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Progressive Groups Launch #NeverBloomberg Campaign, Demanding Top Democrats Oppose Former New York Mayor's Run

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/28/progressive-groups-launch-neverbloomberg-campaign-demanding-top-democrats-oppose

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If Bloomberg prevails there will be two Creatures from the Black Lagoon running for president. Swamp monsters vying for the top job in the U.S. Unbelievable.


Good luck with this. Money is their “manna.”

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I personally do not know a single soul that will vote for bloomberg.

It seems most people are reflexively repulsed by the very thought of his existence.


To all those in agreement, send a letter of intent to the DNC.

Remember Bloomberg, thou art mortal!
Remember Trump, thou art mortal!
Remember Steyer, thou art mortal!

“Remember Caesar, thou art mortal” was supposedly said in Caesar’s ear as he marched in triumph through the streets of Rome. Caesar was one of the richest men in Rome. When you have it all, I guess by then the only thing you want is to have more? Gee, even billionaires get old and kick the golden bucket too. Seems almost unfair to have all that money and power and yet you still have to go just like the rest of us eventually.

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As someone who was born on the Island of Manhattan, I am thoroughly Ashamed of my fellow New Yorker’s for electing this Egocentric Greedy Bigot 3 times. What the Hell were you thinking.

Like Trump he tried to scare New Yorker’s into thinking that Young Black and Latino men were the cause of all the violence in NY and imposed the Humiliating Stop & Frisk program to keep these potential Criminals in their Place.

He is obviously the most demented type of Racial Bigot imaginable, assuming Black and Latino young men are destined to be Criminals.

I wholeheartedly applaud the Progressive Groups trying to bring attention to the Sociopathic mentality of Mike Bloomberg, he certainly does not belong in the Party of FDR, he would be much more comfortable in the Party of Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms and Donald Trump.



If Bernie isn’t the candidate, I will probably hold my nose and vote for whoever is, even, perish the thought, Biden. Except Bloomberg. I would write in Bernie. If Bernie gets a plurality and a DNC movida puts someone else in I would also write in Bernie.

Yes. As a dear friend used to say, “You’ll never see a hearse pulling a U-Haul trailer.”


That, in fact, is exactly where he was until 2018–a fact being frantically ignored by those who attack Sanders as “not a real Democrat.”


If that happens you’re going to get a lot of votes for third and fourth parties.

I’m a progressive who supported Bernie in 2016 and I would gladly support a Bloomberg candidacy if he prevailed. In fact I’ll support any Democratic candidate if they win because the stakes are too high. Were talking about 4 more years of Trump here. We’re talking about probably 2 progressive seats on the Supreme Court up for grabs. We must win with any combination of Democrats INCLUDING Bloomberg. These progressive groups need to get their heads out of their a**es and learn what is at stake. Purity is no substitute for a win by a Democratic coalition that includes moderates, progressives, conservatives, and mainstream democrats. The only one who wins with never Bloomberg are the Russians and Trump who are both probably pushing this movement in social media. Wake up!! You’ve got a Republic to save not a purity test to be passed.

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The Class War is now emphatically in the Democratic Party in the shape of Bloomberg who is busy trying to buy this election and appealing to minority elites by electing two of them who are doubling as superdelegates: Texas, Dr. Carla Brailey; CA Alexandra Rooker–both vice chairs of their respective state Democratic Party.

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Yes, you need to include Bloomberg. If you’re so irresponsible as to allow this country to remain in Trump’s hands you are a big part of the problem not the solution. Just think, 2 Supreme Court Justices probably will be picked next term. Bloomberg is pro-choice. That alone qualifies him to be President. He also did a hell of a job managing NY City. He didn’t enrich himself and his family while Mayor. He didn’t surround himself with no-nothing sycophants and incompetent fools. He didn’t attack the media daily or claim false news when he was criticized. He didn’t obstruct government agencies from doing their jobs or use them to just gain personal advantage. He was a good mayor. If you can’t hold your nose and vote for that then you need to throw some cold water on your face. This isn’t a perfect world but it would be a heck of a lot better if we would all pledge to support any Democrat who gets the nomination including, yes, Bloomberg.

The one big objection I have to Bernie is that he stereotypes wealthy people the same way racists stereotype blacks. Rich people aren’t all the same. They’re not all villains. Some of them actually made money honestly. Some, like Steyer, have done more for progressive causes then many people who post on this site. Bloomberg is his own unique person and he has, too, used his money to promote progressive causes like addressing climate change. He’s pro-choice and he was a great manager of NY City. You can’t just turn him into another Koch Brother just like you can’t say that all black people love Watermelon. Bernie keeps talking about the billionaire class but that is a stereotype. Yes, there’s plenty of greedy bad actors among the rich but so is there among the poor, the middle class, and the upper middle class. It’s conservatives that created a Supreme Court that paved the way for the oligarchs to rule. Not all billionaires were happy with that. In fact, many want to overturn Citizens United ruling just like you do. So, let’s address our own bigotry. I was a rabid Sander’s supporter in 2016 but honestly, his stereotyping the rich as ‘the billionaire class’ is deeply disturbing to me and I’m no billionaire.

