few have claimed to see it, it simply doesn't exist




For selling out the 99% to enrich the .01% with NAFTA, Telecom dereg., killing Glass-Stegall, commodities "modernization", etc., ever since 2001 Bill Clinton has enjoyed an 8 figure annual corporate speaking fee income ($17 million in 2013 alone) plus boatloads of corporate contributions to the family foundation.

Combined with ACA, TPP, TTIP and TISA are the Obama's ticket on that same gravy train.


I always try to remember to specify "media," which have been strikingly out of touch with We the Ordinary for a very long time.


Just like his hero slick Willie did with his unholy alliance with Phil Graham and their commodities dereg act, the TPP is going to be Barack Obama's final "Fuck You" to the American people. It will also prove to be the poison pill that finally finishes what Clinton started a generation ago, the eviceration of the Democratic Party.
It will be like the story of Moses from Exodous. All mention of the names and policies of FDR and LBJ will be struck from the history books. No evidence of their existence will remain.
Barack Hussein Obama is about to start stuffing money into his pockets, run for curb, and flip us off as he hops into a limo headed for Wall Street.


yeah, like politicians, media is owned by the capstone elite whether they know it or not. grist for the oppressive mill.


Although I have to point out that there is no "99%" today, as they are profoundly divided by class. In a nutshell, if we had a revolution, who would fight whom? What the rich are now doing to the middle class is what the middle class already did to the poor. People need food and shelter, and the answer remains, "No!"


My opinion (actually. just a guess) is that much of the media (such as MSNBC) know it, and are trying to pull the country to the right, thinking "ordinary people" are too stupid to be able to think for themselves.


unfortunately, the education system is designed to teach us what to think--not how to think, so it does tend to be an effective strategy. . . for a while. regards-


This isn't about progressives versus conservatives, this is about the people and their sovereignty versus the fascists (corporate control over the state). http://coloradopublicbanking.blogspot.com/2013/08/for-profit-banks-admit-failure-seek-to.html


Jill Stein of the Green Party will offer a response live on RT’s Watching the Hawks. Tune into Watching the Hawks tonight immediately after the State of the Union.