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Progressive Foreign Policy and Ending Endless War: What Democrats Want

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/30/progressive-foreign-policy-and-ending-endless-war-what-democrats-want

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Severely curtailing “Endless War” would mean less need for foreign military bases, less need for numbers of enlisted member, less need for Arms Manufacturers products, less need for $Trillion annual budgets.

Cute article but does anybody here really believe Democratic Establishment leaders are going to give up their meal tickets for “another term” in Congress?

Look at their actions, don’t listen to their words.


Get money out of politics. Run the lobbyists the hell out of DC. Do we still need the nuclear triad (did we ever)? The planet is burning. We lack political will to move toward more sustainable and arguably enjoyable ways of life because “we’ve always done things these ways”. Our system, both national and international, is so FUBAR that it is only a game to see who can game it for the biggest prizes. That model has never worked through time; all empires have fallen. Forget what Democrats want and focus on what Progressives need.


What the progressives need is more voters. We keep trying but it’s like trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
As many here have hinted in the past, we apparently have it too good to care enough to change things.
More poverty, more war, more wage disparity, less jobs available-(I guess this
is where GATS comes in), and less healthcare security.
I guess we just have not bottomed out yet.


A combined 84% of Democrats want a hybrid of " smart " and " soft " power in their future foreign policy actions. This certainly sends a cautionary signal to the Biden/Harris campaign.
The rank-and-file haven’t lost their ability to do math, even if those in Washington, D.C. think they have. Priority No.1 is not the wishlists of the MIC, PIC or the DoD. Not anymore, how about much less? Got it appropriators?
It’s not too late for Democratic Leadership to make clear to their most ardent supporters that they’re capable or re-ordering their priorities, going forward. Now, all they need to learn is, to say it like they mean it, for a real change.


The People’s Party convention just laid out a fantastic platform which includes a non-interventionist, pro-peace foreign policy. Support The People’s Party. The Dem Party is hopelessly right-wing.


Perhaps our leaders should focus on what children need. All children, in every part of the world.

Children need peace. They need clean water, clean air, and healthy food. They need parks, forests, wild rivers, wild salmon, abundant wildlife. They need loving, compassionate parents and teachers. They need art and music and dance and philosophy.

Children should be the focus of all public policy.

Quite clearly, the leadership of the DNC-GOP junta is anti-family, anti-child, anti-nature. Trump/Biden/ Pelosi/Schumer/Cheney/Bush/Pence/Clinton/Harris/Gore/et al are nihilists. To them, there are no transcendental values. To them, life has no meaning at all. To them, there is only me me me me me me me and greed greed greed greed greed. Their life-long project is to destroy all value, destroy all love, destroy all compassion, so the whole world comes to resemble the irredeemable darkness of their souls.


We will Never, Ever get a Progressive Foreign Policy from Warmonger Joe.

We will Never, Ever get a Progressive agenda from Wall Street, Corporate Joe.

Biden’s refusal to move toward a more Progressive agenda, Like Medicare For All is going to cost him the election.

It is obvious Endless War Joe is going to lose the election because he has offered the Progressive Wing of the Country absolutely nothing to be hopeful about or a reason to wait on line at the polls.

Without the Young Vote and the enthusiasm of the Progressives he is going down in history as an also ran candidate. Bernie’s rhetoric that Joe is throwing the Progressives a Bone is falling on deaf ears.

He is as he has always been a Puppet of his Corporate Donors and has no inclination to give We The People what we demand.

He and his son Hunter are only interested in Lining their pockets with as much money from Influence Peddling as possible.


Correction, here’s what the unDemocratic party wants:

The neo-liberal cabal that calls itself the democratic party wants you to believe the fraud they perpetrated on an energized and growing progressive movement that was driven into a ditch by Bernie Sanders, is just the way politics works. They want to make sure that their private entity status, the one that allows them to throw away ballots, disenfranchise huge numbers of people, and supersede the desires of who they call their base via superdelegates, remains unchallenged and accepted as unchangeable.

The unDemocratic party wants, no EXPECTS, you to kneel down, open your pie-hole, hold your nose, (you ARE kindly allowed to gag, I mean that’s a reflex, right?), and swallow. Afterwards, you will be slapped in the face and told to STFU.

That’s what the “Democrats” who rule the unDemocratic party want. That is their purpose.

