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Progressive Group Denounces Roberts' Refusal to Investigate Federal Judge's Retirement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/09/progressive-group-denounces-roberts-refusal-investigate-federal-judges-retirement

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Nancy and the kids love to Bark At The Moon
Roberts is part of the Fascist Cabal. He is NOT going to help - ever

You’ll need a different approach children


Used to be legacy mattered. Not any more. It’s all about ideology. Roberts has already distinguished himself as a compliant toady willing to engender a fascist agenda.


Not surprising. How can you expect a corrupt judge to investigate another corrupt judge?


The mess may be too big to fix now. Not only would a new administration in January have to deal with a nation in economic collapse, and a society on the verge of civil war, they will also have to enact the most progressive agenda in the nations history all the while fighting a fascist federal court system that will hell bent on preventing that agenda.
Day one, congress must move to impeach and remove any and all Trump nominees to the federal bench.
Man, I just about choked on my lunch laughing at what I just wrote. A progressive agenda and a war against the federal courts to waged by Biden, Nancy, and the rest of the third way fascist-light crowd? Jesus, what was I thinking?


The courts are gone.


Not what you are eating; what are you smoking my friend. You must have some pretty good stuff in order to have that pipe dream!

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Hi Vladimir_Bone_Spur_tRump:

I didn’t know that Chief Judge Roberts was going bald until he was in charge of the Trump trial.
Maybe as his hair leaves—so do his brain cells It really seems to be a crappy court----and getting crapper all the time as it seems to vote quite often along party lines------ : (


fucking facists all of them. May their associates and wives continue to be infected and may they end up going where all fascists end up. in graves around the world. When I read of Miller’s wife testing positive yesterday I jumped for joy, another intimate bastard of the trumpian gang.


The “Vote Blue” crowd is using RBG as a reason for voting for ByeDone (R-Visa). Like that really matters. Can’t they count? It’s 7-2 right now. Then it will be 8-1. Big deal. ByeDone (R-Visa) would only appoint more neoliberal hacks. He would never pack the court, which is the only viable solution.


I like your humor! Yea, Nancy and Chuck are going to stomp their feet and demand another investigation that’s gonna go nowhere…because this whole kabuki theatre of a make-believe congress for the people is a joke. Funny how the dems have let McConnell pack all the federal court positions with fascist judges. Huh, I thought they were the people’s representatives?


Hi Vladimir_Bone_Spur_tRump:

Seeing how badly Biden treated Anita Hill and the other women who had something to say about Clarence Thomas but were ignored --who would trust him to ever be fair. Besides Clarence Thomas is an awful judge—and sadly , as time went on, more and more judges were voted in for political reasons------Who can forget the immortal words of Clarence…“There’s a pubic hair on my Coke can… or was it Who put a pubic hair…”
Think of the work of Thurgood Marshall and see how far the court has fallen. : (


Speaking of Clarence Thomas…this week there is talk of that 70 something year old Scalia rubber stamp retiring ASAP so Trump can appoint a younger fascist SCOTUS judge, just to make sure that the SCOTUS stays stacked for at least two generations.

To add insult to injury you can safely bet your last nickle that Scalia’s son will be Trump’s first choice to replace Thomas.

If I were writing a screenplay for a horror movie I can’t think of a scarier title than SON OF SCALIA.


“progressive group denounces”…“house democrats call on”…“congress and fed urged”…“fresh demand for”…“Warren calls out”…“says Sanders”…

All the demands and hand wringing and indignation is useless with a criminal president who listens only to the crazed voices in his head, a fascist republican party whose sole purpose is the destruction of the federal government’s ability to govern, and a weak kneed, spineless ‘opposition party’ that is so afraid of its own shadow they yield to the fascists EVERY SINGLE TIME because they are afraid of being yelled at by the school yard bully.

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I’ve thought that for a year now. I still believe Thomas will step down by August, and another young fascist can be placed on the court, all but guaranteeing a fascist majority for the next 20 years.
Of course a new POTUS could change the whole thing over night by simply adding 6 more justices, but let’s face it. What are the odds that Biden would do anything that radical?


I was predicting that Thomas would step down before the end of Trump’s term. They may try to get as many as 3 before the end of the year, 1 way or another. I hope that the 4 non-fascist justices have plenty of trustworthy personal protection.

McConnell: All you old-ass Republican judges, retire now while we still have a chance to fuck the public with a right-wing judiciary.

Roberts: Move along, nothing to see here.

Roberts. Just another bought and paid for right-winger. True justice has been flushed my friends.


Retirement well upholstered by big donors, no doubt.

The infection advances. The dumpster burns on.


Signs of American brainwashing and political lethargy are all around us.
Today’s local neighborhood web site has a lady who had her “Anybody but trump” yard sign swiped. Well there is one ambiguous sign.
A replying soul stated, paraphrased: “We need to worry less about things like this.”
I replied, Sorry my friend, we need to worry more.