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Progressive Groups Pressure Biden and Trump to Include Nuclear Disarmament in Campaign Platforms

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/11/progressive-groups-pressure-biden-and-trump-include-nuclear-disarmament-campaign

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Let’s remember that Trump expressed the attitude quite early in his administration that said “what’s the good in having nuclear weapons if you aren’t going to use them?” I don’t think has a sense of context on this matter, nor any other. The “man” does not learn–he trusts his gut, as he tells us repeatedly. He is a useful idiot, but not to Humanity nor Life on Earth.

Trump, throughout his first term, has been harshly criticized by peace advocates and nuclear weapons experts alike for continuing to develop the U.S. arsenal.

Well, he learned from the best:

From Forbes in 2015. “Obama has backed investment in new nuclear delivery systems, upgraded warheads, resilient command networks, and industrial sites for fabricating nuclear hardware that, when added to the expense of maintaining the existing arsenal, will cost $348 billion between 2015 and 2024. At least, that’s what the Congressional Budget Office estimated earlier this year. If the Obama plan continues to be funded by his successors, it will be the biggest U.S. buildup of nuclear arms since Ronald Reagan left the White House.”


Would you prefer the truth or a polite answer?

I think israel has enough by now.

So it’s Kamala. Of course he picked the cop.

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Whatever happened to CND?


Turns out CND is alive and well:


And we know what it is filled with.

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I suspect that most people who who expect nuclear weapons to ever disappear are not aware of how really simple they are to build. When Pakistan exploded their first weapon, it was only a short time for India to explode theirs because they essentially had them ‘on the shelf’. I expect that many countries are in a similar boat - all the pieces but just not assembled (yet). The hardest part of the original program was determining how much of which isotope created a critical mass - too little and the reaction did not occur; too much and the bomb went super-critical during assembly (big boom!). Those values are now relatively common knowledge, so now it is just a matter of acquiring the material, which can be easily derived from most operational reactors (except for thorium reactors). Eliminating that knowledge is all but impossible.

Apart from these groups themselves, does anyone actually consider them progressive in any way?
Begging and pleading with(at) the establishment is about as far from progressive as one can get.

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Let’s hope it’s all for bravado, but not to use.

Worst pick possible, the police-state apologist cop in a pants-suit! BS!

This may be the final nail in bidens _ and our - coffin - fuck both those sellout SB’s!

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‘Hope’ is all fine and well, but historically I can’t think of a weapon that wasn’t used when defeat stared the holder in the face. My hope is that future nuclear exchanges (which I truly believe are inevitable) are limited and rare.

Progressive Groups Pressure


Progressives Demand


Progressive Movement Calls For

I get the impression that these phrases, and similar ones, are supposed to have some sort of meaning. I just have no clue what that meaning could be.

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Apologies for that knee-jerk response and ugly terms that may not be warranted or fair. I am far too angry and frustrated these days, by far too much…

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These groups are talking to a wall talking to 45 about eliminating nuclear bombs. Hell, the orange jackass still thinks he can nuke a hurricane. Seriously. Waste of time.

Trumps growing butt needs to be nuked out of our Whitehouse.

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It’s ok V. Most of us feel this way. No need to apologise.

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The meaning is to hoodwink silly activists into believing that pressure, demands, and CTAs actually have some influence. Some silly activists buy in, despite ample evidence that demands don’t really work.

You know what does work? Ask Joe Crowley and Elliot Engel.
You know what else works? Electing someone like Trump.

I’m not saying the above works well. But it makes a blip on the radar.
And as you’ve noted, the d-party, which was otherwise moribund, has been resurrected by Trump.

A side anecdote apropos of nothing: My rep, Debbie Dingell, a former Republican, has been shifting notably leftward since her husband, John Dingell (the longest-serving member of Congress in history) died about a year back. So it’s either that confrontation with mortality or my incessant hectoring that caused the shift. Yeah, it’s one of those.

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