The only way this abuse will stop, is if voters stop saying “Thank you sir, may I have another.”

That. Is. The. Only. Way.


Too many people, including the author still consider the “Democratic Party” a political party, it’s not, it’s a corporation, the 2018 lawsuit proved this, and a sitting judge confirmed it. This is why they refuse to move to the left, no matter what the polling numbers are for any given subject, from their “base” voters. They don’t care, and legally they don’t have to listen to what any majority of the voters want. 2016 and now 2020 voting cycles have been a con and fraud by the dnc to maintain that base and afford some amount of legitimacy to the “party”, and those working inside the party, instead of stepping outside of it, are continuing that con on dem voters, nothing more.
The longer the voters keep falling for the con, and voting for them, the longer the game of the people getting nothing goes on. There was a very articulate, smart, savvy woman on the 2016 ballot who would have fought for the people, but most here rejected her, because she wasn’t “one of them”, and “couldn’t win”. Because many of the dem base disliked Clinton, many votes were lost, not to Trump, they just refused to vote at all, sad because if more had been courageous enough to step outside that political box, that so many believe is “impossible”, our world would be a much different place today.


So I guess you support the current sitting president who is encouraging his supporters to go out and kill people on the left? Trump demonizes the left----and the left go after Biden??? The left screwed itself in this election-----but what’s new.

Did they ask people if it is ok to have sanctions on Venezuela -sanctions that are killing children

I agree. Proof that the Democratic Establishment is deaf to its rank and file desire for a peaceful foreign policy arrives regularly in my inbox. Several “progressive” organizations in the DNC orbit have been emailing out polls (always accompanied by a request to “chip in”) asking us to prioritize issues of concern. They provide a list of issues, all of them worthy enough, but never included is anything to do with adopting a more peaceful foreign policy. Sometimes, an “Other” option is provided, and I use this opportunity to voice my opinion that none of the other issues listed can compare with the priority of peace. Little progress is possible in a state of war, even the perpetual sandbox wars of this 21st century. And the growing danger of nuclear war threatens life on earth itself.

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JB and the Dems have already lost the “election”. The three Republican-owned companies which own and control the software of EVERY VOTING MACHINE in this country have appointed Trump for his second term. Fuggedaboudit! Third Party is the only way to save this country and probably the world. Maybe. If it’s not already too late.

cc: @SkepticTank, @dpearl, @Plutogirl, @Mike_Schaeffer

I agree, and I made an attempt to remedy just that part of the equation. Biden is a disaster on all the other fronts you listed, but I was willing to pledge my vote anyway if he reversed on just one (M4A) - it sounds crazy to say out loud, but I still stand by my offer. I was able to find a way to contact almost everyone on my To: list for an open letter to get as many people to make the same offer except two. Briahna Joy Gray has no email (her ~@intercept.com email is dead) and only twitter and same with Kyle Kulinski.

(Everyone with a large public presence should at least have a form based email like Nader and Kucinich and use an intelligent spam filter or pay an intern to screen email. How can you be progressive and not give a way for people who listen to you to contact you? Not everyone uses twitter and my open letter doesn’t fit there anyway.)

This will be my last post on this, but in case anyone was interested, here is the final version along with a nice reply I got from Dr. John Geymen within just a few hours. I’d like to try to retain some optimism whatever happens in Nov and believe the words of Dr. Geymen that “Real change CAN come” but it isn’t easy.

Dear Dr. Geyman,

Loved your interview on Ralph Nader’s show earlier this year. I thought you might be interested in the following open letter I am attempting to get started.

Open letter to:

(Progressive Media, Pundits, or Politicians)
Krystal Ball (~@KrystalBall)
Jimmy Dore (~@jimmy_dore, ~info@jimmydorecomedy.com)
Briahna Joy Gray (~@briebriejoy)
Katie Halper (~@kthalps)
Dennis Kucinich (~https://kucinich.com/index.php/contact)
Kyle Kulinski (~@KyleKulinski)
Ralph Nader (~@RalphNader, ~https://nader.org/contact/)
David Sirota (~@davidsirota, dsirota [at] davidsirota [dot] com)
Stef Zamorano (~@miserablelib)

Dr. Margaret Flowers (~info@pnhp.org)
Dr. John Geyman (~jgeyman [at] uw [dot] edu)
Dr. Steffie Woolhandler (~info@pnhp.org)

Dear Medicare for All proponents,

Much of progressive media has been providing us with important information on how Medicare for All (I’ll use M4A) only makes more sense as more people are tossed into unemployment while we are under the biggest public health crises I’ve lived through. This only adds to the fact that we live in a time of high wealth inequality in the US with many people not being able to afford health care through the current model. To those championing M4A in progressive media, thank you. And to those in PNHP and other organizers, thank you for never giving up on pushing for this important and for many, life defining change we must push through.