In other words, you’re going to vote for Trump because that’s what a vote for a third or forth party amounts to. Just don’t complain when he makes his next appointment to the Supreme Court, cages more immigrants, builds his Wall, co-opts Justice to go after dissenters, and sits idly by while the scourge of climate change engulfs us.

Your third and fourth Party is exactly what Russia and Trump are betting on. Their worst nightmare is that we all come together and support whomever wins the Democratic nomination whether it be Bernie or Bloomberg. All for one and one for all, this election, or we, as a country are doomed. Oh, and your third and fourth Party. It won’t exist in an autocracy where elections are gone and only one Party exists. Wake up and grow up. This is an emergency. Don’t act like a spoiled brat who picks up his marbles and goes home. Unity, unity, unity. Listen to Nancy Pelosi.

Did you just fall off Josh Marshall’s wankerblog? Yes, if you think you can blackmail Sanders voters into accepting your ruritanian coup by waving Trump at them you’ve got another thing coming. Yes, if that means four more years of Trump so be it–just like you gave us four years of Trump in the first place by running your disgusting corporate queenshit the last time. Oh and you can stick your phony Russiagate where the sun don’t shine. Oh and Nancy Pelosi can kiss my ass.

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I didn’t wave Trump at them. Trump is a fact!!! He’s the POTUS. What about that reality do you not get. Every vote for Jill Stein was a vote for Trump. It’s reality. We live in a zero-sum political system. There are no viable third parties in this system. It’s not a parliamentary system. You live here not in some la la land that you dream up in your head. I supported Bernie all the way through the nomination and then quickly pivoted to Hillary when she finally won. Why? Because I understand the stakes and the game we are actually all playing.

So look, I voted for Hillary after supporting Sanders last time but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you steal this nomination in broad daylight. Don’t lecture me on who’s in the White House. I know. Here’s what you need to think about: when you’re deciding whether to cheat the vote winner out of the nomination know this: you are reelecting Trump. If your corrupt consultancies are worth more to you than the prospect of that, then go ahead, make my day.

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Okay, while I agree with you in substance that the objective is to kick Trump in the rump and boot him out the door. Let’s not devolve into Bloomberg worship, please?

For example you write that he was this great mayor and all that as we are constantly being told by the media. Remember that is the same media who readily crowned Giuliani as America’s mayor and look how perceptive that turned out to be.

Nevertheless, I think Bloomie (as an ex New Yorker I am unable to refer to him otherwise) was okay but an elitist mayor and he literally bribed the NYC Council to permit him to have a third term. Excuse me but that really sucked. It wasn’t like the citizens of NYC were marching in the streets demanding that Bloomie get this exception to the rules. He bribed his way to third term. It was glaringly obvious. Bloomie’s wealth skyrocketed after he became mayor and kept on going until he became one of the richest men in the world. That wasn’t a coincidence with NYC being the financial hub of the world. Bloomie was not an autocrat he was however an elite-ocrat. He was up there and everybody else wasn’t. You got used to it because he wasn’t like Trump. Bloomie does have sophistication and no small measure of class. Despite his ads presenting him as a ‘Let’s talk’ with working people imaging, I don’t remember that was the way it was when he was mayor! Lol. Did I mention that he got richer? Boy did he but he wasn’t gross or crass or buffoonish in the way he did it. Bloomie does have style. Be warned. That has its pluses and its negatives too. Where Trump galumphs, Bloomie strides. Where Trump acts the bull in the china shop, Bloomie is gracious and sophisticated. Etc etc.

Bloomie is sane. You can say what you want about him in a lot of ways about a lot of things (those NDAs come to mind), nevertheless Bloomie is sane and intelligent. You can rest assured that Bloomie could find someplace on a map easily. He can also arrange for a phenomenal level of financial intricacies that will fascinate historians for decades to come.

He is not an obtuse holdover from an earlier age nor one to pander to the lowest common denominator in people. He is a very modern man. In fact he would make a good Republican President.

If Bernie gets robbed, should we vote for a Republican? It would be a choice between two Republicans then - Trump or Bloomie. Trump is deranged and therefore increasingly dangerous and unstable. Bloomie is calm, cool and collected, simple as that. Bloomie is actually intelligent while a Trump has a psychopath’s cunning. Bloomie is what Republicans should be. If it came to a contest between Trump and Bloomie only a fool would vote for the much less intelligent Trump.

In this case … if democracy was on sale - Bloomie got it at a discount since Trump is that bad.

The majority of voters want Bernie. Conversely even Republicans will happily vote for Bloomie.