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Progressive Groups Launch New Campaign to Remind Americans 'We Paid More' in Taxes Than Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/05/progressive-groups-launch-new-campaign-remind-americans-we-paid-more-taxes-trump


One of the main themes of Trump cultists is that they’re entitled to government services but want to evade taxes as much as possible, so they admire their Fuhrer who is great at not paying his fair share or any share at all.
Tax evasion, money laundering, using bankruptcy to stiff your employees, using the presidency as a cash machine (read the book White House Inc.) etc.–Trump’s cultists admire him for his villainy.


This is more than an indictment of a tax system. It needs to become an indictment of the entire capitalist expropriating system of inequality and environmental destruction.

Socialism or barbarism!


The part that always amazes me is when the super-rich complain about how much they pay in taxes:

After rigging the system to provide them with every possible loophole
After hiring expert accountants to shield them from paying up
After making sure that their capital gains and pass through income is taxed at a lower rate
After moving estate taxes to a threshold in which only 2% of Americans ever pay one
After the effective rate paid by the top 400 incomes is 17%

WTF are they complaining about? I’ve been fully or partly self-employed for 26 years, I take every deduction available, and I still pay a helluva lot more than these fat cat whiners.


Don’t forget their bribes to congress to defund the IRS, making it almost impossible to effectively audit the rich.


The rich have it all figured out to avoid taxes, just create a corporation to hide behind, maybe even a few corporations, buy some junk from China to sell on eBay. Maybe become a slumlord like Jared Kushner, buying cheap properties all over the place, then write off everything relating to the slumlord business, which is everything, so your tax bill is only $750 per year, maybe even less. A good accountant can make sure you get every deduction for not much money, and even the cost of the accountant (life) is deductible.


All this shows to me, a British socialist, is how out of touch with reality these so-called progressive groups are. To many Americans, Trump is a hero and someone to emulate for finding ways to avoid paying taxes. Bear in mind that the IRS comes down far harder on those with little money than it does on the rich, and that government gives vastly more to the rich than it does to the poor. In that society, it makes plenty of sense to avoid paying tax. For most poor people, the response to “We Paid More Than Trump” is probably “Because You’re Not As Smart As Trump”.