The reason I am contacting all of you is that I’ve heard many in progressive media say that Biden would be a better candidate (more likely to win) if he would admit he made a mistake and embrace M4A. And some (see * below) have said they would go so far as to vote for Biden if he does truly embrace M4A and won’t vote for him otherwise. I live in a solid blue state and was already planning to vote for the Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins, but I would also be willing to give my vote to Biden if he would make such a convincing move (see ** for how to be convincing).

If a significant portion of you would network together and push this idea on your shows or interviews and get as many people (well-known or not) to sign on to some form of open letter or petition, Biden will have concrete information to help him or his campaign team see the light. I see that voters voting by mail could be marking their actual ballots in early September in one state, but I imagine most voters will be waiting till October, but either way time is short.

It still seems like a long shot, but I know if we don’t try now, our chances of influencing a Biden administration in January will diminish to near zero. And I know if Biden ignores those of us who point this out, he will more likely lose, which much as I’d like to see corporate Democrats learn a lesson, I don’t think they will, and I don’t think that outcome is good for the M4A movement either. The best we can get would be for Biden to back M4A now and win in November. Let’s make that happen. I welcome any of your ideas and discussion.

Thanks for your consideration,

Dara Parsavand (CA)
[@1Nall’s name, address and state added here - nobody else sent theirs to add though some agreed in the comments to the idea of this letter]


(*) The two people I’m thinking of primarily here are Briahna Joy Gray and Jimmy Dore. Briahna discussed her piece in Current Affairs (~https://www.currentaffairs.org/2020/07/in-defense-of-litmus-tests) with Michael Moore (who I’m afraid would not be willing to make the pledge I’m proposing) in episode 111 of Rumble. I’m not positive Briahna would be willing to sign such a pledge based on just a convincing switch to M4A but it seems like it. Jimmy Dore is certainly more caustic against Biden, but even he implies in his video “Biden LOSING His Lead Over TRUMP! Still Won’t Support Medicare-For-All!” (~https://youtu.be/MiJkdCkOQco) said (at the 10 minute mark): “If Joe Biden wants my vote, he has to offer me health care, he has to at least give me lip service, and he won’t even do that, so I’m not voting for him unless he does.” […] Steph: “Come get my vote”, Jimmy: “Tell him you are not voting for him until he offers us Medicare for All”. This also seems like Steph and Jimmy would be willing to sign the open letter.

(**) I realize politicians make promises all the time that they don’t keep and that David Sirota made public remarks from Biden’s team that they will likely be claiming they don’t have money to do anything (I realize Biden’s team doesn’t believe in MMT or deficit spending, but M4A has always been proposed with matching taxes that are lower for most people than costs now). I’d like to leave it up to the experts on what would constitute a sufficient promise from Biden, but I do believe one is possible. I have an idea that could be part of the package: Biden should choose a surgeon general now, one that is completely on board with M4A being an important part of improving our country’s public health, one that is associated with PNHP right now. This may seem symbolic, but it is important to put a face to the promise, but ultimately we probably need some type of commitment from Biden on how he is going to handle the people in the House and Senate who are currently not on board. Bully pulpit is one thing, but as we know from Obama’s time, a lot of arm-twisting goes on behind the scenes (sorry Dennis Kucinich). I would be open to anything the experts suggest on this front.

Hello, Dara:

Great job you are doing as an activist for Medicare for All. For your interest, there was a big response after Ralph Nader’s Radio Hour on my book. Since then I’ve sent copies to Senators and Representatives in 30 states in the names of 135 requestors. Please send me your mailing address and I will send you that book, as well as my latest Common Sense pamphlet, Medicare for All: Foundation of a ‘New Normal’ in U. S. Health Care .

Keep up your strong and effective advocacy. Real change CAN come!

All the best, John Geyman

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Very well done, Dara! Now we hope it can get some deserved attention and momentum.

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